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really short chapter: nothing to complicated 
chapter starts with darkness and small thin light line at top 
 Click on the  top light.line on screen room brightens and you see all the mess 
 listen to dialog after dialog , leave the bunk room area
look around the galley ( I did search the galley and bunk room found a rope that dialog says this will come in handy in one of the storage areas but could not place in inventory so will remember where that is for later chapters )
 go up the stairs to top of boat , listen to dialog 
scroll around and  go towards front of boat on the side,
 you will see the  island, look on the right side of boat to arrow around till you  find a rock that dialog says you climb down to the beach  on click on it and then arrow down
arrow around the beach  and walk towards the right till you can go no further on the beach
turn arrow around until you can return  towards the beach by the  boat area.
arrow around so you are going towards the trees in front of boat
listen to the dialog  it says to  take left path 
keep walking until you are caught in a snare and your view is upside down ( like you are hanging from a tree by your feet ) 
listen to dialog and watch screen for snake ..........
  end of chapter and returned to Balta Street: AND YET ANOTHER PIN AS AWARD
( I did notice some thing from the previous chapter were not in my inventory such as the flashlight  looked for that once it started out chapter  in the dark)


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