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    Update Alien Challenges have arrived already I have done a lot of them already There some more alien challenges ahead  last night was the last Alien host event What's in a Gift? Anyway   world !!!! Don't forget about the scavenger hunt Yellow space light that starts at Polar Cafe in Arctic Zone in Australia Virtual Zoo  Also New Alien Challenge arrives tonight too.
    Well That's it for now VFK Besties!!  sorry
  • Update Today there was another  Zam Adventure event at 5:00 PM and there is another Alien Challenge tonight 
    wow There only too alien challenges left.  Don't forget to do Space Station quest before it goes way .
    Also there will be another  Zam adventure tomorrow night , that's it for VFK Besties !!!! 
    Another Alien challenge arrives tomorrow night .

  • Update This afternoon at 3:30 PM Their will be another Zam Adventure and also Another Alien Challenge arrives tonight 
    and Ultimate Easter egg Exchange arrives at imports tonight.
    Wow tomorrow night is final alien challenge already and Zam Adventure event tomorrow night.
    anyway  Scavenger hunt Starts at Star mission bay docking in space age.
    That's it for now VFK Besties!!

  • Update Don't forget to do the Space Station quest before it goes away also  Final Alien Challenge arrives tonight at 7:30 PM tonight  and later on tonight at 10:00 PM Zam's Adventure event  and Easter cards arrive at 8:30 PM Tonight   That's It for now VFK Besties!!!!!!.   Its going to be spring break for the kids so if anyone has any suggestions for fairytale plays to put on at my children's theater please let me know during the spring  break .
  • Update tonight is the Easter Ballroom Dance Do you have a Date? or going with group of friends ? 
    Anyway Don't forget that Easter ball attire arrives at imports 7:00 PM tonight.
    Wow I can't believe this weekend its Easter Already . its amazing .
    I hope that everyone has A Happy Healthy and Safe Easter.
    Remember take time this Easter to reflect on Why we are celebrating easter with our families and friends?
    Because Christ Rose from Dead on Easter Day We Say He's Risen and He's in deed  
    Anyway I have a Easter Joke for you all  What is the Easter Bunnies families favorite  restaurant to go on Easter Day?
    Answer : IHOP Get it , 
    That's it for VFK Besties !!!!!!!!
  • Update Happy Easter To Everyone !!! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter too.
    Don't forget to do the scavenger hunt starting at Aviary at the Zoo in Australia and also finish your Easter Mini Quest and your Easter Quest too before they go away too.  One more thing Don't forget to finish the Easter Egg hunt too. and Easter melodies are here too . Wow. This Easter came so Fast. Anyway I am so excited for Virtual family kingdoms Anniversary month coming up soon I wonder what fun Anniversary surprises are in store for us oh well we never know have wait until May to find out and I am wondering what the new Anniversary memberships will be? I don't know what they be .
    Maybe Titanic anniversary membership? who knows ?  Maybe also Celtic Irish membership ?  and Celtic Scottish? anniversary memberships I don't know VFK Besties We will see  this May That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!
    and Stay outside this week  because going to be a very warm week . 
  • Update Don't forget to Space garden quest before it goes away more Miss Claira spring challenges arrive this week and tonight this afternoon at 2:30 PM April Showers event .  also there is a Scavenger hunt for green garden Umbrella. starts at Japanese Dragon Sanctum. Wow I can't believe this April is almost over already  to me it seems like it April  just got started by flew by so fast .  Anyway That's it for now VFK Besties!!!! Next week we start the Month of May already wow VFK's anniversary is in May so Anniversary Fun coming our way soon.
  • Update there is another scavenger  hunt that starts at Front of Victorian  House There is another Miss Claria Spring Challenge arriving tonight also April showers event too. If anyone still needs to do the Beverage Miss Claria Spring Challenge I am Volunteering my Beach party for anyone use to my beverage coolers for challenge.
    That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!!!  
  • Update Don't forget Host Event later this evening at 5:30 PM Spring ride event  also other Miss Claria spring Challenges arrives tonight and We only tree Miss Claria Spring Challenges left including her Finale Challenge this Saturday night .
     I can't believe April is going to over this Sunday already wow , I am so excited for this May VFK Anniversary month For the VFK Anniversary Fun and games. I have a idea I want everyone to make a predictions  about Anniversary Memberships You think they will be?
    That's it for Now VFK Besties!!!!!

  • Update there will be a April showers event tonight at 7:00 PM and another  Miss Claria spring challenge arrives tonight  
    I can't believe we only have too more challenges left after tonight . There will be another scavenger hunt tonight .
    This April has  really gone by so fast already wow. That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!

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    Update don't forget to the scavenger  hunt that starts at the roller rink  and there's another Miss Claria spring Challenge arriving tonight , After tonight  We only have Miss Claria's spring finale challenge tomorrow night wow 
    Spring ride arrives at gold stamp store tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM
    other spring ride arrives at green house tomorrow night same time .
    Tomorrow night there will April Showers at 9:30PM That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!!!!!
  • Update Don't forget to do Scravenger  hunt that starts at Roller rink  and also New Spring ride arrives at Green house tonight at 7:00 PM  Spring Ride for Vips arrived already at Gold stamp Store this morning  Tonight is Miss Claria's Finale Spring Challenge arrives at  8:30 PM and also April Showers event tonight  at 9:30 PM  be sure to have your rainboots on to splash puddles .   Wow after tomorrow April is over already May starts this Monday wow  there will be May Showers events this May too wow sounds like fun too. What all of you must excited for this VFK Fifth teen the anniversary this year ?
    What do you think the Anniversary memberships will be make your predictions
    Some of you want Titanic  Anniversary memberships Irish Celtic Anniversary  membership and Scottish Celtic anniversary membership idk  I think all of them would be nice because too of the tree honor late my late grandmothers on my father's side Irish Celtic Heritage That's it for now VFK Besties!!!
  • Update Don't forget to Do Astronomy Quest and May Day mini quest before they both go away There is Scavenger Begins at the Aquatic area of the Reptile house new spring lamps arrive in both puzzles tonight too. 
    Anyway Good luck to everyone Spring ride garden contest I am waiting for Garden room Contest . 
    for now I am just relaxing Its VFK Anniversary month already wow.
    Make your predictions about what will anniversary memberships be? Idk what they will be Will be Your ideas? Titanic ,  Irish Celtic , and Scottish Celtic I don't know We all have to wait to wait and see That's it for now  VFK Besties!!!
  • Update There is a Host Event tonight at 7:00 PM Spring Balloon Whirl  and Also there will be new a Scravenger hunt  tonight as well at 9:00 PM   Have any one of you made your predictions  yet  as what VFK Fifth teen the anniversary memberships will be ? Keep guessing and  making those predictions  about them Will be your ideas ?
     : Titanic Anniversary membership?    Irish Celtic anniversary membership and Scottish Celtic anniversary membership?  Idk yet  We will soon  my VFK Besties!!! That's it for now  VFK Besties!!!!!!
  • Update Don't forget to Lawn and garden Quest before it goes away and New anniversary Items arrive in Colonial barrels tonight at 7:00 PM and Buzz's Third Food challenge arrives tonight at 8:30 PM 
    That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!!!!!! 
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    Update Don't forget to the scavenger hunt for neon hamburger sign that starts Summer park in Victorian Age 
    also There's going angora bunny event later on this evening at 5:00 PM be sure wear something that you sit and  brush angora bunnies in too. Buzz's fifth food challenge arrives tonight at 8:30 PM too .  I have other news as well a Unknown person has been has bullying me and my best friends on VFK for no reason and Then said person wishes all of us would die and doesn't like my for Titanic anniversary membership and thinks its lame its just wrong  anyway this unknown person is completely insane and likes being to other VFK players It's time for VFK Players to Stop and Speak Up Against Cyberbullying . That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!
  • Update Don't forget about the storm warning event this evening on VFK  5:00 PM and also Buzz's Sixth food Challenge arrives tonight at  8:30 PM I shared the idea with the VFK Developers under Anniversary ideas 
    for Titanic Anniversary membership twice I hope we get it. Idk though so make sure to you make this week and next week because next week will last time to make your predictions as what anniversary memberships will be 
    they will coming soon. Your home Screen page might be a clue idk hint"  One is seems familiar seems to me the one with panther on top of Ancient temple Maybe a Book or Disney movie ? Word  The panther is in with temple in  that's I am going to give you for a clue see you can guess it from the picture  The next clue has do with under water and submarine and octopus I think I might know that won too Its a book that I have read many  years ago from the public library the only clue Iam giving you its may have to something do with the book I read when I was a little by this Jules Venues or Could be Titanic idk? 
      The other is unicorn  with rainbow picture  Where you think  you find mythical creature unicorns in books right yep found in the fairytales What Around the World Country considers the Unicorn Good Luck ? What Around the Country World Celebrates St. Partick's day and their legend says if you find a pot of gold from a Leprechaun you find   this at the end of it ? I am not going to say the answers  see if you can guess from the sheep picture clues on home page screen 
    That's it for Now VFK Besties!!!
  • Update don't forget to the Scavenger hunt that starts at the bat house in Australia Zoo for Neon Drink Cup Also There will be Angora bunny event this evening at  5:00 PM and Also Buzz's eight food  challenge arrives tonight I think this his finale challenge I am not sure but any way  I know it's Mother's Day this weekend Please take the time to Thank you Moms and Grandmothers and Godmothers for caring of you and loving you working so hard to make sure you have the best life possible
    I want to say Happy Mothers Day to All of VFK Mom's  out there also to my late mom and my late grandmother / Godmother  and my aunt carol and my cousins Dawn and Laura I hope you all have wonderful mothers day  I hope its full of love hugs for you all. That's it for now VFK Besties!!! 
  • Update Don't forget to your Mother's day mini quest and Mother's day Quest before it goes 
    Also Jungle challenges have arrived at Tiki tree house too.

  • Update don't forget to mini national chocolate chip cookie day quest be it goes away 
    also scavenger hunt starts aquatic third viewing room aquarium in zoo   Jungle challenge three arrives tonight.   
    Also there is deadly swamp host event  7:00 PM tonight that's it for now  VFK Besties !!! 
  • Update Don't forget do the Scavenger hunt for Toucan picture starts reptile house third room 
    also Jungle Challenge six arrives tonight at tiki tree house too.  
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    Update Don't forget to VFK's Anniversary Quest and There will be Anniversary ride event this afternoon at 1:00 PM
    and first piece anniversary hat arrives later at 3:00 PM and  Later tonight  Jungle Jumble event at 7:00 PM 
    Final Jungle Challenge 8 arrives tonight at 8:30 PM That's it for now VFK Besties!!! More Anniversary Fifteenth anniversary fun coming your way this week and Whizzy challenges being this week wow set of Challenges for the first time Woot!!! Way 
  • Update Its VFK Fifteenth Anniversary today wow already There was a host Anniversary maze event it was so fun too
    any way The Whimzy challenge board has arrived  This day has been so much fun!!!!! Anniversary letter hunt is going on still 
    and bubble invasion is going on too. First Anniversary Membership arrives Whimzy  later tonight.
    Stone henge Cake party later on at 12:00 AM Midnight if anyone is still up okay.
    Cake Crusade is going on still too.  That's it for now VFK Besties!!!!!!!!  Enjoy VFK"S Fifteenth anniversary Week and Weekend!!!
  • Update Don't forget to the Anniversary Scavenger hunt for Anniversary table lamp its starts at Exterior Aquatic center 
    and the Jangal  Anniversary membership came out last night I have to say it was very surprising  I like it and plus it gave you India clothes  which is really nice because now I get learn more about this amazing culture too.  I have to say Jangal one is my favorite anniversary membership this year. anyway this anniversary has been so much fun already Whimzy challenges now have ten challenges add to them now. The Anniversary letter hunt is still going on too The Sheep tsunami rescues is still going on too Bubble invasion too that's a lot of fun too . Keep your eyes on Event Calendar for your bonus bundles with your anniversary's memberships too I know I will be too. Another Whimzy Challenge arrives later tonight too.
    That's it for now VFK Besties. 
  • Update Don't forget do the Anniversary Scavenger hunt for Rainbow butterfly lamp it  starts at Zoo  Esplanade 
    and another Whimzy challenge arrives tonight at in land ocean shop too. This weekend is Memorial day weekend  Please take the time thank those men and women who are serving our country right now all branches of US Army and Air force and Navy too, Please take time remember  those people who have fallen while serving our country too.
    If any of you are going to New York City for Fleet week My Cousin Nicholas will be there  on board his naval carrier  Beth Creed Please take some time to thank him for his service our country and maybe ask him to take a picture with you and your family too. Tell him from his cousin Stacey Hope Shann Thank you for your service to our country  we all love you and miss you so much  We are praying for your safety and all the men and women on board with you .
    We praying for your safe return home to your families loving arms .  Also This weekend is VFK Anniversary Ballroom Dance too. that's it for now VFK Besties!!!! One favor Please Stop Blaming Cactus for everything !!  
  • Update Don't forget to Memorial Day mini quest and Pizza Quest before they both go away Also Whimzy Challenge 8 arrives tonight wow I can't believe only too more Whimzy challenges left after this/ Thats it for now VRK Besties!!!!!
  • Update Don't forget about the Scavenger hunt that starts at Central Square in medieval age for green butterfly lawn lamp
    and also Whimzy ninth Challenges arrives tonight wow I can't believe it after this challenge we only one challenge left .
  • edited June 2023
    Update actually we have more Whimzy challenge left tomorrow night I hope is the grand finale challenge
    Anyway Whimzy challenge Ten arrived I can't believe have more Whimzy challenge do tomorrow night
    This anniversary been so much  fun wow. My favorite Anniversary Events,
    Were.:  Anniversary llama ride  , VFK's Minties Anniversary Maze , Bubble invasion , Definitely Sheep Tsunami and Jungle Jumble Thats it for now VFK Besties!!! 
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    Update tonight is  Whimzy challenge Eleven arrives than after this won grand finale Whimzy challenge arrives this Friday evening Yay!!!  I am so excited for it because we will get our Candy Shop outfits. Scavenger hunt starts at Australia waterfall for Ocean butterfly on Friday June  2, 2023 Whimzy Challenge Twelve arrived Woot!1
    That's it for now VFK Besties!!!

  • Update Don't forget about Scavenger hunt that starts  Merlin Square for Fairy butterfly garden lamp
    Also All Whimzy Challenges are in too for those who didn't start them or need to finish them 

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