• Update breaking News Candy Cars VFK Today Show will have its new Season coming soon stay tuned for more details any Musical artist anyone hopping for to perform on his show VFK Today new season I am hoping for the Back Street Boys and Band tan boys w/ cold play many more 
  • I am currently watching season too premiere show of VFK TODAY Show I have to say amazing job and awesome set too
    I am looking forward to seeing new musical guests like The Back Street Boys, Band Tan Boys with cold play   98 Degrees, N sync and Linkin park  and  Big Time Rush , New kids on the block ,My Chemical romance ,  
    I will be hosting a VFK TOP MODEL FIRST SEASON Coming soon 
    and I will having a  my spring fashion show 2022 soon.  Candy cars Amazing show I can't to see what you have in store next  <3 Ya 
  • Update this weekend was the St. Patrick's Day Dance I went to both dances a lot of fun and good time too
    Don't forget to do the sundial quest and Its space month enjoy exciting fun is on the way for this space month  
    Don't forget to pick your favor this afternoon's Saint Patrick Day Dance at Victorian Mansion star well 
    Don't forget about the surprise host hunts for Saint Patrick's Day Hat and host events this week too be sure to check event calendar too Attention Event planners if you have events during space month games fashion shows trade rooms etc.
    Check Virtual family kingdom home page for more details 

  • Update I just went to Ravens Star Enterprise Tour Event and Punk universe's alien room let me say this both events were out of this World!!!!!  I have to say amazing job you too.  I recommend that everyone take the Star ship Enterprise tour omg so exciting and amazing and I also recommend everyone visit Punk universe's alien room If you and your family are really curious about space these room visits are for you. I hope these rooms encourage everyone to want to learn about space   
    from the library in their hometowns too   Astronomy is amazing science subject it makes you more curious about space what's beyond our solar system Science was my favorite subject in school 
  • Update I just went to Eddie cool's event very awesome I can honestly say that I can see why he loves the beach so much and he spelled out beach in ride pieces and did the letter I in ride pieces too amazing job plus Andy man helped him too Amazing job you too When you take the teleporter you go to a pirates cave its exciting too 
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    Top 100 Favorite anniversary memberships
    1. Sea horse membership
    2. Pet Plazola Membership
    3 Butterfly membership
    4. Bollywood 1920's 
    5.zooafari membership
    6. Summer of love
    7. Star Journey
    8. Extreme Summer sports

  • Update Today I did April fools mini quest be sure to do your April fools mini quest before it goes away.
    Also Angora bunnies are here tonight at six o clock tonight be sure wear something you can sit and  Don't forget to tomorrow the bunnies will be back . 
  • Update I went Grand hamsters Alien camp let me say this It was out of this word !!  Grand hamster as alien will answer any questions you have about space and aliens  I recommend this event to anyone who is interested in learning about space let say amazing I have to say I was so amazed at how he answered most of  my curious space questions 
    I encourage you all be curious about space and have questions about space and learn more about space from your local Library and internet too  
  • Update Don't forget about History of Palm tree quest and also Don't forget to do the scavenger hunt for garden statue starting at record store.  Don't forget later tonight the NPCs will handing out mini easter baskets 
    In just a few minutes my spring fashion show will begin 
  • Update tomorrow is Good Friday and the Easter Ballroom dance is tomorrow night  make sure you have a date for the easter dance tomorrow night I know must of you will going away for Easter holiday Remember that is Easter a Celebration of Gods Resurrection from defeating death and take the time to reflect to on how much you love your family  and friends
    I have a Easter Joke for you all What is the Easter Bunnies favorite place to go for a Easter Breakfast with his family and friends ?  Answer : The IHOP  I want to wish you all very Happy Easter Day and Very happy Passover too 
    be safe and be kind. 
  • Update tonight there was a April showers Event  , Don't forget do your Mayday mini quest and your Astronomy Quest too before they go away . Its a May already wow  I can't believe it anyway share your VFK Fourteenth Anniversary  Ideas on Developers blog . be sure to finish your spring challenges before they go away too.

  • Update There is a freight event tonight at 5:30 PM   Don't forget to do your mini National Chocolate chip cookie day quest and your VFK Lawn and gardening quest too There are new space challenges just to the  alien shop hallway and click on the space week VFK Anniversary challenges board there Tonight third space challenge arrives what will be?
    This weekend is VFK Anniversary 14th  memberships come in first won this Saturday night what will this years Anniversary membership be?? Royal or Sherlock homes ?  we have to wait and see next Monday third anniversary membership comes what will that be?? Any guesses?  Keep guessing all week until the weekend and Next Monday  
  • Updated the first anniversary member will arriving this Sunday night I am guessing close encounter anyway
    Don't forget do the anniversary quest today and there will anniversary fun 
  • Update Don't forget to do the VFK Pizza quest before it goes away and Don't forget the memorial mini quest too
    Also Don't forget about the scavenger hunt green cupcake light starting at space corridor 
    I want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and stay safe.  Also take the time remember our fallen heroes of wars 
    and remember our fallen war heroes for bravery and service too 
    Don't forget to say thank you any veteran of war today for their service to our country and Please pray for our military who are over seas right now for their safe return home to their families loving arm, 
    Please pray for Our Navy seals who are serving Our country right now remember them If you see any navy seal out on the streets where you live please say thank you for your service .

  • Update Don't forget to finish up your spring story garden contest rooms before June Seventh because that's the room lock date take advantage of this week to finish them also next Friday June tenth is judging date  

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    Update Don't forget to do the summer  fun quest  and  I want to say congratulations to everyone in Spring story competition garden contest !!!!!!!! I am so proud of all those who were in the garden contest. I was so shocked on Sunday night When I saw the Initial impression leaders list I saw my characters name on it Princess Girly this has never happened to me before 
    I have never been on initial  impression list before for the garden contests. I just was so shocked .
    Any Way Well deserved Everyone Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to go on Spring Story Garden Competition Room Display Tour soon and if any of you get chance when the spring story garden competition rooms on display for a while Come Visit My Princess Butterfly Garden story room. okay read my  Butterfly  Princess story ok 
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    Update is My Aunt Linda's Birthday We celebrate with her at her favorite food place and Just a  while  ago a ex friend who shall remain unspoken  accused me of something  I did not do  Any way she says that I said something un kind words to her 
    when I did not say anything mean or bad word  to her  I just keep to myself and say Yes please to VFK NPC's all the time 
    to get my  credits and she says I also caused trouble yesterday when I did not cause trouble by doing or saying anything mean or bad at all . I just kept quiet and minded my own business and I did Buzz's hamburger challenge last night and played a game fire works or wild checkers or waters of life game and I do word searches and  Space rodeo solitaire that's all 
    I do. I try to have fun here on VFK I told her Don't go around accusing people or friend or person of doing something on VFK unless you have facts and truth as evidence on your side Think about the how the accused person or friend people feel on VFK Your hurting their feelings too Don't go around starting rumors about a person or friend or people on VFK either it's not a nice thing do  its mean and hurtful you destroy someone's life because of it  Please Don't believe rumors about me princess girly that  I caused trouble yesterday  and said un kind words yesterday  Its not true at all
    I want the person who started this rumor come forward and tell the truth to me and my ex friend angel kite  started this Untrue statement  about  me Please Don't go around believing untrue rumors or untrue statements about someone or start them because they hurt people and they start believing them its wrong  and some people up set or mad angry  about I don't blame them for that they deal with his or her problems or issues in their private way Its not right to make up statements about someone when their unfounded and not true its called Gossip 
  • Update Tomorrow starts Father's Day Weekend also Tomorrow night is the Father's Day Ballroom Dance
    make sure you have a date or it you have a father daughter date to the dance too.  Don't forget the Scavenger hunt that starts at the Zoo's Reptile house Stay cool everyone  -()-()-

  • Update Today is Father's Day/ God Fathers / Grandfathers Day today we honor and say thank you to our Dad's and God fathers and Grandfathers today There was fathers day encore ball dance this afternoon be sure to stop by Victorian Mansion to pick your favor the Fathers day dance Please pray for any Dad's who are serving in our Army and Navy  and Coast Guard pray that they return safely to their wives arms and child's arms for hugs and kisses  too.
    Stay Cool- ()-()- Everyone summer starts this Tuesday ,
    Happy Summer to everyone
  • WOOT happy father's day!!! (little late, but still)


    oh his hair... if I could only touch his hair
    Alan Rickman - 1946 - 2016  :(
  • Update Don't forget to do the Watermelon quest before it goes away also Don't forget about Scavenger hunt for Cherry Cupcake light starting at Reptile house Tonight There will be a Bondi Beach Party 7:00 PM in Australia 
    Too People are having Events tonight too if interested first one is My friend its Bella's Auction and the second event is Rolling hills presents spring ride event if interested this evening.  Stay cool everyone --() -()--  
    Enjoy the Bondi Beach party as rad would say Surfs up dude and Duette "
    The Spring story garden competition room concludes this Monday morning Thats it for now 
    Happy Summer Everyone!!! I have a summer joke for you all What did the ocean say to shore?
    Nothing it just waved 
  • Update Don't forget to Strawberry Quest and also Don't forget to if you go colonial harbor and you lift the hatch on the ship you have a chance to get blueberry donut pin Don't forget the angora bunnies are coming this evening at 5:30 PM 
     so wear you favorite sitting outfit and have  fun brushing bunnies 
  • Update Don't forget to do the National ice cream day quest before it goes away  
    Rad & Nixie Summer Challenges arrive tonight   seasonal sand dollar stuff arrive too 
    Exciting news everyone My friend Elysabeth   is having her own VFK awards show too
    I honestly voted already I put a lot of my friends  name's  in for her own VFK awards show  I am not sure when her VFK Awards show will be but stay tuned. until I find out . Maybe one day I will have own VFK Awards too. 
  • Update my friend Elysabeth is having her VFK awards show this Saturday night.
    I am having My summer fashion show this Saturday tonight Rad & Nixies second summer challenge arrives Sand micro quests arrive tonight too 
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    Update last night I went to my friends VFK Awards show  let say this it  was so fun and awesome too
    I was so proud of my BFF Sliver heart because she got the Post live attitude  award  because she always there for me when ever I need a help with crossword puzzle task or need a friend to talk about a loss in my family  she's amazing person 
    I was also surprised too last at VFK awards I won Best dressed and the Big sister award because in way I am kind of like big sister to some VFK players  I try to help them out when they ask me  The best dressed  I won because I do fashion shows and love creating new looks with my  clothes Don't forget do the Palm Tree Garden before it goes away too seventh Rad & Nixie Challenge came in last night be sure to do that too because the Rad & Nixie Challenge 8 comes in tonight  tomorrow night  Rad & Nixie Final Summer  Challenge 9 comes in Girls get Nixies Ultimate Summer Ensemble for Completing challenges the  Boys get Rad Ultimate Summer Ensemble for Completing challenges Good Luck to all on last challenge tomorrow night YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Updated Tonight is Bondi Beach party 8:30 PM Rad would say Surfs up Dudes & Duette's 
    Host Event Tonight Tiki tastic  teleporter challenger at 7:00 PM & Also Don't miss OOP's VFK Amusement park Heritage day  
    tonight at 8:00 PM I think that Oops used to be a amusement park  owner I am not sure I am only assuming this okay
  • Updated Don't forget to do the Toasted Marshmallow Quest before it goes away also Congratulations to Everyone in sandcastle contest I have honestly say  I was really shocked to see that I got too Creation of an atmosphere and Use of theme I have never gone on those leader boards before it was really a surprise for me.
    I am so proud of all of you did amazing and wonderful jobs too. Wow I saw some awesome rooms  too.
    I made over all leader board too with all of you Congratulations Well Deserved Everyone !!!
    Let's all do Celebration Dance!!!!! and Don't forget about waffle quest too .
    tonight Captain Harry sea legs Challenges begins this evening at 5:00 Pm Storm Warning so grab your saw and your pix axe
    for tree branches = saw = wood     Pix axe= Rocks =mine = stone so collect as much stone as you need too

  • Updated  Today Don't forget about Rad's Yacht party later this afternoon at three pm after.
    There is a Deep Sea event this evening at four thirty pm also Don't forget about thinking about sharing your Halloween ideas on Developers blog too. This Rad's Yacht party week so enjoy everyone.  Its official Football season has official started on Thursday night wow the Cheerleading race has kick off already. 
    Thats it for now VFK Players 
  • Update Don't forget do your sand micro quests from yesterday and more sand micro quests coming today
    Don't forget to Nixies Guestroom Challenge I did it I was so proud of myself because I did not give up.
    Don't forget to do The Honey Quest too before it goes away NIxies new sand dollar item finds coming in tonight at inland ocean shop so gather up all your sand dollars. That's it for now.
  • Update today Don't forget do VFK Constitution day mini quest today and more sand micro quest came in this morning too.
    Nixie Sea Craft find later this evening at five thirty pm and also Nixie new Beach Items finds arrive in Sand dollar section of inland ocean shop so gather your sand dollars Tonight is the End of summer Sock Hop Dance Do you have date? 
    Also Nixie end of the summer sock hop ballroom attire is coming into imports tonight.
    Also Reminder this is the last weekend that Sand dollars will double in games too. Get earning those double sand dollars  this weekend,   Thats it for now VFK Besties .
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