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  • ayyy I got a new iPhone. the XS Max 512 gb. 
    April 22
  • Happy Easter! =)
    April 21
  • LF: Piggy Ears/Snout
    Trading: 300K for both
    April 20
  • i want some llama slippers ngl
    April 7
    • Trinityy
  • Happy weekend! uwu
    April 7
  • so im back to playing this game lmao... i just bought a year membership when i should be saving for the iphone xs max
    April 3
    • Trinityy
      The membership was definitely the better choice!
  • Hey! I'm an introverted, all around artist, music lover, cat lady, and OBSESSED with GAMING kinda girl! V- =^.^=
    April 1
  • Happy Spring everyone :)
    March 28
  • Holly
    Can you please look into why I haven't gotten my 2018 event pins yet please?
    March 27
  •  Aw, thank you!!
    March 23
  • Hey! Nobody has posted on your wall for a while so I just wanted to say that I think your art is super awesome!:)
    March 23
  • Happy Spring!!! :D
    March 22
  • Hi

    How do I get my title here It's

     Catmando AKA Guest210760

    March 18
    • VFK_Mintie
      Hi @guest210760,

      The title you requested is taken and you would need to request a new title to be reviewed.

      If you have an account in VFK and wish to join the Miss Clue Messages boards, VFK is connected with Miss Clue so the same login will work here as well as on VFK!

      If you have a character which already has a title if you login here, using the same information, you will automatically have your title without the need to create a new account!

      I hope this helps!

  • How much for Ghost Dragon Castle - Wizard Figure?
    March 18
  • Mintie where are the outfits for the ball tonight?
    March 17
  • Did everyone forget my birthday today?
    March 12
  • ah daylight saving time, gets me every year -.-
    It really throws off my week!
    March 11
  • Mintie where is the new collectible collection?
    March 9
  • happy march 5th!
    March 6
  • Purrfect
     Hey! Super cool to meet you! Hey, there's going to be a game called Elimination chairs later this evening with prizes hosted by my friend Butterflykisses if you want to stop by! ;))
    March 5
  • Mintie where is the ghost dragon bundle for this week?
    March 5
  • Are you on now?

    February 27
    • BrainFreeze
      I'm back on now. In castle gate if you're still on.
  • Holly
    Hey! I can't open my gift from Mister Ned and my messages are being ignored.
    February 26
  • AYYEEEE cake, I see me in your default. I feel truly honored. :'D
    February 18
  • I'll let you know when will be a good time to have my birthday party by the end of the week. I'll also post my birthday wish list on Friday since its the only day I have off.
    February 18
  • Hey, everyone!! Dropped by today to say how much I miss you all!! HUGS
    February 17
  • frogiepower
    cany you change the occupancy to 25 people? and maybe update the description of the room when you're online?
    February 16
    • frogiepower
      like as soon as possible. before 7??
  • Mintie where is the ghost dragon valentine's day hair bundle?
    February 16
  • HBforever
    February 15
    • sugarandcoffee
      GURL, why are you @ me for? Wannna fight? Just kidding, hiya frost! :D
  • HBforever
    Hola Frost....
    February 15