Chapter 14 The Capture P2 Walkthrough - Cruise Most Deadly - CMD

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Okay on to chapter 14 the capture part 2!

We start off riding back to the lighthouse to meet Evelyn and her dad to await the arrival of the smugglers!

You talk to them about running to call the Royal navy as soon as the smugglers smash on the rocks.
We wait almost all night for the smugglers to show up and just when you're getting really stiff the light comes one!


 We race to the boat and turn on the radio then go back on deck to watch for our signal.
 Once the smugglers crash on the rocks just like we planned, we run below to put the call through to the Royal navy.  Remember not to change any dials or you can't call until you put it back on the correct frequency, click on the handset to begin calling.

We make our mayday call twice but instead of hearing the comforting voice of the Royal navy, we hear the smugglers threats of coming after us!  The only thing now is to execute plan dream gas and hope for the best.  We run to the cart which is sitting at the grotto station and hightail it over to the other side of the beach where Ron is ready with his plane. We tell him what happened and prepare for take off!


The scene fade to the congratulations panel with a wonderful new pin with a plane on it!

P.S. A thank you to Mintie for the radio puzzle picture I got from her thread!
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