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  • Hey! I was talking to Coal and she said we should get in touch because of our love for Animal Crossing. You can totally add me and visit my town anytime - my friend code is SW-0714-6337-9115, and dream code is DA-4481-5726-5578. I hope you're doing well - sure do miss you, Coal, and Genie.
    February 21
  • LeeFae
    Hey Gift!

    I have a whole list of things I'm interested in from your store. Would love to meet up sometime :)
    February 19
  • LeeFae
    Heya! I'm interested in some things from your store. 

    -Christmas rocket ride thing
    -skull candy bucket
    -octopus trunk
    -three sleds

    February 19
  • Mintie where is the Valentine challenge from yesterday?
    February 14
  • Mintie where is today's Valentine challenge?
    February 12
  • the new man cave room actually 50,000 credits?! o.o
    i just bought it and idk how many credits i had before purchasing so i'm not sure what i spent..
    February 4
  • Mintie I finished the first polar bear challenge but my progress still says zero percent.
    January 19
  • Is there a certain clothes you are looking for?
    January 16
  • Mintie for the past few weeks i have used the epic ages desktop successfully  However, 2 days ago after a computer update the program disappeared, so I tried to download it again.  After it downloaded, I am unable to open it to run.  I am using the windows version.  I have tried everything and it wont open or run.  What can I do?
    January 14
  • Is there a thread anywhere where all the pins from the Easter 2019 celebrations are shown?
    January 12
  • cleaned out my inventory because it was full.
    i found 676 carrots.. o.O
    January 9
  • i’m in love with the item drop point from the ginger stripes membership. it’s so darn cute. xD
    January 7
  • Holly
    January 5
  • TrinityEveningTwinkles
    Happy New years Hugs 
    January 3
    • Holly
      Happy New Years, Twinkles!

      Hugs, Holly
  • happy friday all, i hope everyone had a good new years eve yesterday!! :Da
    January 1
  • Happy New Year!!
    January 1
  • Mintie where are the outfits for the New Years Ball?
    January 1
  • Merry Christmas!
    December 2020
  • happy Christmas eve !!

    here's a reminder to make your Christmas list at the Christmas shop ! :D
    December 2020
  • Guest274777
    Hi Mintie! Can you please update my Miss Clue name to my game title? It's been guest for too long haha. Thanks!
    December 2020
  • Mintie we can't here any music at the ball!

    December 2020
    December 2020
  • IT’S SNOWING !! [insert snowman emoji here]
    December 2020
  • Mintie where is today's swan lake bundle?
    December 2020
  • Does anyone know where Mary and Joseph are? I can't find them anywhere!
    December 2020
  • wanted to thank @fonna for making the membership boards!! :D i wouldn't have known what was in them otherwise, haha
    December 2020
  • Mintie where are the daily bundles for today? I don't see them in my inventory!
    December 2020
  • Mintie where are the Christmas wreath patterns? I can't find them in the Christmas shop.
    December 2020
  • i may or may not be up at 5am planning my room for the gingerbread contest... o.O
    December 2020
  • Mintie none of us can find the teleporters to the swan lake and gingerbread rides at the pony express!
    December 2020