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  • Raven_Wildspirit
    can I sign up for a Secret Santa???  Raven_Wildspirit
    December 3
  • queen-kyla
    tom how are u doing
    November 29
  • Mintie I've solved the puzzle for the Thanksgiving tasks but my progress still says zero percent!
    November 26
  • i am back y'all i missed this game sm eye-
    November 26
  • happy thanksgiving everyone :D
    November 26
  • happy thanksgiving all!! :))
    November 26
  • queen-kyla
    manage when u going to talk to me
    November 23
  • hi manage 
    November 23
    November 23
  • working on a thanksgiving room :Pi
    November 21
  • queen-kyla
    manage hey 
    November 19
  • a little late, but happy monday :'D i hope this'll be a productive and fun week for everyone!!
    November 17
  • Hi Mintie sorry to bug you but can you please approve my video channel :D
    November 17
  • queen-kyla
    orange why did i need your help with planning my baby shower
    November 16
  • Mintie I finished the first Thanksgiving task but my progress still says zero percent.
    November 15
  • Hi, I answered your trade thread. Thanks
    November 11
  • Guest274777
    Hello! Not sure where else to ask. My username on here is still guest even though I registered over a year ago. Please help.
    November 8
  • Hi, I just sent her another message. I heard from her once and she hasn't replied yet. Thank you
    November 6
  • Happy late Halloween; I'm just dropping by to say I miss this game and everyone tons!! Hope you're all doing well.
    November 5
  • HBforever
    November 4
  • I can't see the ball outfits in the Halloween shop!

    November 1
  • Mintie the outfits for the ball tonight won't load up and I can't see them!
    November 1
  • just wanted to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone on this game!! :D mega hugs

    November 1
  • good luck to everyone at the antique shop tonight ! :P
    October 31
  • hi back
    October 31
  • Hi!
    October 31
  • Mintie where are the Halloween costumes that were suppose to be released today?
    October 29
  • Mintie where are the costumes that were suppose to be released today?
    October 26
  • Mintie where's the embers bundle for this week?
    October 24
  • Mintie where is the bundle for this week?
    October 20