Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Trials Of Salem - TOS

You can find information on chapters 1, 1.2, 2, 3 and 4 by going to these links:

@Pirate_kitty did a wonderful job with them!

Okay on to chapter 5
You start out talking to janie and Bethia when Samuel arrives!

After becoming acquainted with Samuel you give him the message that his grandfather wished you and your mamma to pass on! He reads it and asked that you all meet him in the barn to discuss matters while he saddles his horses.  Once in the barn he informs you that Janie True is to be charged with witch craft tomorrow, and that he must take her away tonight!  Janie is worried about her grandmother but you tell her of your adventure last night and that everything looks like you will be able to free her!  
TOSjaniesbedroom2 TOSjaniesbedroom1
You leave the barn and head to Janie's room to collect the needed clothing and belongings Janie will need for her journey!
You get:
A dress
Money Purse
And Cloak


Then put them all into bag and run back to the barn!

 When you arrive back at the barn Samuel informs you that some people have gathered outside who will see him and Janie leave if they try to, which would be very bad.  Your quick mind thinks of a plan instantly and you take bethia with you while Janie and Samuel finish with the horses!

Once outside with Bethia and you in your black cloaks you tell her your plan of becoming a ghost and scaring the people away.  All that is left is to spread some of the glowing fungus on your black clothes!

Once the people are gone and Janie is off to safety we head upstairs put on our night gown and go to sleep!

In the morning once dressing you head down stairs to see Bethia.  You talk about what Mr. Bradbury said to the news and also mention how Judge Corwin is expecting cakes today and that you might lend a helping hand to Mrs. Rebbeca Preston!

Once at Rebbecas house you start to make the cakes!

First you get out the necessary ingredients needed to make the cake from the goods Mrs. Preston received for her candles! You also get out her cake recipe
TOSchapter5recipe TOSchapter5items

You proceed to add the flour, Sugar, and Salt into the cake tin then stir to combine!

After that you add the butter, eggs, buttermilk, Yeast, and water (Next to the fire use your tin cup) into the bowl and stir to combine! 
Then Empty the Cake tin to the bowl and mix well!  

Pour the finished batter into the cake tin and transport over to the oven on your oven board.  Place the cake into the oven and cover with the oven door!

Once the cake is done remove the oven door and take the cake out with your oven board!

The cakes are done!  WOO!!  you talk to bethia then go to hitch up trotter who is runner's brother!

You arrive at Judge Corwin's house and knock on the door to deliver the cakes!  You meet Judge Corwin and also Judge stoughton who tell you that they are going over to the court house!

As you ride away you decide to pull off the road and walk back to Judge Corwin's house to get a peek inside while they are gone!

You slowly walk up to the house then you notice judge Corwin and Stoughton leaving!  you duck behind the wall to watch them leave and once they are gone you finally approach the front door....As you click to open it, it fades to black and the ending panel!

Your reward for your excellent job is a wonderful new Trials of Salem Magnifying glass pin!




  • Are there other prizes besides the pin? Like in the Miss Clue Haunted Garden you received a pin and a furni item after completion.
    -LeeFae (my username on here still won't change after a year..)
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