my first article will be a coming soon to VFK its called The VFK Bachelor show ok the show will have over hundred girls completing for the VFK's Bachelors heart their will be challenges and drama too at the end of each night the Bachelor will chose who gets a rose other girls who don't will be off but before they leave show our bachelor will give them each a hug and hand sake too
I'm so excited for this show I am the director of the show and shows reviews too . 
Each Girl will have a private date with the bachelor  on VFK  but only getting to know each other  and a hand shakes at the end of each date  too discuss interests and hobbies  other things like sports ()> (;) .  


  • I also have some rules for the VFK The Bachelor  too  Rule : No cursing or swearing  ,
    No saying Bad words or saying bad things  ,  No inappropriate  behavior. 
    Each Girl Must Audition for the show  by coming to my anniversary office room
    Each Girl must have their bed room with teleporters connected to the room
    also There will be special guests stopping on the show like The Back Street Boys , Mark Anthony ,  98 degrees ,   Smash mouth   and  Link in park  Jessica Simpson  ,  Ariana Grande ,   BTS ,   Shawn mend's  ,  all for one ,  many more . 
    There will group dates too with our bachelor too.  
  • Oooooo SO COOL!!!

    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
  • ok Today There was a host maze event and bubble invasion event too their a lot of  fun too . 
    I did the Anniversary maze  event  twice today it was so much fun I had a great time  too.
    I did the bubble invasion event at least three or four times today it was a lot of fun too.
    Any way there is something new in merfolk age  sunken treasure  chests where you go and look for prizes in the chests too . its a lot of fun its kind like being a mermaid  pirate  or merman pirate to trying find treasure .  Also there is new anniversary  room too and enchantment too. you have the anniversary letter hunt for them too.
    fun and amazing.  I have to tell you all something your all like family to me here on VFK .  I have a lot of favorite hosts too Fire Fly she is always has fun exciting events too and she does host hunts too. she is a lot of fun too she loves to do fun game events too .  Vintage loves her own vintage style  and she loves to help out other VFK staff members to with events too  she is kind person  and she has wonderful fun loving personality too.  I have to say  vintage  is truly the kindest person you ever met on VFK. Cactus is one of my favorite developers and all around very nice person  too sometimes she even help out with host events too I got to say she is very kind hearted person  Sky is very nice and kind hearted to she stopped by my birthday party on VFK last year she is a lot of fun too and hard working person too.  Miss llama she is a kind person too  she's a lot of fun too she has events too sometimes her events are a lot fun too. Any way about year ago my grandmother passed away she was there for me that sorrowful day  and when my mom died in 2017 she was at the Christmas event  too she gave me a fuzzy hugs too. I have to say needed fuzzy hugs that year too. Hawk is also one of my favorite hosts too he does events too sometimes I have to say he loves to play dress up on VFK during Halloween or over the summer too. Just like me I love playing dress up on VFK  its a lot of fun too . Sometimes I play dress up on VFK during Halloween its  fun too I get to pretend that I am a Disney princess too with my friends or we play pirate girls and pretend we are going on pirate adventure  working together as team too look for the treasure and share it too. I also bunny is my favorite host she loves to do host events too even during the summer time too. Some people blame Host cactus  for what I don't know they should not blame her anything  she didn't do anything wrong she is kind and hard working lady too. 
    When we all do the VFK awards maze once in while We like to pretend that we are all at the Academy awards  and we are all movie stars too. its a lot of fun too.  

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