~MYTH~ (Season 1, Part 1)

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Scene: It is a sunny Saturday afternoon in Jewel City, and the Anderson & Davis family are outside of their home spending time on their beach

Scarlet sat down beside the shore, dipping her feet into the cool water. She stared out into the open sea and into the horizon. How beautiful it was as the sunlight reflected off of the water! She seemed to be the only one interested in the view, though. Her parents were busy grilling hamburgers for lunch, and her two cousins were playing an intense game of volleyball, Matthew ahead of Brook by at least two points. 

Instead of joining in on the action, she preferred to look at the ocean, and imagine. Yes, imagine. She imagined about all sorts of things; She could see a boat full of pirates, heading their way! But they were good pirates, however. They had come to bring Scarlet and her family all sorts of wonderful gifts. Jewels, pearls, and fine jewelry made out of gold! They were so close to reaching the shore, and then--

(A volleyball hits Scarlet's head.)

Scarlet: -Snapping out of her daydream- Ouch! That hurt!

Matthew: It was Brook, not me!

Brook: Sorry Scarlet...!

Scarlet: It's fine, it's fine. Just be more careful next time.

Jack Anderson: Hey! Is everything alright over there?

Scarlet: Yes, Dad! We're okay!

Lizzy Anderson: Lunch will be ready soon!

After their game had finished, Brook and Matthew walked over to the shore to join Scarlet. They sat down beside her, and looked at the horizon. It was a very pretty sight, especially at night (Hey, that rhymed!), when the moon was just over the water. However, they didn't understand why Scarlet was so enchanted by it. It was just water, after all. And since they lived on a beach, they could see it everyday.

Matthew finally spoke to break the silence.

Matthew: So... What do you think lives under the sea?

Brook: Mermaids and mermen! Lots of them, too!

Matthew: Brook, you really believe in all of that stuff? Remember what Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Jack said: They don't exist. 

Brook: Well, how do they know that? Just because they haven't seen them, doesn't mean they don't exist.

Matthew: Actually, it kinda does.

Scarlet: Not really. What about God, or Jesus Christ? We haven't seen them just yet, but we know they're real, don't we?

Matthew: That's a different story, Scarlet.

Brook: See! At least Scarlet agrees with me!

Scarlet: Well... I never said that I thought mermaids, or fairies, or any other mythical creature is real. I just said that-- Oh, you get the point.

The three of them continued to debate over the existence of these creatures and rather or not they were real. They were lucky that Mr or Mrs. Anderson didn't hear them talking, or else the discussion would have been put to an end immediately. They did not want the children to talk much of magical beings and all of that. Sure, a little imagination can be good sometimes, but they thought it best that the children should keep most of it out of their heads. Of course, they have a very good reason for this, but they couldn't tell the children this reason... Not yet, anyway.

Mr and Mrs. Anderson had set the table for lunch, and called the others inside for lunch.

Scene: Inside the house, the family is sitting down for a barbecued lunch

Brook: Mmm, this tastes really good!

Lizzy Anderson: Thank Grandma Beth, it was her recipe, after all.

Matthew: Thanks Grandma Beth! Hey... Who is Grandma Beth?

Lizzy Anderson: -Laughs- She is my grandma's grandma.

Scarlet: Aww... I was hoping to meet her.

Jack Anderson: Well, why can't you?

Scarlet: Mom said that she was her grandma's grandma... So doesn't that mean that she's..?

Jack Anderson: Of course she isn't! Grandma Beth is at least---

Lizzy Anderson: Ahem, Jack! Will you please pass the mustard?

Jack Anderson: Oh... Yes, of course. -He grabs the mustard bottle and hands it to Lizzy-

There was something suspicious in the air. It was almost as if Mr. Anderson was about to say something that was supposed to be kept a secret towards Scarlet, Brook, and Matthew. (In fact, that's exactly what happened.) They shrugged their shoulders, and continued their meal. However, they would eventually want to hear more about Grandma Beth, and what Mr. Anderson was about to say about her.

Scene: After lunch, Scarlet, Matthew, and Brook went outside to go for a swim

Scarlet: -Splashes Brook- Haha! Can't catch me!

Brook: -Laughs- Oh yes I can! -Swims after Scarlet-

Matthew: -Pretending to sound like a grown up- Oh, kids these days...

Scarlet: Technically, I'm not a "kid". I'm thirTEEN, I'm a teenager.

Matthew: You're only a year older than me and Brook! You're not even in High School yet!

Brook: And you still sleep with your teddy bear.

Scarlet: Hey! Who told you that??

Brook: -Snickers- I have my ways.

After a while of laughing and splashing each other in the face, they started to grow tired of swimming and decided to head back inside to rest...

However, before Scarlet was able to reach the sandy shore, she felt something swim past her legs. Looking around, she saw nothing. She grew suspicious, so she began to swim a little faster. She felt it again, but this time it swam past her stomach. Scarlet was not in the mood for fish in the water to be messing with her. She took a big breathe, and then dived under the water.

That's when she saw it... A large, teal and blue colored figure. It had the tail of a majestic fish, but the head and upper body of a horse. Scarlet screamed and swam away as fast as she could. When she reached the shore, she was panting like a dog, and shaking with fear.

Scarlet: We have to get out of here!

Brook: Scarlet! What's wrong?

Scarlet: There's a... A thing! In the water! I don't know what it is, but I bet that it wants to get us!

Brook: A mermaid..? -A gleam of hope appears in her eyes-

Scarlet: No! It was NOT a mermaid!

Matthew: Aunt Lizzy, Uncle Jack! Scarlet has gone crazy!

Stay tuned for Season 1, Part 2! :)

BONUS: Try to guess the creature that Scarlet saw in the water!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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