• Update I just did Kirlian Gnome landing ride event let me tell you it was so much fun and I have to tell you that I felt a little girl again in Wild West City  at their Wild west show  While I was on the ride  said " Brings back memories from when I was a little girl in Wild west city  Kirlian  knew it !   also Remember don't forget to VFK Palm Tree Quest before its gone.  
    Also Sand Micro quest arrive tonight too Reminder If you host event between now and August you might get a congratulations letter saying that your event qualifies for Event prizes so hold to Congratulations letters 
    I recently hosted a  beach party event last Sunday night  It was so much fun my BFFs and my friends came to my beach party we all had a lot of fun too. I finished Minerva's Ocean tasks last night  too I have almost given up on challenge X when a friend came along asked you do need bubble magic FX I said yes then I thanked her for the use bubble FX  and  I traded it back to her  Reminder Don't forget tomorrow night Minerva's bubble at 7 PM  and also Bondi Beach party this Friday night and Host quick sand event on Friday night 
  • Tonight I went to Pens North Pole Event I got a tell you his event is so amazing and wonderful too
    This event makes you feel like a little girl or little boy again I have to this feeling is amazing  Pen did amazing job on it too 
    I went to the Bondi beach tonight  it was a  lot of fun too I got to hangout with friends and new friends too

    Anyway don't forget the scavenger hunt too also sand castle entries start this august soon start dreaming up your creative and Image The summer or sand castle room of your dreams .  He is playing Santa Clause for all the little Boys and little girls too. 
  • Woot thank you for another installment!


    oh his hair... if I could only touch his hair
    Alan Rickman - 1946 - 2016  :(
  • Thank you @PrincessGirly I love your updates!!

  • Update ok Don't forget do your National Relaxation Day Quest before it goes away  more sand micro quest coming soon
    and Don't forget to do the current scavenger hunt at imports clock tower .
    Don't forget to finish up your sand castle contest before September Third?  Stay tuned hopefully we will find out soon when sand castle contest room locking day will be. Don't forget merlin's  challenges too  This weekend coming up will Midsummer Masquerade  Ball room Dance   Don't forget to ask the girl or guy of your choice to go with you as your date to dance 
    be sure to wear your masks at the dance this upcoming weekend  because everyone will incognito at the Masquerade ball this weekend . 
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    Update I'm so excited for Football season kicking off on September Won too / Cheerleading outfit race kick off day too
    Tonight is the Masquerade Ball Anyway I have update on lock date for sand castle contest rooms ok The date is September first be sure to have your sand castle rooms finished by then  Don't forget to do the National Waffle Quest and don't forget to pick up your favor from the Masquerade ball today, Tomorrow Night is Merlin's last light for season be sure go this event for the last time tomorrow night 6pm  Also  new Sand micro quests arrive tomorrow night too  Stay tuned for more updates 
    Miss Clare I a Mansion has arrived in Gold stamps store Catalog be sure get yours VIPs  

  • Update Don't forget about tonight's host Medieval Teleporter Challenge Event More Sand castle items arrive at In land ocean shop later tonight too . Also don't forget about the Scavenger hunt too starting Central square in Medieval Ages .
    Also tomorrow evening there will be Rad and Nixie Sand Dollar spree too 
    Host event Medieval Teleporter    This Friday  and Bondi Beach party too On Friday night  6:oo PM as they say in  Australia Cow Bonga  Dude! and Dudette !!!!!!!
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    I have give some shout outs to who did the pirate rooms amazing job ,  who did the under sea rooms  you all did a awesome Job and  who did the fairy tale rooms awesome job and who ever did the vacation destination rooms wonderful job .
    amazing job to who did the fairy castle room .  Today is labor day so take the time to thank our health care workers and other workers too .Don't forget to do the Extended summer mini quest too.
    Also  make sure to finish up your judging of sand castle rooms by 8:30 PM tonight.
    This evenings event is SJ's  malt shop drinking malts contest  Don't forget to do Crayon Quest too before it goes away too.
    Also there is spider webs around all over VFK be sure to stock up on your spider webs  because you will be needing to make a web pattern 
  • Update football season kick is tonight I'm so excited for kick off of the what I call the cheerleading outfit race 

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    Update Congratulations to everyone sand castle contest  I have to say amazing vacation destination rooms too  everyone Candy cars amazing vacation destination room makes me think of sandals resorts in Caribbean oceans I wanna go to your destination vacation Sandals resorts or Atlantis resort too   I got say I love the pirate rooms room too they were amazing  you all got even more creative this year I have to say you all Wowed me this year I honestly say Wowed  because all you  have such wonderful imaginations too. Creativity really is amazing and awesome too,
    I'm so proud of everyone all deserve all applause for amazing awesome rooms you did too. 
    I also have some sad  news our beloved friend Poohdent  has passed on please keep the her family in your prayers and thought's  this weekend We will miss her so much I will always remember her wonderful smile   and how always brighten up any age or room on VFK too. How kind she was too  
  • Update ok This passed weekend I went to my aunt's house to help load up her stuff right for the storage place right When we got there right and we started to unload her stuff I twisted my left wrist ouch that hurts me a lot  so now I have arm brace on it it still hurts so bad Don't forget to do honey quest and host event  and current scavenger hunt too 

  • Update Its Halloween time on VFK already Victorian age Halloween Decorated already be to the Johnny Apple seed quest too Also Middles ages  too I went to the doctors and I sprained my wrist really hurts bad  take a stroll though middle ages to get a good scary too There is a haunted melody hunt be sure to have fun  .
    I agree that our late friend Poordent  should be honored with statute but please ask her family first if its ok
    keep her family in your prayers.  

  • The Thirteen ghosts are haunted Victorian Mansion though whole mansion outside maze too
    for Active object with skeleton Reminder tomorrow evening is the Haunted Guessing Contest tomorrow evening and also Antique shop opening too tonight 
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    just wanted to say thank you for these posts princess, you are a life saver  ^:)^ since i've not been on recently, i really needed something to catch me up, and this helped so much!

    also, so sorry to hear about poohdent :( i'll be sending my prayers to those who are grieving
  • Update Don't forget to do the Halloween  mini quest and the time mini quest too  Don't forget to finish up your trick or treating   and finish up the 13 Ghosts find Before Halloween Celebration concludes  .
    Also don't forget to due National Teddy Bear day Quest too before it goes away too Angora bunny event ending soon .
    This Thursday is Veterans Day I ask you all take the time to thank the Veterans for  their service to our country and The Veterans in your lives too Remember The Veterans that gave their lives for our country too.
  • Update I had my birthday on Friday It was so much fun even though it was rainy and windy out 
    This was my birthday weekend too I got to see one amazing Halloween room All Hallows Eve Castle 
    By Candy Cars I have to say Amazing Job and I just wowed by how it was all middles Halloween style.
    Well done my friend.  also Shouts too Everyone Halloween Room Contest I am so sure all of you did a Awesome Job on your rooms I can't wait to see them . Don't forget to the History of Nuts quest too before it goes away too.
    Anyway have a wonderful Sunday Everyone .  This Tuesday after midnight Halloween Celebration Concludes be sure to finish up any Trick or Treating and Zombie invasion  too and the 13 Ghosts  will vanish too Tuesday after midnight too.

  • Update   Its finally Thanksgiving on VFK ok Don't forget to do the history of the Pilgrims Quest before it goes away too
    I know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Eve and everyone is going to a loved one's home for Thanksgiving dinner
    and roads are busy all I want everyone to take the time reflect on thing that your grateful for in lives and thankful for Jesus because he puts giving in Thanksgiving too. Get your cup of Hot chocolate ready because it's almost Christmas time
    Share your Christmas Ideas for this year's VFK Christmas. on Developer Blog ok Angora bunnies are coming this afternoon 4:30 PM Be sure to have your best weekend wear or weekend pajamas on or one of your Halloween costumes .
  • Update to be sure to do elf counter and VFK Christmas Story Quest before it goes away
    This Friday evening there will be a Christmas dance and on Saturday afternoon too Christmas dance on Christmas Day
    This Holiday Season take the time Remember the baby Jesus and How he put Family back in Christmas too also please remember our men and  women  who are serving over seas  during this holiday season .   please keep them your prayers  and their families   too . Merry Christmas Everyone !!! 
    Remember what is the most important thing is  family
  • And happy new year Princess! TY for your vfk newspaper! Hugs  :)
  • Thank you Happy New Year Everyone Its Polar Bear Month on VFK already Wow Exciting new adventures a wait us too be sure to do the ice fishing quest before it goes away This week the cotton bushes are coming to VFK so have your cotton gathering bag ready and don't forget to have your sheers ready to shear some sheep any way. Don't forget to do the Artic Zone Challenges too. Don't forget the scavenger hunt for pink snowflake lights starting at Tropical Jungle in Western Age. Happy National Hug Week Everyone be sure to stop by inland ocean shop say happy hug day! to nixie get your hug day tee shirt 

  • Thanks for the update here @PrincessGirly!  They're a nice read :)
    My Life Is Average!
  • this is great girly I haven't had a chance to play much lately, it helped me get caught up.
    Why waste time trying to fix things that are broken when we need to spend more time fixing things that aren't broken.
  • Update Don't forget to do the North pole quest before it goes away and don't forget about the scavenger hunt orange snowflake lights and also more Ice micro quests are coming tonight too Don't forget about the Polar bear hide and seek too Don't forget about the new miss clue mystery Christmas Donner Pass Right on Miss clue page 
    Don't forget to share your ideas for this year on Developers Epic blog too.
    Today was an exciting cheerleading outfit reveal day for me and everyone watching the football games today .
  • Update ok Don't forget to do your mini ground hog day quest and your Chinese New Year mini quest too.
    Another Arctic Zone Challenge arrives later tonight also more Ice coin collection items arrive tonight
    Reminder Make sure you finish your Christmas activities because Christmas Celebration comes to end on Friday.

  • Update ok Don't forget to do the History of saint valentine's day quest and also Cheer leading outfits and football uniforms are out at Autum imports store on VFK more Valentine's Day micro quest coming in VFK later tonight 
     Don't forget later this afternoon Fireflies football frenzy try make a touch down or get tackled 
  • Update Its Lamby Awards week already wow Don't forget to do your Valentine's Day micro quests and don't forget say Happy Heart's Day or Happy Valentine's Day around VFK too. Tonight it's Mintie's Magical movie maze.
    Its ok pretend to be your favorite movie star or your favorite broad way star or your favorite pop star or rock star or favorite rock band or boyband too or favorite pop star girl group too.
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    Thank you @PrincessGirly, these are super fun to read. :)

    Ask before taking.
  • Update Don't forget to do the bridge quest and Crossword puzzle quest.
    Mini Pancake Day quest too. Don't forget to do the new Scavenger hunt starting command deck
    Also Don't Forget about Arctic Zone Challenges and Mr. NEDs Crossword challenges.
    I went to Uncle b's event tonight let me say this it was out of this world ride!!!
    there was a surprise blitz host hunt this evening it was so much fun too.
    Don't forget to finish your Valentines micro heart quests and finish say Happy Valentines all areas in VFK because Valentines Day Celebration concludes tomorrow
  • Update I did the Arctic challenges when it got the sled ride with the turn I through about giving up on the challenges
    I keep saying maybe next winter my friend said what do mean next winter?   for arctic challenges 
    I told her I was stuck on the sled ride challenge and she asked me Do you need help with the challenge?
    I said yes please so I accomplish that challenge and all the challenges after that .
    I felt good about accomplishing the challenges because I learned that its ok to ask your friends for help with challenges .
    So buffy Vip challenges were next.  I started buffy VIP Challenges and I accomplished them I was so glad that stuck with her challenges. I also did Mr. Ned Crossword puzzles Challenges and I decided to ask friends for help with them 
    They helped me them I thanked my friends for all their  help with the challenges .

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