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  • halloween 24 7
    May 10
  • sup witches 
    May 10
  • im looking for more egg magics plz contact me if you have them
    April 22
    • Marzipan
      Hey :) I have a lot of extra Easter Egg Enchantments, I'll send you a PM of wants!
  • Zoee do you have light blue ears for trade? Lmk thanks
    April 9
    Always looking for hairs and antiques
    - Static TV (Rat Membership)
    - Ballyhoo Items
    - Star Journey Items
    - Olympian 
    - Groovy Furniture
    - Bayou Items (Plants)
    - Spellbound Items
    - Griffin Items
    - Skeleton Dragon Items
    - Ghost Dragon Items
    : ROOMS :
    - Farm House 
    - Caravan Room
    - Various Rad Rooms
    - Bayou Rooms 
    - Olympian Temple
    - Bear rug
    - Gypsy Caravan Door
    - WALLS (Haunted hotel, haunted house 2012)
    - Dusty Manor Items
    - Bayou Windows
    - Gypsy Caravan Stove
    - Halloween Pumpkin Oil Lamp
    - Paintings, posters, etc.
    - 2014 Christmas, Rocking
    - Colonial Wall Candle
    - 2017 Valentines Statues
    - Dancing People/Dead People
    - Comfy Strawberry Cushion - Red
    - Easter Egg Hunt Planter - 2016
    - Basil the Skeleton Door
    : CLOTHING :
    - Spellbound-Pajamas Jacket
    - Rain Jacket - April Tasks
    - Unicorn
    - Groovy Clothing
    - Star Journey Hair and Clothing
    - All Dragon, Phoenix,  Griffin Clothing and Hair
    -  Olympian  Clothing
    - Blue Beard's Bride - Antique
    - Nest Hat
    - Really any clothing i will gladly look at
    - Storage (Volume. Even)
          -Clothing (Volume. Fix)
    - Legends of Rock (Volume. Even)
    - Jester Pants - Red (Volume. Fix)
    - Highlander (Volume. Fix)
    - Frozen (Volume. Fix)
    - Cuckoo Clock (Icetastic)
    : CRAFTED :
    - Angora Bear Rug
    - Hogwarts/HarryPotter

    April 7
  • Mintie, could you please give me some hints on which eggs I am missing?  I have found 709 so far and have gone over each room twice with no luck.  thanks!

    April 6
  • If love alone could have saved him, he would have lived forever!

    RIP my sweet little doxie
    April 3
  • im eating a snack right now its carrots and ranch
    March 26
  • anyone have 2 st. patrick's day pins i can borrow to complete the tasks? :o
    i already have the 2015 pin.
    March 21
  • Did you guys plan the ball for this weekend because you knew my birthday was yesterday?
    March 14
  • It's my birthday!
    March 12
  • Nova
    Hey! I was talking to Coal and she said we should get in touch because of our love for Animal Crossing. You can totally add me and visit my town anytime - my friend code is SW-0714-6337-9115, and dream code is DA-4481-5726-5578. I hope you're doing well - sure do miss you, Coal, and Genie.
    February 21
  • LeeFae
    Hey Gift!

    I have a whole list of things I'm interested in from your store. Would love to meet up sometime :)
    February 19
  • LeeFae
    Heya! I'm interested in some things from your store. 

    -Christmas rocket ride thing
    -skull candy bucket
    -octopus trunk
    -three sleds

    February 19
  • Mintie where is the Valentine challenge from yesterday?
    February 14
  • Mintie where is today's Valentine challenge?
    February 12
  • the new man cave room actually 50,000 credits?! o.o
    i just bought it and idk how many credits i had before purchasing so i'm not sure what i spent..
    February 4
  • Mintie I finished the first polar bear challenge but my progress still says zero percent.
    January 19
  • Is there a certain clothes you are looking for?
    January 16
  • Mintie for the past few weeks i have used the epic ages desktop successfully  However, 2 days ago after a computer update the program disappeared, so I tried to download it again.  After it downloaded, I am unable to open it to run.  I am using the windows version.  I have tried everything and it wont open or run.  What can I do?
    January 14
  • Is there a thread anywhere where all the pins from the Easter 2019 celebrations are shown?
    January 12
  • cleaned out my inventory because it was full.
    i found 676 carrots.. o.O
    January 9
  • i’m in love with the item drop point from the ginger stripes membership. it’s so darn cute. xD
    January 7
  • Holly
    January 5
  • TrinityEveningTwinkles
    Happy New years Hugs 
    January 3
    • Holly
      Happy New Years, Twinkles!

      Hugs, Holly
  • happy friday all, i hope everyone had a good new years eve yesterday!! :Da
    January 1
  • Happy New Year!!
    January 1
  • Mintie where are the outfits for the New Years Ball?
    January 1
  • Merry Christmas!
    December 2020
  • happy Christmas eve !!

    here's a reminder to make your Christmas list at the Christmas shop ! :D
    December 2020