chapter 7 walk through

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 BE PREPARED  this chapter starts at lighthouse with falling stones from above  
 but quickly use  down arrow immediately to get  out of way of falling rocks  if you get hit with the falling rocks you will get "Another Chance "
once rocks clear and  you are safe you will see the  the door is locked 
go back to mine cart tunnel and turn the mine  cart to return to correct spot in  tunnel  remember to use lever on bottom of cart as we did before to change it to move in the correct way
, get out of cart, go up the stairs to the beach there
arrow out toward beach  look around in bushes and shrubs, you will see  a light arrow to follow the path with it to a stream. once at the stream (dialog will say cant cross it )turn back and look around ground find wooden planks in forest there  use the wooden planks to make a cross way for  on the stream  behind you
walk across planks, go through woods until you come to the rope bridge  you built in previous chapter look on ground  you will see broken branch with  leaves, pick them  up store in inventory.  
back up and return to the stream walk across the planks and return to generator to turn it off 
to turn the generator off look on the side where crank is, right  above the crank  is  a small spot inside that is a button you can click generator off (sound helps if u have to make sure it is  off)
leave generator and go back through the vines at waterfall area go down the cave tunnel and to the control panel with the light  switches are to turn off lights. BUT  before you turn off the lights, look around on ground and find red /white  checker piece.   Pick up checker piece then turn off lights, and return to the beach where  boat is.  (night scene on beach)
go  inside the boat you should  find a koala sitting on the couch area  click on him listen to dialog and then click on ID  his tag.  more dialog  check your inventory and  give koala some leaves  as he eats the leaves, read the australian animal book in your inventory from previous chapter.


  •  after reading book, click on koala, you will be able to pick him up and  take him to bunk room.  Take the  branch from your inventory and place on the middle  table in bunk area ( where the checker game was previous chapter), put the  koala on branch move around room and then click on your bunk to sleep
    next am  after you wakeup  click on the  koala and he is in your inventory  , leave the boat and return to area jungle near boat take the right side path  and follow it to cross the rope bridge.  go straight then right then straight to stream you were at before and set planks to cross it,  cross the planks, go back  to the  generator.
    re start generator ( use crank ) then  return to stairs that you used before to go to  tunnel with mine cart, once again  turn cart around and hop in to go for another ride once it stops watch for room with stone steps go up the stone stairs to outside of lighthouse
    once  at lighthouse, look toward left of steps you see a tree place koala on tree more dialog
    koala will scoot up tree toward the top of lighthouse  more dialog ( meanwhile find your animal crackers in inventory might as well have a snack yourself while waiting but not necessary)
     koala eventually  returns outside  and gives you some  keys ( they show  in inventory) 
    use those keys and enter lighthouse, walk forward in lighthouse till  magnify glass turns red and click there, you will fall through , and return to Balta Street end of chapter
  • EEEK!!! YAY DIs you're back!! Thanks for the walkthrough it's been forever!  This was great!

    GOLDENPUPPYgoldenpuppypicturetacocatTHANKS TACOCAT!!

  • it took me back to the beach
  • starting to hate this chapter.
  • why mightysun?  

    oh by the way great video arglefumph!

     thanks for making it  arglefumph (not sure if you are member here ) its nice to have visual help when you just get stuck and cant figure out where you missed a step but wanted to give you credit for a great walkthrough
  • WOW thanks so much for this walkthrough @disfaniam!!!  REALLY helped!
  • Disfaniam I don't see light arrow around the shrubs on the beach. It just says its overgrown. Help please! Twinkles
  • Never mind was on wrong beach . Ty and hugs Twinkles
  • how do I get back to the Light House?
  • disfaniam said:

    why mightysun?  

    I need help getting back to lighthouse

  • @ShiningTheLight which chapter are you on?

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  • MistyMew said:

    @ShiningTheLight which chapter are you on?

    I'm on 7  on the keys now.
  • I can't get to the area with the light in it. :/

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