~MYTH~ (Season 1, Part 2)

(For those of who you haven't read the series premiere yet, here is the link: http://forum.missclue.com/discussion/877817/myth-season-1-part-1#latest)

Scene: After the event of a few days before, Scarlet has been terrified ever since

It's been at least four days since Scarlet walked among the sand of the beach. Images of unusual, horse-headed fish kept creeping into her mind. And the worst part was, nobody seemed to believe her. Matthew thought that perhaps she got a head injury that made her go a little, well, "Mad hatter brained", or at least that's how he described it. When her parents were told about this, a sudden glimpse of fear or worry could be seen in their eyes. They sent everyone inside immediately, and told them not to go outdoors until the next day. It confused them (except for Scarlet, who was grateful to be safe indoors), but they obeyed.

Brook, however, was enchanted by the tale. Even though she seemed to be a wizard of all things related to strange, mythical creatures, not even she could figure out what Scarlet had potentially seen. Although everyone said that there was no magical being in the water, Brook refused to believe them. Instead, at the time of day that Scarlet had seen the thing, she went outside to investigate the ocean. She had no luck finding anything, other than some fish, of course. She didn't, however, lose hope.

(A knock is heard on Scarlet's bedroom door.)

Scarlet: -Putting her phone away- Come in.

Brook: -Entering the room- Hey, Scarlet.

Scarlet: Oh, hi Brook.

Brook: I just wanted to know if you were okay, you seem to be so troubled since what happened.

Scarlet: Well, I am the exact opposite of "okay" right now! I have no idea what I saw, or if it is hostile or not!

Brook: You said it had the tail of a fish, and the head of a horse, right?

Scarlet: Yeah... Why do you have to remind me of it?

Brook: Well, fish and horses don't sound hostile to me, so I don't think it would hurt you.

Scarlet: Good point, I guess. -Sigh- But still.

Brook: You know Scarlet, usually I'm the one who gets scared of things, not you. 

Scarlet: Anyone would get at least a little scared of that.. That thing!

Brook: I've seen you watch horror films without even flinching at the scariest scenes!

Scarlet: That's different, it was just a movie, this is actually real life.

Brook: Alright then, fine, then what about the time that hurricane warning was on the news? You said, "It's just a little wind, nothing to worry about."

Scarlet: That's... Also different!

Brook: What about the time when---!

Scarlet: Okay, Brook! That's enough, I get it.

Brook: Good... Just making sure... Now, I'm going to go get a brownie.

Scene: That night, after finally being convinced by Brook's words, Scarlet is by the shore, searching through the water

Everyone was fast asleep, counting sheep in their dreams... Except for Scarlet. Brook's encouraging words had effected her, and she realized that being afraid was not a "Scarlet thing" to do. Being as quiet as possible, she tip-toed out of the house, and to the shore. Four days ago she planned to never go here again, but things were different now, she had restored both her courage and her curiosity. 

The moon was shining bright, and its reflection could be seen over the water. The ocean seemed to be glowing, or perhaps even twinkling, in the light of the moon. Scarlet got distracted by its beauty for a moment, and was almost swept into a daydream, but snapped out of it quickly when she remembered the reason why she came out here: To find the creature.

Pulling out some snacks she sneaked from the kitchen, she dropped small crumbs into the water, attempting to lure it. However, several fish came and ate the food. She eventually ran out, and had to think of a new strategy: She tried calling to it.

Scarlet: -In a calm, gentle voice- Creature, creature! Half horse, half fish, with colors of blue and teal! Come out, so that I may greet you. 

(Nothing stirred in the water.)

Scarlet: Ahem... I said, come on out! Reveal yourself to me! I won't hurt you, and that is my word.

(Several chants later...)

Scarlet: -Yawns- Please... I beg of you, I wish to-- -Falls asleep-

It was at that moment that something actually stirred in the water, and was slowly swimming closer to Scarlet. It sniffed her hair, which for some reason smelled like freshly-picked raspberries. Scarlet suddenly woke up, and there it was... The creature.

She sat up, and looked at it. The creature looked at her. Neither of them moved a muscle. 

Scarlet: Hi... Hi there.

The creature began to swim back.

Scarlet: No, don't leave! I-I'm not going to harm you, you don't have to be afraid.

It stopped, although it remained a distance between it and Scarlet.

Scarlet: You're a very pretty horse, or fish. What are you, anyway?

The creature said nothing.

Scarlet: I suppose that was a silly question... You aren't able to talk.

Silence. Scarlet didn't know what to say, or do. She wanted to befriend the creature, but how could she, when she didn't even know anything about it?

Scarlet reached her hand towards the creature, attempting to pet it. However, the creature swiftly dashed away and into the sea, it seemed to swim at the speed of lightning. Jumping into the water, Scarlet tried to swim after it, but it was no use. It was completely out of sight, almost as if it was never there in the first place. 

Stay tuned for Season 1, Part 3!

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