Cruise Most Deadly - Chapter 6 - Walkthrough

The smoke clears we discover everything is good and our hair is not on fire!    After backing up you can explore the panel to the right, flip all switches you see there.


Then back up again and turn around until you see some light behind some bushes.
Move those and go down to a cave area.



Go over to a stand and open the lid, there is a book about the transport system and some switches.  Flip the bottom switch to the left, and the upper left switch up and press the red button!


A mysterious cart comes rolling in and you back up and move closer to investigate.  Opening the door and getting in you discover the lever is stuck and needs oil.  Get out the oil can and oil the lever then push it forward.


 You go on a pretty cool ride and wind up on a  beach on the other side of the island.
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  • Hop out of the cart and explore all over!  You can find, goggles, map of Australia, a snake crate (remember him?) and another crate marked sanctuary! 


    After that go back to the cart and turn it around be looking down and flipping the lower lever and clicking the top.


     Then jump in again and go on a wicked ride!  You get back to the first room and the engine stops.  Such a bummer!  You find out you need more gas by clicking on the red gas tank.


    Head back over to the boat and refill it then go back to the gas tank and pour the gas in again.


    Start the engine with the red crank, go down to the stand and double flip the lever to get the cables going again.  Then run over to the cart and start it up!  WHEE you go on another ride!


    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • The cart stops, you get out to see a new area with another stand, a door and some steps...:O


    the door is locked so you go up the steps and open the doors.  You see the sky and head out.  Then you see.....THE LIGHT HOUSE! Such a long time of wanting to see it and it's here! you run over to hug it but find the door locked!

    Then something terrible happens!
    Will you escape?!

    For your amazing effort you receive an awesome pin!


    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • I'm at the part where Jane says "I need to get the engine up and running," but it won't let me do anything but sit in the train cart or get out of the train cart. I don't know what to do at this point.

  • It sounds like your engine is off @Purplellama have you gone back up and cranked it again?  If you don't hear a humming when you're by the generator, it's off.
  • ColourzRnice said:

    It sounds like your engine is off @Purplellama have you gone back up and cranked it again?  If you don't hear a humming when you're by the generator, it's off.

    I realized that after I got out and read the part about the train again LOL. I'm going mentally insane. Thanks!
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