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  • lajls
    hey mintie can you change my name on here to lowercase lajls like how i changed it on vfk
    May 26
  • Minoe -----------Western
    Mr. Smith -------Western 
    Mr. Ned ---------Western
    Nixie/Rad -------Splash
    Miss Claira -----Victorian
    Miss solaria ----Space
    Eveyln -----------Retro
    Buzz -------------Retro
    Zeb --------------Retro
    SJ ----------------Retro
    Buffy -------------Retro
    Kirby -------------Retro
    Lindy------------- Retro
    Russel ---------- Zoo
    Katrina ---------- Zoo

    May 25
  • Hi how much angora do you need? I am needing credits. Thx
    May 24
    • NiceCutePumpkin
      Hi! As much as you can spare! I'm trading 3k per, I'll take whatever you've got
  • Lauryn
    Rest in heaven beautiful! Laur loves you tons and tons 
    May 23

    -throws confetti-
    May 22
    May 21
  • Bellatrix
    Hi! I will be on tonight until about 11pm eastern time if you are on!
    May 19
    • sugarandcoffee
      Sorry I keep missing you! I'm stuck between finals. I'll definitely be on tomorrow in the afternoon.
  • abc did not just do me like this
    May 14
  • HBforever
    OMG at 11:44 am CST on 5/13/2019 you have 666 visits. I rest my case.
    May 13
    • sugarandcoffee
      woman, you will be the death of me. XD
    • HBforever
      Better me than a backstabbing boyfriend.
    • sugarandcoffee
      Is this shade towards your grandfather? Dang B, what aren't you telling me? :O
    • HBforever
      Grandpa is cheating?! :O
    • sugarandcoffee
      No, grandpa is not cheating. XD
    • HBforever
      And you know this how? Where has he been lately? Hm?
    • sugarandcoffee
      He's hiding from you, you chase all the men out of my life, B.
    • HBforever
      You don't need no mans in your life! IF Grandpa can't handle me, then is he even a Grandpa?
    • sugarandcoffee
      LOL, you sound like my mom. Mama coco always says, "No mans in ya life = no stress". Imagine that with a super thick Italian accent, it always cracks me up.
    • HBforever
      OMG lol I just tried to say it in a super thick Italian accent, which I can't do, and it turned more into a Scottish accent. Help. I need more Italian people in my life.
    • sugarandcoffee
      Scottish? Lol, most Italians don't sound like people from what's potrayed on T.V. It depends where you come from and how many languages you speak. My cousins who speak Italian, English, and Russian don't roll their vowels like most northern Italians do.
    • HBforever
      xD Interesting. You need to teach me your Italian accent ways,
    • sugarandcoffee
      Depends on your dialect/region, just like in America there's a bunch of different accents!
  • Happy 2012 Day :D
    May 12
  • Happy soon to be 11th Anniversary!!
    May 5
    • Holly
      Happy 11th Anniversary!! :D
  • i'm eating a popsicle, is anyone else eating anything right now?
    May 5
  • # Beyonce has me feeling things.
    May 5
  • Lauryn
    Please make me a signature!
    May 4
  • Happy May!! :D
    May 4
  • little update, eight more days until my graduation. :) very excited to say the least.
    May 2
    • SparkleDream
      WOOO!!! CONGRATS!!!!
    • sugarandcoffee
      Congratulations!! That must be a big relief, I wish you many years of success. :)
  • I wonder what the prize is for the garden contest is? *thinking emoji* lol
    May 1
  • Guys I most likely won't be online next friday and saturday because I will be busy moving everything out of my dorm room and next saturday is the day I will be graduating from college.
    April 30
    • SparkleDream
      CONGRATULATIONS!! what did you major in?!
    • Rhodopis
      I majored in History with a minor in Anthropology.
    • SparkleDream
      COOLIO!!!!!! are you proud of YOURSELF?!?!! :D
  • Would a fly without wings be called a walk?
    April 30
  • Happy almost May everyone! :)
    April 29
  • Dear Bridge I feel honoured to have that beautiful cow named after me. I have only just found it. I don't go to Miss Clue very often .   .I  think they are all wonderful pictures and nothing wrong with your camera. The  pictures are great and thanks for sharing.     I must say that is one mighty Big Bottle  your dad is holding, I bet that is heavy when you start feeding.  Thank you so much again for showing them to me.  hugs
    April 28
    • Tegdirb
      You are most welcome Pickle, I'm glad you enjoyed them:)
      Yes the bottles are very big compared to human baby bottles, lol. These hold 6 pints.
  • Y'all ready for this garden contest? I am, at least.
    April 27
  • How many bins do you want for the ears?

    April 24
    • Zoee
      However many you’d be willing to give, I’m not picky :) I will message you in game when I log on
  • ayyy I got a new iPhone. the XS Max 512 gb. 
    April 22
  • Happy Easter! =)
    April 21
  • LF: Piggy Ears/Snout
    Trading: 300K for both
    April 20
  • i want some llama slippers ngl
    April 7
    • Trinityy
  • Happy weekend! uwu
    April 7
  • so im back to playing this game lmao... i just bought a year membership when i should be saving for the iphone xs max
    April 3
    • Trinityy
      The membership was definitely the better choice!
  • Hey! I'm an introverted, all around artist, music lover, cat lady, and OBSESSED with GAMING kinda girl! V- =^.^=
    April 1