Cruise Most Deadly - Chapter 1 - Walkthrough

Hey guys!! It's time to play Chapter 1 of, drum roll please, CRUISE MOST DEADLY!!! Miss Clue is finally back! And before we start, I wanted to say that I've decided to dome some changes with my walkthroughs. As you can see, I will be doing the walkthroughs in a more fun, active way! Now with that said, let's begin!

Step 1: Why are you just standing there? Click on MENU and go to Chapter 1 of Cruise Most Deadly if you haven't already!

Step 2: As usual, Cruise Most Deadly starts off with Jane writing a letter to Nixie. (Love listening to these letters!) So, you don't have to listen to the letter, because usually you don't need any information in the introduction letters to help solve anything. But you still have to wait until the letter is done.

Step 3: After being shown the map of where the ship has been sailing, Evelyn will walk down the ship stairs. (No, not Evelyn from the Dress Shop, but that would be soo cool.) Anyways, she'll walk down the stairs and will show you that she has gotten a cut.

Step 4: Eveyln will ask if you can help her heal the cut. So we will play a good Jane Darcy and will go fetch the first-aid kit. The first-aid kit is pretty easy to find if you ask me, just click on the drawers to the left of the stairs.

Step 5: Click on the top drawer, or should I say cabinet, and move the blanklets. Then grab the first-aid kit and put the blanklets back afterwards, which happen to look extremely comfy...

Step 6: Go and click on Evelyn, she should be sitting on the blue couch. After, put down the kit and open it.

Step 7: The first thing Evelyn needs for her cut is iodine. (I hope I spelled that right, apologies if I didn't.) The iodine should be the bottle at the top of the kit. Get the bottle and open it, then put it on Evelyn's cut. It will sting her, ouch, so she will start blowing it.

Step 8: After Step 7, you will need to get bandages for Evelyn. You will need two materials for this. Cloth, and the thing that holds down the cloth. (The material for holding down the cloth should look like a tape roll.) When you have gathered this, place them onto the cut.

Step 9: Evelyn is not yet steady enough to return to the deck, so you and Evelyn will play a fun game of checkers! The checkers isn't anything you have to solve, just a fun game with Evelyn.

Step 10: Return the first-aid kit where you found it before you play, and then click on one of the two doors in front of the couch area.

Step 11: Click on Evelyn again and then start playing checkers! Do whatever moves you want to, it won't matter. You just have to play until Evelyn says "That was a good game!" Who will win the game, you ask? The answer is nobody. The game ends before anyone could win.

Step 12: You will, or Jane will, decide to get some drinks before going onto the deck with Evelyn. So, leave the room and go to the kitchen.

Step 13: Open the cabinets and get three cups. One for you, one for Evelyn, and one for Mintie. (Just kidding, Mintie is not there. That cup is I assume for the captain.)

Step 14: Click on the counter and click on the wooden tray and then put the cups on it.

Step 15: You would think that the next step is to get drinks from the fridge, right? WRONG! Before you have a chance to, the boat starts to shake and Evelyn says to hold on tight! If I were you, I would listen! The boat begins to shake....And the chapter ends! 

AHH! Right during the excitement too! Well, I guess we can give ourselves a pat on the back and celebrate by wearing our fancy new pin by completing the chapter! Thanks for reading this walkthrough guys, hope that it helped! And of course, if you have ANY questions or suggestions, don't hesitate! Just comment below. Also, tell me what you think about the new style of my walkthroughs. (I really like it, but I wanna see everyone else's opinion too.) Until next chapter, byee!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Woohoo!! Thanks @PinkyB  I totally love your walkthroughs!
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • YAY THANKS @PinkyB!!

    GOLDENPUPPYgoldenpuppypicturetacocatTHANKS TACOCAT!!

  • This is great!  Thanks @PinkyB!
  • You're welcome, thanks for reading it! ^_^

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • really well written PinkyB!  Thanks for making this!  I loved the end the most!
  • I got stuck in chapter one because I called Aunt Ellen & now Jane won't let me leave the room because I need her room key ugh if you call Aunt Ellen do not mention the donuts!!!
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    Hi @Guest497304!

    Look at your writing desk, and to the left is the drawer!  Open the drawer, and inside is your room key!

    Good luck! :)
  • Thanks Pinky! I'm just getting back into VFK so I just started CMD! I figured most of it out but I spent like 5 minutes trying to find what I was supposed to fill the cups with...guess I don't have to do that. Thanks!
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