Going through old forum posts, feeling nostalgic 


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  • Sorry I missed you earlier for meeting up to borrow the waterfall enchantment.  I went to the fabric store with my daughter.  I can be on most any time. If you just let me know when you might be on I will make it a point to be on then as well.  Thanks again. 
    July 2020
  • NotherPearl
    I am sorry for taking so long, but yes I am interested in the shirt to complete the outfit..
    please...plus I need to borrow a boy's for my boy to finish task..I can buy it also but that's cause I like the shirt 

    June 2020
  • SparkleDream
    i just love your profile picture misty :)
    January 2019
    • yellowsummerdaisy
      your right its pretty
    • MistyMew
      Thank you very much! I really loved the pictures of Anne and noah!!
  • Going through old forum posts, feeling nostalgic 
    November 2017
  • Oh I want a Strawberry muffin, I don't know why I just NEED one! 
    October 2017
    • MiniLuna
      I would totally take a strawberry muffin too
  • EleanorRose
    I have a Black Pot of Gold. Is that what you are looking for?!
    April 2017
  • I just submitted a Avatar picture for Christmas!  I saw Fowzy drew on his current avatar picture so I just did the same with mine!  I hope it came out okay!
    December 2016
  • Spring_is_here
    October 2016
  • HBforever
    Misty, what do you want for the angel?
    September 2016
  • HBforever
    Hello Misty, when you are ready to officially order your clothing article come to the room on the popular list titled "Sea.me.stress's Work shop -open!-". Thank you.
    June 2016
  • CandyCars
    Hey Misty! I will log him on when I get home.. So like 2 hours probably.
    May 2016
  • No snow in VFK and the Miss Clue top banner is new woo!! life is good!
    March 2016
  • OMG There is soo many ways to dress up these new clothes, I am so glad your exited MistyMew<3
    February 2016
  • New Clothes woo!!!
    February 2016
  • CandyCars
    Happy birthday!!! :D
    February 2016
    • MistyMew
      Aww thank you Candycars, that is so sweet of you!
  • Awesome_Piper
    Isn't today your birthday?! :O
    February 2016
    • MistyMew
      OMG thank you Awsome_Piper, your's is tomorrow right? we should throw a party for both of us since we are so close! I had a party with my family it was so fun!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIPER!
    • PinkyB
      Happy Birthday Misty! Happy early Birthday Piper!
  • The party is going to be so FUN! thx so much misty!
    January 2016
    • dazzlerdream
      Yes, It was a really fun party! how are you enjoying your new membership?
    • SportyChic
      Amazingly I have not wasted all my gold stamps Dazz!
  • 10 minutes and counting!
    July 2015
  • Okay lunch time!
    Mine was:
    Sandwich, pickles and chips!
    What are yours?
    July 2015
    • NeonHearts
      How weird mine was a sandwich too!!
    • SkyLamb
      I don't know i haven't had it yet
    • HoneyLemon
      I had a burger at Five Guys c:
    • goldenpuppy
      I had a hotdog with mustard and ketchup and fries!
    • Fowzy
      Beans and hotdogs!
  • Omg guys I just thought of something, lets all say what we have for lunch!
    I'll say mine tomorrow!
    July 2015
  • PinkyB
    Working on part two!
    July 2015
  • Hey Cool_cool_cool! Did you enjoy the movie?
    July 2015
  • Hey everyone!!
    July 2015