Happy September! Halloween is now less than 60 days away! WOOOO!!! :D


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  • Mintie, none of us have been able to finish the fourth summer challenge task.
    July 22
  • Mintie, where are the outfits for the Fourth of July Ball tonight?
    July 3
  • Mintie, none of us have received the new close encounters membership bundle yet.
    June 28
  • Mintie where are the outfits for the Father's Day Ball tonight?
    June 19
  • Mintie, where's the Close Encounters membership bundle for this week?
    June 16
  • Mintie, none of the record players are working. Every time I put a record into one of my record players they won't play.
    May 22
  • Mintie, none of us can enter the ball room.
    February 13
  • Mintie no one can see the sparkles in medieval age!
    August 2021
  • I'm in line for the lava room and my position is zero but I'm still not in the room!
    July 2021
  • Mintie where are the outfits for the ball tonight?
    July 2021
  • Mintie where is the challenge for today?
    July 2021
  • Mintie, could you please give me some hints on which eggs I am missing?  I have found 709 so far and have gone over each room twice with no luck.  thanks!

    April 2021
  • Did you guys plan the ball for this weekend because you knew my birthday was yesterday?
    March 2021
  • Mintie for the past few weeks i have used the epic ages desktop successfully  However, 2 days ago after a computer update the program disappeared, so I tried to download it again.  After it downloaded, I am unable to open it to run.  I am using the windows version.  I have tried everything and it wont open or run.  What can I do?
    January 2021
  • Guest274777
    Hi Mintie! Can you please update my Miss Clue name to my game title? It's been guest for too long haha. Thanks!
    December 2020
  • Hi Mintie sorry to bug you but can you please approve my video channel :D
    November 2020
  • Guest274777
    Hello! Not sure where else to ask. My username on here is still guest even though I registered over a year ago. Please help.
    November 2020
  • Mintie the outfits for the ball tonight won't load up and I can't see them!
    November 2020
  • Mintie where are the Halloween costumes that were suppose to be released today?
    October 2020
  • Mintie where are the costumes that were suppose to be released today?
    October 2020
  • Mintie where's the embers bundle for this week?
    October 2020
  • Mintie where is the bundle for this week?
    October 2020
  • Mintie why are the anniversary memberships showing instead of the Halloween memberships for this year?
    October 2020
  • Mintie where are the outfits for the ball tonight?
    June 2020
  • Mintie where is this week's ballyhoo bundle?
    June 2020
  • Mintie where is the vacation bundle for this week?
    May 2020
  • RedSunHalo
    Hiya Mintie! I just have a quick question. I have gone to every room in the game, and for the life of me I cannot find some of the Easter eggs. I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing them or if I have a glitch on my account. I'm missing around 50ish I think to reach the 602 max mark? I was wondering if it would be possible to get a list of the rooms where I still haven't found all the Easter eggs. I understand that this probably isn't feasible, but I figured I'd ask.
    Thanks for all you do!
    April 2020
  • Mintie I won a solar system - Moon pin after I started the space task and it still hasn't allowed me to progress.
    March 2020
  • PeaceBear
    Hi Mintie. I have tried reaching stuff numerous times in game for help and no one has responded. I need someone in the game to IM me or talk to me on here. Thanks.
    March 2020
  • TrinityEveningTwinkles
    Hi Mintie I know staff is updating things which is great however peoples robot toys from santa last year are still not opening when rotating them. Can staff work on fixing them. I have mentioned it several times and it  has never been fixed. I also can not ride my groovy car volts. wagon bug  in any color. Can you pass along the message to fix this as well. Thank you for everything. Hugs Trinity Evening Twinkles
    January 2020