Is everybody excited for summer break?! :)


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  • Is everybody excited for summer break?! :)
    May 26
  • Oh my goodness my Duck just hatched and it's pink. one of my favorite colors. :)
    March 26
  • I had a fantastic Birthday.. First we went bowling and for dinner I got to go to my fave burger place!! :))
    March 13
  • How are you all doing?! 
    March 11
  • Happy Valentine's day :)
    February 14
  • My flowers are starting to bloom spring is coming! :)
    February 9
  • Happy Sunday Y'all! :)
    January 28
  • Hello everybody! :) How has your new year been?!!
    January 27
  • I cannot wait for the next miss clue to begin! How about you?!
    January 11
  • Happy New Years! :) what are you looking forward to the most in 2018?!!
    January 1
  • Are you all excited for 2018?!! I know I sure am.. :)
    December 2017
    • iStella
      Excited and a little scared too lol XP
  • Go check out my SPECIAL Christmas Edition of VFK Weekly News! :)
    December 2017
  • Have a Blessed Christmas and 2018. :)
    December 2017
  • Guys I am getting the Christmas membership as one of my presents! :)
    December 2017
    • Holly
      Wooot that's an awesome gift!!! :Da
  • Wishing everybody a Blessed and Merry Christmas season! :)
    December 2017
    • Holly
      Merry Christmas!!! :Da
  • I finished my competition rooms.. I made a nativity scene in the first room and a santa party in the next.. I hope it wins.. :)
    December 2017
  • I loved all the new christmas antiques! the hair is so cute!!
    December 2017
  • Omgosh.. I won the turkey scarf.. this is my first win I have had since the last host valentine room came out :)
    November 2017
  • Omgosh... They made the Beauty and the Beast outfits I asked for.. best. costume. EVER.. :)
    November 2017
  • The new antique is fantastic! It only costs 10 gold stamps to get in there for 24 hours and I can't to see what new items they restock it with. :)
    October 2017
    • Trinityy
      Yeah it is really cool, I got a tee-shirt and a rug yesterday. :D
    • MistyMew
      It's like a game in it's self! I loved seeing so many people there in the shop!
    • QueenBadgerPup
      It's amazing!
  • Guys I just bought the Green Dragon Membership! Screech:)
    October 2017
  • Oh my gosh my ebony tree is still alive! Do they ever fade?!!
    September 2017
  • Am I the only one that reads old discussions when ur bored?! haha
    September 2017
  • The Brand new edition of VFK Weekly News is out NOW!!
    September 2017
    • Marzipan
      WOO! Checking out now!
  • New edition of VFK Weekly News JUST posted! :)
    August 2017
  • I can finally get back on VFK. So I may write a new edition of VFK Weekly! :)
    August 2017
  • I am surprised that my Ebony Tree is still alive.. I got that when they were released.. :)
    August 2017
  • I do not think I will enter the competition.. I entered the last 1 and did not win..
    August 2017
    • SportyChic
      I think you will do great this time! That was just one competition! You will do better this time :)
    • EleanorRose
      You're right! That was my first competition I had ever entered.. I will re think entering.. :)
    • Holly
      Its always worth trying! :Da
  • I have seen this suggested many times before.. I was just in the gold stamp store looking for the Beach Towels and It took so long that I finally stopped looking.. It would be so convenient to simply have it in the shop tabs or have a search button so we can easily find what we're looking for.. :)
    July 2017
  • I am home now.. I forget who I need to trade so LMK :)
    July 2017