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  • Holly
    Hi Nora, please IM one of us when you get online!
    September 30
  • Mintie, none of us have been able to finish the fourth summer challenge task.
    July 22
  • Mintie, where are the outfits for the Fourth of July Ball tonight?
    July 3
  • Mintie, none of us have received the new close encounters membership bundle yet.
    June 28
  • Hello everybody happy June 23rd :)
    June 23
  • Mintie where are the outfits for the Father's Day Ball tonight?
    June 19
  • Mintie, where's the Close Encounters membership bundle for this week?
    June 16
  • Mintie, none of the record players are working. Every time I put a record into one of my record players they won't play.
    May 22
  • Happy Anniversary VFK!!
    May 22
  • I'm so glad it's getting summer weather over here lol!
    May 3
  • Osmello, did you need any antiques for the baskets? I also have the light purple ears. Let me open some baskets and see if I get some of the other ears you are looking for.
    April 21
  • hi hi everyone its starting to get warmer where i am
    March 8
    • Holly
      Oh I can't wait for warmer weather here!! It is supposed to get down to 24 degrees tonight, brrr!
    • Doodlepufflove
      that's cold
    • Holly
      Oh yes! Glad we have a good heater hehe
  • PrincessGirly
    im not sure either I have to do won more sudoku
    March 3
    • Trinityy
      Good luck on your sudoku!
  • Flamanar
    Hi Savannah.  You need to download the Epic Ages client and install it on your computer to play VFK. 

    The Miss Clue games used to be somewhat a part of VFK for a long time, but a few months ago they were removed from VFK client and they are available separately from VFK and the client.  They are now for purchase at:

    Hope that helps.  Flamanar
    March 3
  • Relaxing in the sun today... it's warm enough outside to take my things and enjoy the outdoors.
    February 25
  • Do you happen to have the orange outfit? I don't have the ones your looking for- just trying to find someone who has the outfit in orange.
    February 23
  • I just love the conservatory in CDP... I'd love to see it as a room in VFK :)
    February 16
  • Mintie, none of us can enter the ball room.
    February 13
  • Princess_Tropic
    hi frogiepower its been forever how are u?
    February 9
  • im starting to play cdp gl to all who are playing and congrats to those who have finished :)
    February 8
  • Tatiana_SilverHeart
    [spoiler]to get combo for the vault .. exit door .. go to the right .. and right again .. it will be on wall on your right[/spoiler]
    February 5
  • n
    January 31
  • 1 more day!
    January 29
  • Im excited ^^
    January 29
  • Looking forward to the new Miss Clue in two days!
    January 28
  • Happy New Year!
    January 1
  • I.Am.Chalk
    Hey sorry I've missed ya! Im off tonight & Sunday morning if you are available to meet up for that trade.
    December 2021
  • Happy Thanksgiving!!
    November 2021
  • I have these -

    Funeral Wreath
    Wizard Stack of Books - tall
    Wizard pile of Books
    Candles in Cage
    Enchanted Wizard Book and stand

    Christmas Bird Cage
    Moon/Star Music Box

    I haven't checked all but this so far.
    November 2021
  • PrincessGirly
    Happy Birthday Rhodopis !!!!!! ()> 
    November 2021
    • Rhodopis
      My birthday was eight months ago!