• Update Don't forget about the Scavenger hunt that starts at Zoo Express in Australia and There is a host event tonight 
    Jungletastic Teleporter event tonight at  6:00 PM and 15th anniversary game shoes arrive as the last gamer anniversary piece to complete gamer outfit and for those with Whimzy membership your Second bonus bundle arrives tonight too 
    Garden Ride Competition Judging is tonight too Good luck Everyone who is in it and Judging too. 
    That's it for now VFK Besties!!!  
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    Update Don't forget about the Scavenger hunt that starts Tropical Jungle in Western Age
    Also Lindy the owner Roller Rink will get her own challenges  tonight  I am so excited for her and happy 
    because she's has been the only NPC with out her own  set of Challenges . Lindy's will arrive either tonight 
    Also Don't forget to Beach Quest before it goes way  too . Also Octomarine Bonus bundle 2 arrives tonight too
    That's it for now VFK Besties!!! 
    Please do me a Favor Please Stop Blaming Cactus for anything that goes wrong okay . Beware of VFK's Cyber Grumpy Bullying  
  • Update Don't forget to the Flag day mini quest and    Lindy's second Challenge arrived to night too.  
    Thats it for now VFK Besties!!!
    Please do me a favor Stop Blaming Cactus for anything that goes wrong on VFK okay . Beware of VFK's Cyber Grumpy Bullying too. If this person bullies you and mean to you remember what Clicky says Its okay to tell a trusted adult  .
    We all need to Speak up and Say something Stop Cybering Bullying 
  • Update Don't forget about the Flag day mini quest  and Beach quest be sure do them both before they go away 
    Also Their will be host event tonight called Donut Dash hosted by Host Hawk at 7:00 PM tonight its going to be a silly and crazy fun time . Also Lindy's Third Challenge will arrive tonight too  and I think Burrito is leaving tiki tree house tonight? I am not sure about that please check on Event Calendar & Reminder to all with Jungala Membership Tonight our  Second Bonus Bundle comes in at 9:30 PM .   That's it for now VFK Besties .
    Beware of VFK's cyber grumpy Bullie too. If this person bullies you and is mean to you Remember What Clicky Says its okay tell a trusted adult  We need to speak up and say something stop cyber bullying Also Beware parents on VFK  this person likes to do unspeakable role plays  instant messages on VFK with your little girls on VFK  I was a victim of this cyber bullying too he kept doing these unspeakable role plays that he would say " if you tell anyone about this I will do something so unspeakable to you " his so called girlfriend Astro Lucky just sat there and did nothing  
    he did unspeakable role plays instant messages on VFK with me too  let's just say they so unspeakable parents they would make your scream in Terror for your child. I Urge you parents to get this predator on unspeakable list for unspeakable  offenders and please warn your children too 
  • Update Don't forget to do the Scavenger hunt that starts at Safari gift at Safari Zone in Australia Zoo  there will be SJ Slurp Event at 3:30 PM today also Lindy's fourth Challenge arrives tonight at 7:00 PM   Spring ride garden Contest Snapshots will be on posted on VFK's Homepage later tonight at 8:30 PM .  That's it for now VFK Besties 
    Beware of VFKs Cyber Grumpy Bullie too . If this person bullies you and is mean to you Remember What Clicky says its okay to tell a trusted adult  We need to speak up and say something about cyber bullying to Stop it Also Beware parents on VFK this person likes do unspeakable role plays instant message on VFK with your little girls  on VFK I was a victim of this he did unspeakable role plays instant message on VFK with me too pretending to his daughter and he the dad doing unspeakable things to his daughter  This would make scream in Terror for you child playing a unspeakable role play house with him  I urge you parents to get this predator on the unspeakable list for unspeakable offenders please warn your children too Please talk about  it with them
  • Update don't forget do the Father's day mini quest and Father's day white watering rafting quest
    Lindy's sixth challenge arrives tonight at 7:00 PM and also Contest Bouquet opens at 8:30 PM 
    I recognize  Fathers Day also as God Fathers and Grand Fathers Day too  Please Reflect on those Fathers and God Fathers and grandfathers in your lives thank them for everything they done.   
    Yesterday Lindy's Fifth Challenge arrived last Nite .  
    I want to say Happy Fathers Day! to all the Dads out there today. 
    I have own my announcement to make I am typing a book about what my ex - friend did to me  I am titling it Princess Girly Victim of Cyber Bullying and Cyber inappropriate role plays I figured its time that a book be written about it by one of his victims because his victims need to start to speaking out their ordeal and unspeakable role plays he did with them .
    Thats it for now VFK Besties!!!!
  • Update don't forget  Check Jangala membership people for third bonus bundles  that  we all should have gotten last Nite 
    We had our Summer Solstice Beach party last Nite in Bondi Beach Australia It was a lot of fun  too I brought a lot of Vanilla Ice cream sandwiches for everyone and plenty extra for Mintie too I gave her own Vanilla ice cream sandwiches in her own ice cream cooler All of Lindy's  Challenges are in if anyone wants to do them  or hasn't finished them  
    Tonight there will be new Scavenger hunt and  Gardeners will be getting their gardeners badges and new seeds  I think there might a dinner break event tonight I am not sure Please Check Event Calendar okay.
    That's it for now VFK Besties !!  Happy Summer Everyone !!!!! Be safe 
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    Update Don't forget about the brand new Scavenger hunt too,
    Also Final Vacation Challenge arrives tonight too. I am not sure if Octo marine people  got their final bonus bundle 4 last night  or getting Please Check Event Calendar too. Anyway Happy Summer Everyone !!! Stay Safe Smoke from Candian Wildfires  is reaching us  be safe and be careful . That's it for VFK Besties!!
  • Update Don't forget to do the Summer Fun Quest before it goes away & also Don't forget to do the current scavenger hunt for Orange ottoman starting at Zug tug shop also new Space mission prizes came in tonight . OOPs VFK Fourth of  July amusement park is opened all to VFK players and kids and their families let me this is its really awesome and amazing  too 
    I had a amazing time there too and felt like a little girl again. .  I have news I hurt ;both my fingers on both my hands left hand index is hurt and now my right hand pinkie  finger is hurt just today . That's it for now VFK Besties !!!!! I may not typing for while please patient with me
  • Updated Quake Challenges arrived on Sunday night wow there will be eight challenges wow 
    Scavenger hunt for tomato fruit chair starts in second Aqua main  room in Aquatic center 
    anyway  There is a Host event tonight Host hawk safari event at 9:00 PM another Quake Challenges arrives tonight .
    Another Amniotic animal comes to life in Quake tonight . That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!!! 
    Next Friday August 4, 2023 Sand Castle contest room entry begins  I will be entering this year again  start planning and dream up your sand castle contest rooms now
  • Updated Last night surprise Bondi Beach party awesome  Midsummer dream dances are over already wow .
    more Summer micro quest have arrive tonight too .   Merlin's mix up midsummer event was tonight too  a lot of fun .
    I went too couple of my friends events let me this one of them was out of this world !!!!!!!   Oops and Pearl's pool party  was splashing good time  !!!!! we all have great time sharing memories of us with our families in our pools playing pool games with each other ,  Last night I went to Princess Be's cute or boot event let me this is it was so fun and I had a great playing . 
    There's a Scavenger hunt starting at Green dragon tavern  in colonial age that's it for now . VFK Besties !!!!!!!!
  • Updated I changed my name Mermaid Princess Girly  I am going to keep my VFK News paper under Princess Girly's 
    There anyway there is Scavenger hunt Butterfly House for Avocado furniture and there's a event this evening Merlin Teleporter ride mix up .  and make sure you have sand castles rooms finished tonight they will be locked at 8:30 PM and Merlin's Twilight challenges too arrives tonight That's it for VFK Besties. 
  • Updated I changed my name back to Princess Girly for  good this time  Anyway Sandcastle contest  judging has concluded and sandcastle room display has ended already too wow .  I have some ten favorite sandcastle contests room
    1. Zane's Thee deed  Queen's Palace Planet room from Star Wars  I have to say Out of this world !!!!!!!! Pretty Accurate  .
    2. Captain Blue Maxx's  Pirate Ship room I have to say Ahoy Captain! 
    3. under the sea Atlantis room wow Amazing job I must say .to who ever did that room

  • Updated Last night I went to End of Summer Bondi beach party it was a lot of fun too .  and I did finished  wizard hidden passages chapters finale part 2 finally yay!!! I am a wizard of the light now yay!!!!!!! I rescued the princess  and broke spell because I choose the red wardrobe  closet path of light .  I am so proud of my self and I know that merlin my wizard teacher is smiling at me and he's so proud of me too. I can't thank Merlin enough for everything he has taught me about wizarding  I am still learning and still his wizarding    student initiate level 6  student now  enough about that .  Anyway Tonight Halloween shop opens up at 7:00 PM and  Bones on the Prairie Event later tonight at 9:00 PM  End of the summer mini quest starts now  and Don't forget about scavenger hunt for Frontier blue lamp that starts King Arthurs around table . Thats it for VFK Besties!!!!!!!
  • Update Its October already wow Its almost Halloween time  exciting because we get to play dress up all month along  Haunted melodies arrived already too. tonight slime teleporter event too. Good luck everyone Halloween room contest has concluded too My Friend Ranger Mickey is chatting with me at corner of Balta street in Victorian  age . Candy corn micro quests are in too . Don't forget to do scavenger hunt that starts at Central square in Medieval age  The  Scary piano scrolls are returning tonight to and Halloween Active Objects return to Halloween shop too . That's it for now VFK Besties !!!
    Stay The Tuned  the Halloween spinner will be returning too this year I wonder what prizes will be on spinner this year who knows  Ranger Mickey is one my BFFS Best friend forever .  

  • Update okay Gotty Sapphire Tarulata  costumes and their blitz graveyard pin too at Halloween shop tonight . Nixie and Rad and giving the pumpkin family sister away all you have to do is say Please and Thank you for it . Tonight Candy corn micro quest came so do them before they go way . too Tomorrow night Halloween members come in can you guess what they are from home screen Pictures ?  House of some kind,  Breaker with bubbling chemical in it? and  Skull head ?  I have some sort of guess to breaker with bubbling  chemical , Mad Scientist , or Monster mash scientist  only time will tell I guess okay keep guessing and see if you right . That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!!   
  • Update Halloween spinner has arrived to with a lot of prizes too including hanger prizes I wonder what clothes they are?  oh well we have to spin to find out  Don't forget to Cat combs quest to get your choice of wall Sronce light color green or purple .
    Tonight we find out what will the new Halloween Memberships will be I wonder what they be ?  Your guess is a good  as mine  keep guessing until eight thirty tonight and see if your  right  .  Host event Creepy crawl ride  
    you win creepy bone shorts or creepy window  what you will win only time will tell .That's it for now VFK Besties !!!! Stay tuned ,more Halloween fun ahead this week  
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    Update Did anyone of you guess right last night about first Halloween membership? I know I did . Its mad scientist I have a made up Halloween Joke : What is Mad Scientist favorite Halloween dance ? 
    Answer: The Monster Mash    There is a scavenger hunt for a new blue pumpkin spider that starts The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow lobby . Don't forget  do mini quests Columbus day and Candian Thanksgiving day . too.
    Don't forget in Haunting of Sleepy Hollow game you can earn purple grave pin . Second Halloween membership comes in tonight.  I went to my friends  Rook lighting glowing  Halloween ride room it was so awesome he did a amazing job too bravo on haunted Mansion  amazing job!!!!  That's for now VFK Besties!!!!!!  
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    Update the Second membership  is out 13 Ghosts  I have a Halloween Joke for you guys  What is the Thirteen Ghosts favorite breakfast cereal ? Answer: Thirteen Boo -Berry  made up by me .
     Don't forget about scavenger hunt starts at sleepy hollow lobby .  Purple Ducks event is tonight and Halloween props return to Halloween shop tonight and Pumpkin Patch opens up tomorrow night in Victorian ages Summer Park . That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!!
  • Update Happy Friday the 13th Everyone !!!  I have a Halloween Joke for today : What is the Thirteen Ghosts favorite breakfast cereal?  Answer: Boo- Berry Thirteen cereal  .   I have another Halloween Joke too What did Dracula say when he came out for his  crypt ?  Answer: He said " Lets do Transylvania Twist "..    The Ghosts will appear in Victorian Mansion   6:00 Pm - 6:30 Pm  7:30 PM Headless Horseman  challenge too arrives in Sleepy hollow lobby .  Antique shop opens tonight at 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM  Scavenger hunt for blue spider starts autumn imports store just click Orb That's it for VFK Besties!!!  Tomorrow more Halloween costumes arrive too. 
  • edited October 2023
    Update Don't forget to Time quest before it goes away  and also  Encore Halloween ball later this afternoon at 3:00 PM
    and Headless horseman challenge eighteen arrives tonight  7:30 PM and Antique shop opens at 8:30 PM tonight 
    Last night for Halloween movie Madness  10:00 -10:30 PM  Halloween Costumes arrive at  11:00 Pm Thats it for now VFK Besties!!  I am also currently typing up books that I want to get published  my Pretty pink princess Childrens book 
    and my tell all book called Princess Girly's Cyber bullying and inappropriate cyber role victims story  please Don't even tell anyone or say thing to you know who which I will call unknown person and unknown persons too.  
  • Update Don't forget to do Time Quest before it goes away, Headless horseman challenge ninth teen  arrived tonight  Halloween costumes arrive at 9:30PM That's it for now VFK Besties !!!  Tomorrow Twenty headless horseman challenges arrives on Halloween night 
  • Update Don't forget to Teddy bear Quest  before it goes away. There's a Turkey in the straw event too That's it for now VFK Besties . 
  • "Updated wow its Christmas already on VFK okay Tonight there's Antique shop event too. Thats it for now VFK Besties !!!
  • Updated Don't forget to do the fishing quest and Happy New years Eve!! everyone  New Years Eve ball tonight until tomorrow morning. anyway Have any of you made New years resolutions and actually done them ? 
    I just can't believe its new years ever already wow came so fast .  
    How many of us have stuck by our new years resolutions?  and committed to them?
    be honest about it  Remember New years about being with your family and relaxing together realizing that you have a lot to be grateful for in the new year too.  
  • Updated I am currently sick with cold right now going around in my house  don't forget do Benjamin Franklin Quest get your Benjamin Franklin painting  also there is new scavenger hunt for the green solar seal  at zoo gift shop  also yesterday was National Hat Day , if you didn't get a chance to say happy hat day be sure do so before this week is over .
    also there is going to more ice coin micro quest arriving tonight and final daily gifts for Christmas memberships too  later tonight . wow there gone already  . I have to say my favorite Christmas membership this year was Holly Jolly Ski Lodge . 
    Congratulations to all in Gingerbread ride contest too. I have couple of favorite rooms  Angel kat's Snowy mountain   lodge Christmas and the Christmas Village I went into that room to judge it I thinking to myself honestly  I'm not even here in this Christmas village  enjoy all wonderful Christmas decorations and shops. I also though the same thing when I into Angel kat's snowy mountain ski lodge Christmas I was thinking not even here right I am in the ski lodge with my family enjoy hot chocolate  
  • Update VFK Had its first Space room contest, Wow Out of this World!!  This past Sunday was Mothers Day I hope you all took the time to appreciate your moms and grandmothers, godmothers , great grandmothers too,  I have to say I was quiet shocked that I placed third for the first time in a space room contest wow!  I do have some favorite rooms though Aunties room Wow I felt like was in Science fiction movie it was so Out of this world!!!  I thinking to myself to I am not even here right  now I am in the movie theater watching this science fiction space movie . Great job Auntie!!!!  Uncle B You too Amazing Job I  honestly felt like I was in space movie too, I was thinking I am not even here right now in this space movie there is a mission going on help save the alien planet . Don't forget to do Mothers day mini quest and mothers day quest before they go away .too  
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