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Okay on to chapter 11!

You start off and you are at that moment!  You finally have the key that might open the locked metal doors where the mine cart track ends.  The ones you have been wanting to open since you found the light house!

There's only one thing to do!  Run as fast as you can to the grotto!  Lucky, the generator is on and the cables are running.  So all you have to do is turn the cart around and hop in, pushing the lever forward you travel to the light house and then get out of the cart.  You take the key and put it in the key hole and it turns, then you flip the switch next to it and the two metal doors open!


You get back in the cart and ride farther down the track.  It ends on the side of the cliff like the map:



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    The door opposite to the cart is locked and none of your keys fit so you look over the cliff.  If the map Jane has is right, there should be a cave down there and it's a long way, to rappel!  So you get out your rope and use it over the cliff, then tie a figure eight knot around your waist, not forgetting to add in the figure eight descender! (looking at the repelling book is a good idea)


     After that find something to tie the rope on to for an anchor, like the end of the tracks!  This is really tricky, if you tie it wrong jane will fail to her doom!  So make sure to follow the book, go: Under, Over, Under, Over, Under!  Then you have one awesome bowline knot!

    You repel down the cliff and find a cave!  You turn on your flash light and venture into the cave.  On your way you find a locked metal door, lucky one of your keys fit!  But what you find behind it is less than lucky!

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    You decide you would much rather explore more of the cave than behind the door.  You come to another door, this time a gate and look for key the will hopefully fit.  YAY there is!!

    Every step you can tell you're getting closer to Evelyn and her dad!  You come to a metal ladder and begin to climb up, only to find a stuck hatch at the top!  You oil it but it still won't budge, so you decide to go back down and look for things while it soaks in.  

    You climb down the ladder only to find the tide is coming in!  well that changes things, it's time to go back up and see if you can get the hatch open before it's too late!
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    You go back to the hatch with the water close on your heels!  It budges a bit, but not enough to open, you also find the hatch has a key hole, that might work!  So you begin to try your keys, but before you can finish the water over takes you!

    Now it looks pretty bad for Jane, I hope everything is okay, but for now we must wait for the exciting next chapter coming Sunday, September 4th!

  • Thank you for the walkthrough @dazzlerdream ! Your walkthroughs are always really helpful!
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  • Thanks for all the walk thru's!! <3

  • Thank you @Genie and @VictoryRose I'm so glad it was helpful!
  • I need the answers to the rope.
  • @ShiningTheLight

    Does Jane say it isn't right, or do you keep falling?
  • jane keeps saying its wrong
  • Okay, so first when you get to this step here:


    Make sure to take out your 8 descender and use it on the rope.  Then finish tying it.  It should work then
  • I got another chance for the second part ):
  • @ShiningTheLight for the second knot tie it:

  • i'm so done with this chapter
  • You can always come back to it later!  Have a great day shine!
  • Thank you for the help
  • Thank you thank you thank you for the walkthrough @dazzlerdream it really helped!!
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  • I'm stuck on the first not that I have to tie please help what is the order? 
  • Are you making sure to add in the 8 descender in the middle of tying it @broadwaystar?
  • @broadwaystar it should look like this half way through:


  • @dazzlerdream thank you are you going to a walk though of the next chapter as well?

  • Does this mean you made it to the end?
  • WOO!! Congratulations @broadwaystar
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