Happy September! Halloween is now less than 60 days away! WOOOO!!! :D


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  • Mintie where are the Halloween costumes that were suppose to be released today?
    October 29
  • Mintie where are the costumes that were suppose to be released today?
    October 26
  • Mintie where's the embers bundle for this week?
    October 24
  • Mintie where is the bundle for this week?
    October 20
  • Mintie why are the anniversary memberships showing instead of the Halloween memberships for this year?
    October 3
  • Mintie where are the outfits for the ball tonight?
    June 21
  • Mintie where is this week's ballyhoo bundle?
    June 2
  • Mintie where is the vacation bundle for this week?
    May 31
  • RedSunHalo
    Hiya Mintie! I just have a quick question. I have gone to every room in the game, and for the life of me I cannot find some of the Easter eggs. I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing them or if I have a glitch on my account. I'm missing around 50ish I think to reach the 602 max mark? I was wondering if it would be possible to get a list of the rooms where I still haven't found all the Easter eggs. I understand that this probably isn't feasible, but I figured I'd ask.
    Thanks for all you do!
    April 14
  • Mintie I won a solar system - Moon pin after I started the space task and it still hasn't allowed me to progress.
    March 17
  • PeaceBear
    Hi Mintie. I have tried reaching stuff numerous times in game for help and no one has responded. I need someone in the game to IM me or talk to me on here. Thanks.
    March 14
  • TrinityEveningTwinkles
    Hi Mintie I know staff is updating things which is great however peoples robot toys from santa last year are still not opening when rotating them. Can staff work on fixing them. I have mentioned it several times and it  has never been fixed. I also can not ride my groovy car volts. wagon bug  in any color. Can you pass along the message to fix this as well. Thank you for everything. Hugs Trinity Evening Twinkles
    January 16
  • NotherPearl
    I made a report, but I'd like to say...It bugs me when a person approaches me in my room and tells me that they are my daughter, when I prove that they are not being truthful, they try to make trouble for me by claiming I'm harassing them..when I know very well that staff just has to go check conversations and read for themselves that this person did in fact say to me.."HI Mom, this is your daughter....etc..." now she's wanting to IM staff, cause I challenge her in public with her stories...
    January 4
  • Mintie last time I checked it takes shoes to complete an outfit and what are the boys going to wear?
    December 2019
  • Mintie where are the outfits for the ball tonight?
    December 2019
  • Mintie why does the golden christmas pony look like the skeleton pony from halloween instead of what it is suppose to look like in the membership description?
    December 2019
  • Mintie where is the carnival bundle from yesterday?
    November 2019
  • Mintie where is the carnival bundle that was supposed to be released last night?
    November 2019
  • Mintie where is the carnival bundle for this week?
    November 2019
  • Mintie the new costumes aren't loading up for me!
    October 2019
  • Mintie the ball outfits in the Halloween shop aren't loading up!
    October 2019
  • Mintie where is the carnival bundle for this week?
    October 2019
  • Mintie where's part 2 of the summer of love bundle?
    June 2019
  • Mintie where is part 2 of the star journey bundle?
    June 2019
  • Mintie where is the star adventure bundle for today?
    June 2019
  • Uh Mintie I'm stuck on the ride at the end of the second elemental room.
    June 2019
  • Mintie where is the Star traveler bundle for this week?
    June 2019
  • lajls
    hey mintie, me and ardp are having trouble accessing vfk, i've tried logging in through epic ages and it still doesn't work! our internet connection is fine and every other website is working fine but we can't access vfk and we don't know why :( please help! (btw we live in the same house which is why she's included)
    June 2019
  • Holly
    Can you please look into why I haven't gotten my 2018 event pins yet please?
    March 2019
  • Hi

    How do I get my title here It's

     Catmando AKA Guest210760

    March 2019
    • VFK_Mintie
      Hi @guest210760,

      The title you requested is taken and you would need to request a new title to be reviewed.

      If you have an account in VFK and wish to join the Miss Clue Messages boards, VFK is connected with Miss Clue so the same login will work here as well as on VFK!

      If you have a character which already has a title if you login here, using the same information, you will automatically have your title without the need to create a new account!

      I hope this helps!

    • Guest210760
      That is my login title for the game.