• Update Don't forget to VFK Bonfire Quest and more Sand micro quests coming today and tonight sand micro quests
    Also later on Encore End of the summer Sock hop dance and after that Nixies Sea shell  search at five thirty this evening .
    Nixes Beach Items finds come in Sand dollar collection in land ocean shop tonight too That's it for now VFK Besties 
  • Update Don't forget to do Ghost ship Quest and Miss Claira's fall final challenge arrives tonight 
    New Halloween Guest Room arrives tonight and New Halloween Ride arrives tonight too.
    Thats's it for now VFK Besties 
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    Update Don't forget to do Cat combs quest before it goes away also there will be Mr. Mummie's  Teleporter Challenge Event this evening at Five PM and There will be a Mr. Mummie's Monster Mash Egyptian Pyramid party tonight the last one .
    VFK's Halloween Second Membership arrives tonight if anyone is interested one thing Don't forget to do the Scavenger hunt that starts outside of Zug tug shop too. That's it for now VFK Besties !
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    Update The Ghosts are in The Haunted Victorian Mansion already and also Esmerlda Halloween challenges started already.
    Esmerlda's Halloween Challenge 3 arrives tonight also Halloween Applieque Egyptian arrives tonight also 
    and more Candy corn micro quest arrive tonight too, Mellow Moz Halloween Costume Museum event is tonight also 
    be sure to stop by take a walking tour thought his Halloween costume museum. It will be spooktacular!! most of the Costumes from when VFK first opened in 2008 until now so Enjoy the Spooktacular Costume tour 
    I have a Halloween Joke for all   Knock Who's there's Boo? Boo Who? Don't cry about it's a joke
    Thats's it for Now VFK Besties.
  • Update Don't Forget to Crystal Skull Quest before it goes away also Mintie's 15th Halloween Haunted Mansion Maze this evening at 5PM and also Alex Boys Teleporter Challenge game event is tonight too I am sure it Spooktacular!!!
    Esmerald's Sixth Halloween arrives Tonight 7PM and also Tomb Raider Event 8PM I have a Halloween Riddle for all What is witches favorite school subject?  
    Answer: Spelling     Thats it for now VFK Besties Happy Halloween !!!!!!!
  • @PrincessGirly your posts are so cute and informative!  Keep up the good work!

    I am a total mystery girl!
    Never without my magnifying glass <3
    Thanks to @bluewiz for this amazing Secret Santa Christmas present!!
  • Update Don't forget to do Ghost quest this week before it goes also Antique was opened this Halloween weekend it was 
    a lot of fun  too  and Now Trick or Treat Has begun tonight too Have fun trick or treating all around VFK Tonight.
    Surprise Blitz host hunt for purple corn hat tonight as well Wow fun too.  This Halloween has been so much fun already 
    I went to afternoon Halloween Dance tonight it was fun too  IT's Halloween movie Madness  night at Tiki Theater too
    Don't forget to go to Tiki Theater say Halloween Movie Madness for Spooktacular pin too Thats it for now VFK Besties 
    I have a Halloween Joke for you all Why doesn't a vampire near snow in the winter time?
    Answer : Because he will get frostbite 
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    Update Don't forget to Teddy Bear Quest and Veterans mini quest too .
    The Turkey Trail has begun too.  and Don't forget to finish up your Trick or Treating because tomorrow the Halloween celebration ends and Thanksgiving celebration begins also  there angora bunny event tomorrow afternoon 3:30PM - 5:30 PM be sure wear something you can sit in for example Nixie wear and weekend wear ,  Halloween gold stamp book costumes can worn too. and so on.  I have some more news an anonymous person who will remain name less made a  lot of death threats On VFK this person also made a death threat against  more players including a one of my VFK Best friends 
    Elizabeth this anonymous person that she is enemy and I don't know why? what

    Please Speak up and say something if this anonymous says a death threat to you and your friends on VFK 
    and tell the VFK staff about it. Remember we can make VFK a safer place for all of us .
    Beware. That's it for VFK Besties! Happy Autunm  

    Update today Finale Halloween is Celebration is concluded and now Thanksgiving Atmosphere has taken over already enjoy Mr. Turke's first arrived last night at Autunm imports and also Mr. Turke's second challenge arrives tonight too  
    New Thanksgiving Dinner pins arrive in Victorian mazes tonight as prizes. Thats it for now VFK Besties 

    Update Today Miss Claira's Thanksgiving Dinner Pin arrived its only available  until this Tuesday get her collectible pin 
    Tonight is the Thanksgiving Harvest ballroom dance Got a Date? or Going with group of friends? 
    Don't forget Autunm imports will have Thanksgiving Harvest Ballroom Attire later tonight 6:30PM
     The Third teen the Annual Nutty party has Started too That's it for now VFK Besties !

    Update Don't forget to History of Nuts quest too before it goes away tonight Another thanksgiving challenge arrives number 7 Victorian Manni son  is  no longer haunted now its all ready for thanksgiving and the rug is ready for Christmas 
    Don't forget to go Developers blog to share your Christmas Ideas for VFK this year. This Thursday is thanksgiving  What are you all most thankful for this Thanksgiving ?
    I am most thankful my family and friends.  Thats it for now VFK Besties!


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