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  • Purrfect
     I love your profile pic!! :O
    August 22
  •  WOW! I made it to over 500 visits here! :O Thank you VFK for this awesome forum! :))))))))
    August 22
  • Mintie why can't we get into the ball room for the masquerade ball?
    August 18
  • hi
    August 17
  • hi
    August 17
  • how i'm spending my Thursday night: doing a face mask and eating chicken nuggets and tater tots xD
    August 9
  • my avatar is from google no shame
    August 1
  • Princess, I keep seeing you in Galactic spot.  Do you still need planter?  You can offer me what you think is fair. LMK
    July 31
  • Whose idea was it to make the sand castle competition medieval themed? Hit me up, I just want to talk.
    July 31
    • Jessizoid
      For real though, I had such a good idea for an entry and now I can't use it because of this theme.
    • VFK_Mintie
      Hello Jessizoid! :)
      You can build either a normal Sand Castle, or a Medieval Sand Castle for the 2019 Medieval Sand Castle Competition!
      You can also find out more information about the Competition on the VFK homepage!
      I hope this helps!
    • Jessizoid
      Phew awesome, I was worried that all entries had to pertain to the theme. Thanks Mintie!
  • yellowsummerdaisy
    wow zoee thats a lot of first place trophies in your profile picture :O so cool
    July 30
    • Zoee
      thanks :)
  • eating chips and dip woot woot
    July 30

  • July 27
  • I need to update and start working on wattpad once more lol..
    July 24
  • my power’s been out for an hour and supposedly it’ll be restored by 2:30am
    July 23
    • Awesome_Piper
      that last thing is an upside down smiley face emoji lol
    • Awesome_Piper
      wait..the thing didn't even show up on the desktop site.. never mind xD
  • the lion king was amazing. 10/10 recommended lol.
    July 22
  • Feeling a bit frustrated with VFK atm. Glad its Summer - I'm going outside!
    July 19
  • note to self: stop staying up until 5am bc you will regret it the next day !! :)
    July 16
    • Holly
      lol I remember those days! *Coughs, I mean nights* :))
    • Awesome_Piper
      ha xD
  • just dropping by to say i would do just about anything to be a little dork again where the only stress in my life was making sure i didn't miss the host hunt on VFK. miss this game so so much and the community here :)

    July 14
    • Holly
      We miss seeing you around, Sporty!
  • when can you meet?
    July 13
  • Miss clue needs an app for the message boards!!
    July 13
  • Looking for Pink Koala hat......I have the Host pin Flaming Race Tire..
    July 11
  • Does anyone know when our constellations will become ride-able?
    July 10
  • TrinityEveningTwinkles
    happy 4th dear
    July 8
  • If y'all haven't seen Spider-Man: Far From Home yet, you're missing out on a good time.
    July 6
  • HBforever
    I'm watching you!
    July 5
    • Caffe
      B, I always knew you were my VFK stalker.
    • HBforever
      Well, obvi! I need something to do!
  • Happy 4th of July everyone!!!
    July 3
  • Holly
    I hope you have lots of fun on your trip! 

    June 30
  • Will we be getting a new pony this year?
    June 29
  • Mintie where's part 2 of the summer of love bundle?
    June 28
  • Mintie where is part 2 of the star journey bundle?
    June 26