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  • Feeling a bit frustrated with VFK atm. Glad its Summer - I'm going outside!
    July 19
  • note to self: stop staying up until 5am bc you will regret it the next day !! :)
    July 16
    • Holly
      lol I remember those days! *Coughs, I mean nights* :))
    • Awesome_Piper
      ha xD
  • just dropping by to say i would do just about anything to be a little dork again where the only stress in my life was making sure i didn't miss the host hunt on VFK. miss this game so so much and the community here :)

    July 14
    • Holly
      We miss seeing you around, Sporty!
  • when can you meet?
    July 13
  • Miss clue needs an app for the message boards!!
    July 13
  • Looking for Pink Koala hat......I have the Host pin Flaming Race Tire..
    July 11
  • Does anyone know when our constellations will become ride-able?
    July 10
  • TrinityEveningTwinkles
    happy 4th dear
    July 8
  • If y'all haven't seen Spider-Man: Far From Home yet, you're missing out on a good time.
    July 6
  • HBforever
    I'm watching you!
    July 5
    • Caffe
      B, I always knew you were my VFK stalker.
    • HBforever
      Well, obvi! I need something to do!
  • Happy 4th of July everyone!!!
    July 3
  • Holly
    I hope you have lots of fun on your trip! 

    June 30
  • Will we be getting a new pony this year?
    June 29
  • Mintie where's part 2 of the summer of love bundle?
    June 28
  • Mintie where is part 2 of the star journey bundle?
    June 26
  • HI :) was wondering about the ladybug things your have? and what the price is on them...


    Butterflykisses :)♥

    June 25
    • Jessizoid
      Hi Butterfly! Unfortunately, I don't have any ladybug things for trade, but rather I'm currently looking to buy them. Sorry for the confusion!
  • Mintie where is the star adventure bundle for today?
    June 24
  • giving my inventory a good cleaning!
    Currently trying to organize all my items in rooms..wish me luck xD
    June 18
  • Uh Mintie I'm stuck on the ride at the end of the second elemental room.
    June 18
  • #Adulting is booking a solo-vacation on the other side of the country because that's the only way to get some actual relaxation and alone time.
    June 17
  • hi :)
    June 17
  • TrinityEveningTwinkles
    Awe happy june ;)
    June 16
  • Hi, I made a mistake I needed dark brown hair not the strawberry blonde. Can we re-trade? Thx
    June 15
  • Strawberryicecream
    just wanted to stop in and say hi :) nobody's commented on your board for a while
    June 14
    • Fonna
      Heya! We have to catch up and get these bottles I've been carrying around for you
  • soo excited for summer 2019 on VFK 
    June 14
  • He's back. The one and only.  The hated and loved.  Deal with it.
    June 11
    • SparkleDream
      welcome back flamanar!!!!!
    • Flamanar
      hey, sorry it took me so long to see this!!!! Thanks for the warm welcome :) (Flame hugs)!!
  • Mintie where is the Star traveler bundle for this week?
    June 9
  • wow we stan a message boards queen huh
    June 9
    • lajls
      stop i hate you
  • Holly
    Oh your profile picture is so cute!!! Is that one of your dogs?
    June 9
  • lajls
    hey mintie, me and ardp are having trouble accessing vfk, i've tried logging in through epic ages and it still doesn't work! our internet connection is fine and every other website is working fine but we can't access vfk and we don't know why :( please help! (btw we live in the same house which is why she's included)
    June 8