Sailing Down Under.

I'm heading Down Under on a buddy's dad's new boat.


  • YAY!
  • Totally!
  • I didn't know there was a sailor's verson of checkers.
  • Wow, I didn't lose a single piece!
  • Now off to the gally!
  • Wow nice work on the checker game!  so you're off to get cool lemonade?
  • Yeah, but, it sounds like we should baton down the hatches!
  • I have to go for tonight, goodnight!

  • Have a great evening! :)
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    Thanks, good afternoon @VFK_Mintie!
  • How do I work the bilge pump controls?
  • Nevermind, I figured it out.
  • How do I get the radio to stay set when I back away?
  • Hi @Cyder! :)
  • When you come from the engine room, Evelyn will call down and ask that you set the radio to 11 7 25
    First, go to the radio, then turn it on by clicking and draging the far right volume knob!

    After that, set the middle knob to band 3 (same thing click and drag) and then use the large far left tuner knob to set the frequency. Turn it until the needle is in the upper left corner:

  • Then, once you've done that, you need to secure the boat and pick up different things!
    Things you need to pick up, are:
    • The swiss knife from the drawer under the first aid kit
    • The crackers and bracelet from behind the sink
    • The basket off the counter
    • The Book on Australian animals
    • The lighter in the cabinet to the right of the snail satue
    • The flashlight and morse code book from your suit case

  • Done and done, but, now I have a bigger problem, I think something, or more likely someone, has ransacked the boat!
  • I looked all around, and can't find Evelyn or Mr. B! And, the boat seems to be beached on a possibly deserted island!
  • GASP!!!!
  • And, the Shadow Blaster 3000's gone!
  • Oh no! Jane got caught in a trap suspended from a tree, and a snake's slithering towards her! What do I do?
  • Try using your swiff army knife to cut the rope!
  • Phew, it worked! I HATE snakes!
  • LOL me too!!
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    I went down the right path, and found a rain hat! And, a busted bridge. How do I fix it?
  • OMG, you need some rope!  Go back to the boat, and in the drawer beneath the cabinet with the first aid kit, is a rope!
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    Take that rope out to the bridge, and then cut a piece off with your Swiss Army Knife!
  • Dang, it wasn't either Evelyn nor Mr. Berkeley's hat, it was just some old rain hat.
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