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  • Mintie aren't the first Christmas bundles suppose to be out by now?
  • Sorry, I took long to do the Secret Santa but I kept getting setbacks. Ha, when don't I? First I had a couple of people who couldn't comment which was no one's fault so I added them and had to redo the list. Then I was starting to make the new list when i realized people were put in twice because (my fault) PM'd them twice for some reason the same message. Which then made me really frustrated and just quit ha (that's a trait I have that i'm not very proud of..) and then someone else made their own secret santa which I totally understood LOL I was really slow and I wouldv'e took matters in my own hands too ha. Anyway, EVERYONE should've gotten their person by now. : ) woot woot
    December 13
  • Hi everyone!  Sportychic is back!  I thought since @FracturedMemories was so thoughtful and sent everyone a person while she was gone that we could just make it a double secret santa and send something to both the people we were given!  What does everyone think?

    December 13
  • Mintie isn't this week's bundle suppose to be out by now?
    December 11
  • SparkleDream
    I love your profile pic!
    December 10
  • i love the new memberships
    December 10
    • Holly
      Oh me too! They are both wonderful!!
  • where is the new membership?
    December 10
  • YAY tree lighting today AND the new membership! What do you guys think it will be? :o
    December 9
    • iStella
    • Holly
      Ohh that would be adorable!!
  • @strawberryicecream I can still give you the hairs for something else. I kept them for you if you still want them.
    December 8
  • its alright. I guess players probably shouldn't make future trades anymore
    December 8
  • Hey Gift! I can totally do that trade later today and I'll be waiting on the map, so whenever you get on if fine. :)
    December 8
  • I already got the coat. Sorry @strawberryicecream
    December 8
  • hey lina! I have a trade that we were supposed to make after you got all of your membership bundles, and it was the teal antique pig-tails and brown-blonde ombre hair for the mad hatter coat - girl. hopefully, the trade is still on for both of us:) IM me when you get on!
    December 7
  • Yay Sign me up for Secret Santa :)
    December 5
  • :)
    December 5
  • It is the Midnight hair.
    December 5
  • Hey!
    December 4
  • Happy first night of Hanukkah everyone. ^^
    December 2
  • I know, I can't stay with one avatar! xD
    November 29
  • Where are the bundles for this week?
    November 27
  • HBforever
    Okay, I love the hair in your profile pic. What hair is it! It's beautiful!
    November 23
  • Guys,
    Every time I try to play Miss Clue on, it gives me a black screen and I am unable to play. I've tried playing on a differend web browser, too.

    Could someone please help? I would be forever grateful!

    - Kestrel AKA The Bomb AKA That Gorgeous Detective LOL
    November 22
    • SportyChic
      definitely send a help to staff and they'll be able to help from there :)
    • VFK_Mintie
      Hi KestraI!

      Try starting Miss Clue now! :)

  • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
    November 21
  • s
    November 21
  • happy thanksgiving and merry christmas everyone :)
    November 18
    • Holly
      Woot Happy Holidays! :D
  • OOPS
    November 11
  • le
    November 11
  • Another day, another event where I don't make it into the queue! Life is so good in 2018!
    November 10
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    November 9
  • honestly how am i still playing this game
    November 5