Chapter 2 Walkthrough - Trials Of Salem - TOS

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Okay on to chapter 2

You start out with the door to the tack room blowing shut and then as you look through the spaces between the door lightning hits and catches the hay on fire!

The door latch fell when it slammed so you have to find something small that can fit through and flip up the latch.  Look under the work table behind the Oats, you'll find a chisel that works perfectly!  Don't forget to get the saddle blanket from the trunk to beat the fire out once the door is open!





It takes several times before the fire is out so don't give up!
After the fire is out it's time to get the harness from the tack room and put it on Runner, cinch up the straps and climb aboard!

You trot away to Corwins noticing a lovely spot while on your way.  Once you get to Judge Corwin's house you knock on the door and deliver the candles, however he is very unpleasant and makes threats!

After that you leave and begin to ride to the bridge when you decide you would very much like to speak a moment with the groom.  You get off your horse and loosen either the trace, bellyband, or breast strap, then take Runner's reins and lead him over to Corwin's Carriage house.  On the way over you notice a blue boar in the woods!  You talk to the groom and find out some very interesting information then he fixes your harness and you head home!

Once back at the ordinary stables you unharness Runner put him back in his stall and get him some grain with the bucket in his stall

After Runner is all set you mosey back over to the Inn and check in on Janie True, she is worried as can be expected with the impending doom of her grandmother so you try and comfort her as best you can.  Bethia shows up, you all have dinner and then discuss taking a walk.  You all agree and then the chapter fades to the ending panel!

Your reward for your excellent job is a wonderful new Trials of Salem Magnifying glass pin!


  • Oh, wow! Thank you so much for mentioning me :) And thank you for this beautiful walkthrough!

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    Congratulations to you both!  You guys both did awesome walkthroughs @Pirate_kitty and @dazzlerdream
  • Thank you for posting this, @dazzlerdream! it was really helpful! :)
  • Is it just me or does Corwin sound like Snape?
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    Thank you @Purrfect
  • where can i play the game?
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    Hey @lynnej

    To play any of the Miss Clue games all you have to do is sign into VFK or Epicages and click the menu button!

    Some pictures where to find the other games:

    First when you are logged into VFK click menu:


    Then select a Miss Clue you haven't played


    and click then you will get the book!

    As you can see Trials of Salem is there too!

    I hope this helps!

    Thanks to @ColourzRnice I borrowed her pictures!

    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
  • WOW great job! Very detailed and helpful! Keep up the good work!

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