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my first article will be a coming soon to VFK its called The VFK Bachelor show ok the show will have over hundred girls completing for the VFK's Bachelors heart their will be challenges and drama too at the end of each night the Bachelor will chose who gets a rose other girls who don't will be off but before they leave show our bachelor will give them each a hug and hand sake too
I'm so excited for this show I am the director of the show and shows reviews too . 
Each Girl will have a private date with the bachelor  on VFK  but only getting to know each other  and a hand shakes at the end of each date  too discuss interests and hobbies  other things like sports ()> (;) .  


  • I also have some rules for the VFK The Bachelor  too  Rule : No cursing or swearing  ,
    No saying Bad words or saying bad things  ,  No inappropriate  behavior. 
    Each Girl Must Audition for the show  by coming to my anniversary office room
    Each Girl must have their bed room with teleporters connected to the room
    also There will be special guests stopping on the show like The Back Street Boys , Mark Anthony ,  98 degrees ,   Smash mouth   and  Link in park  Jessica Simpson  ,  Ariana Grande ,   BTS ,   Shawn mend's  ,  all for one ,  many more . 
    There will group dates too with our bachelor too.  
  • Oooooo SO COOL!!!

    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
  • ok Today There was a host maze event and bubble invasion event too their a lot of  fun too . 
    I did the Anniversary maze  event  twice today it was so much fun I had a great time  too.
    I did the bubble invasion event at least three or four times today it was a lot of fun too.
    Any way there is something new in merfolk age  sunken treasure  chests where you go and look for prizes in the chests too . its a lot of fun its kind like being a mermaid  pirate  or merman pirate to trying find treasure .  Also there is new anniversary  room too and enchantment too. you have the anniversary letter hunt for them too.
    fun and amazing.  I have to tell you all something your all like family to me here on VFK .  I have a lot of favorite hosts too Fire Fly she is always has fun exciting events too and she does host hunts too. she is a lot of fun too she loves to do fun game events too .  Vintage loves her own vintage style  and she loves to help out other VFK staff members to with events too  she is kind person  and she has wonderful fun loving personality too.  I have to say  vintage  is truly the kindest person you ever met on VFK. Cactus is one of my favorite developers and all around very nice person  too sometimes she even help out with host events too I got to say she is very kind hearted person  Sky is very nice and kind hearted to she stopped by my birthday party on VFK last year she is a lot of fun too and hard working person too.  Miss llama she is a kind person too  she's a lot of fun too she has events too sometimes her events are a lot fun too. Any way about year ago my grandmother passed away she was there for me that sorrowful day  and when my mom died in 2017 she was at the Christmas event  too she gave me a fuzzy hugs too. I have to say needed fuzzy hugs that year too. Hawk is also one of my favorite hosts too he does events too sometimes I have to say he loves to play dress up on VFK during Halloween or over the summer too. Just like me I love playing dress up on VFK  its a lot of fun too . Sometimes I play dress up on VFK during Halloween its  fun too I get to pretend that I am a Disney princess too with my friends or we play pirate girls and pretend we are going on pirate adventure  working together as team too look for the treasure and share it too. I also bunny is my favorite host she loves to do host events too even during the summer time too. Some people blame Host cactus  for what I don't know they should not blame her anything  she didn't do anything wrong she is kind and hard working lady too. 
    When we all do the VFK awards maze once in while We like to pretend that we are all at the Academy awards  and we are all movie stars too. its a lot of fun too.  

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    This summer on VFK has been so amazing and fun too  There has been beach parties and dances too .   The dances are a lot of fun too The VFK Anniversary was really fun this year I enjoyed my self too also made some new friends too  
    I entered the garden contest this year too I got to say i was really surprised when I also got unique ness of design too.
    I'm glad that I entered It was a lot of fun too I got to see how other like to garden too also this summer I entered  sand castle contest too this year too I was so surprised when I placed forth this year  . I have some favorite sandcastle rooms that I really liked too Candy cars sandcastle room was so amazing   and wonderful too  and few others too I want say congratulations  to everyone Amazing job everyone !!!!!  I want tell you all something your my inspiration for entering contest too .
    why you may ask because you all always  say Just have fun and try your best .  T
     This Weekend All the sand Castle contest rooms will be on display for everyone to visit so feel free to visit anyone's sand castle room you want . I wanna make a suggest to you all check out candy cars  sand castle room and check out  the cinder all  castle room too coming soon the end of the summer sock hop dance stay tuned for more details in my VFK Newspaper Also their will be a Saturday morning surprise too and Don't forget new host event Tikiltastic  ride event tomorrow 
  • Thank you so much @princessgirly this really got me caught up on things,  I've been away a long time!

    I hope there are more additions to come!  Do you post these on a schedule or just every now and then?

  • I
    ColourzRnice said:

    Thank you so much @princessgirly this really got me caught up on things,  I've been away a long time!

    I hope there are more additions to come!  Do you post these on a schedule or just every now and then?

    Thanks!! There will more additions to come Plus I am the Editor Chief and reporter too  and publisher  I tried  to post  on schedule 

  • Today News  There is host event called Tikitastic ride event and new Victorian maze awards today too  , Also don't forget that will summer scavenger later tonight and don't forget to do Crayon Quest it goes away at midnight tonight .
    Don't forget to the VFK Extended summer mini today too Have a wonderful labor day everyone . Also Don't forget to check out the sand castle rooms too they are on display for the rest of today and week too enjoy everyone . 
  • I have some breaking news that just happened today in my family ok My Uncle Robert pass away this morning My Aunt Linda found him dead this evening  anyway I just need to everyone to be here for me on VFK  and try to be there for me on VFK  and send your prays and love to my family during our grieving time now I am upset also too.  anyway that's going on with my family right now  my aunt is grieve strict ten right now  She needs your prayers and comfort right now.
    plus my big sister is very upset too . If you any one stops by my salons and sees a message on my message board closed to due passing of my  uncle i put that message up soon we don't know the details keep me and my aunt Linda and Aunt Carol and me , my sister and my dad in your prayers too .
  • Today there is the History of honey quest to do on VFK and  scavenger hunt maybe  Anyway The Cheerleading outfit race kicked off on Thursday night I am so excited ()> !!!!!!!!!! Now that football season has official begun.
    Don't forget this upcoming is the end of the summer sock dance  this upcoming weekend  don't forget to ask someone for a date to the dance this week . Even if you don't have a date to end of summer sock hop dance you can still go with your friends Also White Spider web will appear this afternoon so grab your spiders scissors . Bumper car challenges start tonight are you up to the challenge ? Don't to do the summer scavenger hunt .too.. Anyway that is it for  now so have fun and have a good week everyone on VFK .. Tomorrow Shadow web will appear on VFK tomorrow evening so grab your spider scissors and cotton bag too collect it 
    Miss Evelyn is gonna have sand dollar  spree tomorrow evening Don't forget to say Yes Please and Thank You!

  • This week on VFK has been so awesome Its  Halloween on VFK Its a lot of fun too You get to Trick or Treat everywhere on VFK its awesome you can play dress up with any costumes too . There is the Thirteen ghosts in the Victorian Age Mansion too its fun and you get to trick or treat in each room in the Mansion too I recently went to the Halloween Ball on Sunday November First 2020 it was the encore ball it was so much fun too I had a good time too .
    There is still plenty of spider web gather up too . There was angora bunny event too it was so much fun bushing the bunnies
    Anyway There has been a lot people calling someone a bad word I can't say who it is I wish that people on VFK would please stop picking on this person who ever they are  I did the Teddy bear quest on Sunday which is over now Don't forget to do the Veterans day mini quest before it ends  and make sure to finish all your candy corn micro quests too Also be sure to spend all of your candy corn coins at the Halloween shop before it closes for the season Today is my birthday I had wonderful birthday its fun too I went out to breakfast with my dad and sister then we went up north to see how my late moms flowers were doing then we came home and relaxed  My family took me out to dinner too. I had my birthday cake
     too delicious too. Anyway there was cotton gathering event today too. Tomorrow There is a Host Event and pretty soon the Thanksgiving Atmosphere will take over VFK too There will be new Victorian Thanksgiving maze awards too tomorrow too. Anyway there is a scavenger hunt going on right now It starts at castle gate   for the Thanksgiving blue lantern too
  • PrincessGirly said:

    my first article will be a coming soon to VFK its called The VFK Bachelor show ok the show will have over hundred girls completing for the VFK's Bachelors heart their will be challenges and drama too at the end of each night the Bachelor will chose who gets a rose other girls who don't will be off but before they leave show our bachelor will give them each a hug and hand sake too
    I'm so excited for this show I am the director of the show and shows reviews too . 
    Each Girl will have a private date with the bachelor  on VFK  but only getting to know each other  and a hand shakes at the end of each date  too discuss interests and hobbies  other things like sports ()> (;) .  

  • VFK Bachelor  Announcement I just need a bachelor guy  so I will be holding bachelor auditions for my show VFKS the Bachelor 
    If any guy interested in being on my show VFK Bachelor please come by my VFK Bachelor Auditions office  
    I will holding auditions for my show VFK the bachelor after the holidays the show will premiere  will be in the January 2021  

  • Christmas on VFK was so much I had a great time and I had a lot of fun too Anyway its the new year now There more winter fun coming soon  and someone told me that a person on Virtual family kingdom  went missing in real life and that then police from their home town are looking for this person and this person also some ones  boy friend on Virtual family kingdom  Please send your prayers out to this persons  family I have to be honest I do not know if they will find this person alive because the person went missing at Christmas time but I am hoping that they do find this person alive who ever they are .
    My favorite Christmas events were the Gingerbread maze it was a lot of fun and Mrs. Santa clauses tea party .
    any way don't forget to do your ice micro coin quests to earn credits and ice coins too 
    Also don't forget about the winter scavenger hunts too .
    Count down begins for Cheerleading outfit reveal day January 24, 2021  I am so excited to watch the football games and see who makes it to Championship day
  • This weekend is cheerleading outfit reveal day weekend this  Sunday i am really excited I am gonna cheer on Green bay packers  and the other game I will cheer on buffalo bills My favorite gingerbread village is Candy Cars  I love his gingerbread village its amazing  I saw the picture of it its lovely  and I love the ginger bread houses too they also yummy be sure to check out  candy cars gingerbread village its really awesome  there is a polar bear hide and seek too I really wish could be there on VFK i can't because of my adobe flasher player expired    now I need a new  abode flasher player I hope to be VFK on again soon 
  • Princess, yes Adobe Flash Player has expired, but all you need to do is go to epic ages  At the top right of the home page, is a tab titled DOWNLOAD.  Click on it.

    Download Epic Ages Desk Top  by choosing the tab with the operating system you use and then click on it.  Follow the directions to install.  

    I am no computer expert, but i think this might help get you back to playing VFK again.  Good luck!

  • I did that im gonna buy Acrobat Adobe Pro and see if that works I am going to ask my dad first 
  • Hey princess! Acrobat is a different type of product made by Adobe, and will not substitute for Flash Player (the adobe that ran VFK) so you shouldn't need to purchase it to play VFK!

    The VFK staff have made their own client that you can use to still play on VFK, and its free!

    Hope this helps!
  • Update on my not getting on VFK Situation I will be getting a new laptop which will arrive on March 2, 2021
    so I just wanted to let everyone  that I will be back on VFK March 2, 2021 I love being a  heritage gardener but there is a problem i cant plant the new plant  I probably I have now can someone make sure that my clone plants the seeds and that she gets next new seeds and gardeners badge too thanks I would gratefully be thanking the person Congrats to Tampa bay Buccancer's I kind knew they would win I love you all and your all my second family  VFK staff has always been my second family too you all have helped me though a lot in my life I am truly grateful to you all for being there for me I will see you all again on March 2, 2021
  • Update I am a officially back on VFK as of Yesterday I am excited to back on VFK I have use my desktop Epic Ages Icon on my computer .I have missed you all You all are my second family you have been there with me though my tough times and
    helped me become a stronger person my new laptop came on Feb. 22th   I was so shocked  . I am so excited for the Tenth Annual Lambie awards  I love pretending to be a movie star too its 
    Any way Yesterday I did Mintie's  movie maze it was a lot of fun too  and I have to say i love pretending to be a movie star its fun too when I finish movie maze   sometimes I pretend that  I am presenter of award at the Oscars any way I always say Good Night Hollywood Awards Academy  its fun  I am pretend that I am Julie Andrews  expecting award for best actress in a movie
  • I did the Wizard maze first chapter now I am on the chapter which is hard too  because I don't know if you have to strike the maze gate with your wizard broom anyway  It is Crossword puzzle week already I am enjoying myself its a lot of fun too
    I did the host crossword puzzle event it was so much fun . Anyway finish up all Valentines day stuff soon The Valentines Celebration will conclude soon .I am so excited for space month coming soon I wonder what space fun will be coming soon
    Anyway I earned my crossword puzzle outfit  this pasted Thursday .  I was so shocked  because I love to do word search puzzles their fun too .Also coming soon my spring fashion show plus  as promised The VFK Bachelor show auditions will begin if any guy is interested  please come and see me at my VFK Bachelor Audition office  
  • Breaking news OOPP's has launched this own a amusement  park  in space  I got to tell you it's so awesome and Out of this world !!!!!!!!!  I love space its some much fun I got to tell I am having a awesome time .  I did the alien adventure rocks event it's a lot of fun too .  This space month has been " Out of this WORLD !!!!!!!!!" 
    Plus its Science and Astronomy Too It's so much  fun and Wonderful Educational  Experience .
    too Any way  I am doing a  crossword puzzle scavenger hunt right now  
  • love these updates :) i haven't played for a bit so seeing this is nice it gets me caught up
    happy space month
    If you're looking for a signature pic or profile pic, just contact Taco because she's the best artist EVER!
  • @PrincessGirly you need to post more news!!!
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    ok I will post more news   Stonehenge cake party was really fun other day and  have to tell you I love walking on a giant cake   Even Tazz was there he was so much fun too gave everyone shark buddy hats which are really cool  Mintie  asked me to clean her pretend cat toys so I did cleaned them with hot water and soap  She thanked me for doing  that for her I got to say  honestly  say  that I love all animals Don't forget the anniversary ballroom dance tonight do you have a date?
    Any way ballroom dance attire comes out tonight too I went to the hosts pirate event it was a lot of fun too  and I got to tell my pirate joke what kind of movies do pirates like? Answer: Rated  ARRRGH   Any way The anniversary memberships are out now too Don't  forget the anniversary surprise   This anniversary  has been really so awesome and so much fun I can't to see what fun adventures laid ahead and what fun events too coming this summer 
    The garden contest  is on now too don't forget to finish up your garden contest room by June 3th that's the lock room date 
  • Happy Memorial Everyone  On VFK and in real life  too  Today we take the time to remember those who gave their lives  for our country  and also we thank them for their service too Also wanted to say that my grandfather on my dad side served in the world war II many years ago  He was a master sergeant of supplies for world war too. I am proud to be his grand daughter  and I miss him so much and I loved him Today I take the time remember him and I was grateful to know him  and all those who served for our country I want to say Thank you to all and God bless you all 
  • Thank you for the news reports!
  • Your welcome any way I earned my gamer girl shoes last piece of the gamer girl outfit  I have to say that I had a lot of courage trying to earn the whole gamer outfit  Anyway last week was the ice cream party it was  so much fun I had a great time  with everyone .  I am looking for forward to this summers VFK Fun  I wonder what will be in store this summer anyway  
    storm warning this afternoon grab your handsaw and your axe   at five o clock .  Congrats to everyone in the garden contest this year  You all did a awesome job i was so amazed what I saw the rooms  I got a  say who did the flower maze square pattern awesome job and the room with the fountain with the flower pattern was so Amazing  Everyone did a amazing job 
    Also i have story to tell you all about the garden contest you all know the other   Initial impression and Use of theme leaders right   anyway I was so shocked that I almost got those too 

  • Ok On VFK This week I did the summer tasks challenges and the Nixie summer I only did four of them there were supposed to ten challenges there not I guess Nixies summer challenges ended early also There is gonna be Minerva ocean challenges I am so excited for that too. anyway I earned summer ultimate outfit oh well any way don't forget about the scavenger hunt too and also don't forget this Friday night a Bondi beach party

  • @PrincessGirly i love your little updates about vfk they're fun to read :) and i forgot about the bondi beach party so thank you for reminding me!  see u there :)
  • When will your next News update be posted?  I really enjoy them.

    Ask before taking.
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