Chapter One - Part Two WALKTHROUGH!

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In this post, I will be telling you exactly what you need to do to complete Chapter One, Part Two of Trials of Salem.

We start at our friend's house to begin making the candles. Start by clicking the box next to the fireplace and taking everything in there. You should have 6 items in your inventory if you have collected everything. Back out from the box and click the stick of wood next to it. You should get two pieces of wood and a black pot. The next part is pretty self explanitory as you have an instruction paper, but I will explain it here anyway.
1) Take the long stick (the one without the indents in it) and place it on pot
2) Take the smaller pot and place it on pot
3) Place the wax in (the icon that has four of them)
4) Place the single piece of wax in
5) Take the piece of wood with the indents in it and place it on pot
6) Take the string and click the wood, and click to dunk them
7) Take the pebbles and click the string
8) Take the stringed wood and click the bucket of water next to you
9) Repeat dunking them in wax and then water until she tells you that it is done
9) Take the scissors and cut off the pebbles

Bethia comes back and you discuss delivering the candles. It sounds like you will be taking the Judge's batch. You arrive in the horse's stable. Walk all the way to the back and enter the room. Watch the following scene.

End of chapter. I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough!! :)
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  • Awesome awesome awesome!!!  Thanks @Pirate_kitty!
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  • already have a question, what do you do if it won't let you place the stick on the pot? please and thank you
  • It still says we have things to do? I don't get the rest of the walkthrough..??
  • Trying to do this and I click on the area to make candles and I can not pick up the wood or anything in that area.What and I doing wrong. 
  • Hi @Littlebelle,

    We are checking into it now!

    -Mintie :)
  • Hi @Littlebelle,

    We checked and it looks like you're doing great!  We are showing you have all the candle making ingredients in your inventory.  The next step is to take the pot out of your inventory and place it in the larger pot in the fireplace!  Could you describe further what you are experiencing when you try to make candles?

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