Miss Clue Update!

We originally had Christmas at Donner Pass scheduled for release in 2020, but as we all know, nothing good came out of 2020, we decided to move the release to 2021!

Go 2021!

So we’re going to be the first to start out 2021 with a new game release during January 2021, and set the tone for a successful, fun and Happy New Year!

Stay tuned for more updates, sneak peeks and fun activities to come!



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    Thanks for the update Mintie!

    I'm really excited to see the game released in 2021! I just want to point out that Nintendo (an international company with thousands of employees) had to delay one of their game releases an ENTIRE year, and they have a huge team working on that game. They wanted to make sure the game released was of the highest quality, so if that is necessary for this MissClue game I think your community can be more than understanding, especially considering you are a much smaller team when compared to a giant gaming company.

    I am excited to see your newest game and I sure I speak for many when I say am I perfectly content waiting a longer amount of time to see a game that is of the high-quality we have come to expect from the MissClue team. I can't wait to see more updates and exciting news like this in 2021.

    Thanks! :)
  • Thanks so much for the update!! I CANT WAIT!!!

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



  • Yes oh how much I kept checking in here to see if it was out ....sorta Glad I will be Curling up to 2021 with a Great Game THANK YOU ALL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR :) 
  • Thank you for the update. LOVE the Miss Clue games!!!!!
  • Yay!!!! I'm so excited! I need a new game to play so bad! Thanks!
  • IS CHRISTMAS AT DONNER PASS STILL COMING OUT THIS MONTH??? Theres only 1 week left & no updates!! :'( :'( :'( :'(

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



  • DonutLuverr said:

    IS CHRISTMAS AT DONNER PASS STILL COMING OUT THIS MONTH??? Theres only 1 week left & no updates!! :'( :'( :'( :'(

    I've been wondering the same thing. Its starting to look like another delay unless they pull something off. Christmas has come and gone and February fast approaching.
  • We are so grateful for the patience, support, and enthusiasm that our community has shown for what we do, and the games we make.

    The release of Christmas at Donner's Pass was originally set for Christmas/Early January, and we diligently worked to achieve that aim, though video games always seem to have a way of defying the well laid plans of ambitious developers.

    Development is progressing well and the game is coming along leaps and bounds every day.  As of now the bulk of the game logic is implemented, all puzzles have been finalized and we are adding and testing artwork, code and gameplay by the hour!

    We would like to show and talk about more parts of the game, story and what we are actively working on, but Christmas at Donner's Pass is a mystery game, and we don't want to reveal too much, however, we will post as many sneak peeks as we can without spoiling anything!

    Our goal is to have the game ready before Spring, the most exciting part of Christmas at Donner's Pass, is not only will our game engine be fully developed, but also a pipeline will be in place that allows future games to be developed within a shorter timeframe!  After the release of Christmas at Donner's Pass we plan to return to our previous schedule of releasing several games a year!

    We truly appreciate your patience, and we intend to update you all as often as possible, so you can follow along with the progress!  Check in frequently for the latest news!

    - Mintie
  • Thanks for the update Mintie!! CANT WAIT TO HEAR MORE!!

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



  • Thank you so much for the information Mintie!  I know all game companies encounter unexpected delays, the most important part is that you are still working on it for all of us, and have plans for the future! 

    I for one am so excited for this game and all the ones to come!!  Its thrilling to think about what games will come out after donner pass and the Devils heart! 

    Also, anyone who is interested in the sleuthing Team just let me know and I can sign you up!  Its group I created here on Miss Clue for organizing and providing helpful information for all Miss Clue Mystery solvers!

  • I was just wondering if there were any updates on the game or its release?
  • Howdy JohnH!

    Thank you for your interest in Miss Clue, fellow sleuth!  There will be another development progress update posted on the homepage soon!

    Only a few days ago, we pushed an updated version of Christmas at Donner Pass to our QA Testing team, that included an enhancement to the Cinematic Navigation.

    When you encounter a situation where you would move forward and turn, some of our testers found the existing cursors confusing, as these cursors are also used to rotate the view.

    The navigation through the game where this type of turn exists has been updated to incorporate a new sweeping left or right arrow cursor, requested by the testers to make navigation easier!

    Here is an image of the cursor in action in Jane's Bedroom!


    Stay tuned for more updates to come, we're really excited to share the upcoming news and features about Christmas at Donner Pass!

    Mintie :)
  • Oh @VFK_Mintie thank you for sharing this little update! I CANT WAIT to see what you guys have in store for us. I hope you guys announce a release date soon!!

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



  • @VFK_Mintie  Do you still plan on releasing it in Spring/Summer or will you hold it for Christmas time?

    It looks great!
  • Howdy @gauloise,

    We are definitely still planning on a Spring/Summer release and hopefully in the next couple of months, maybe something of Christmas in July!

    Our ultimate goal would be to have both Christmas at Donner Pass and Curse of the Devil's Heart out this year, and have two brand new Miss Clue Jane Austen Mysteries for 2022!

    Thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm.  We really appreciate it!

  • @VFK_Mintie  Thanks so much for the reply :) No matter when it comes out, I will definitely play it, Excited that Curse of the Devil's Heart is still in the works!
  • Just out of curiosity — are there any Miss Clue games we can currently play? I thought there used to be a few under the Menu but I don’t see them anymore.
  • Howdy @zoee!

    OMG Yes!  There are currently all Miss Clue - Jane Austen Mysteries available from the Miss Clue Products page here:

    I hope this helps!


  • HI MINTIE!!! @VFK_Mintie I was wondering if theres any update on Christmas at Donner Pass coming soon?? im LOVING the mini novels & theyre getting me TOO EXCITED for the new game! I HOPE IT COMES OUT SOON!!!!!!

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



  • @VFK_Mintie  Any news on the new game :)  Do you think it will be out in 2021? Cheers!!!!
  • Howdy @gauloise!

    2021 seems to be going by so quickly!  While we have given several tentative release updates this year, things are really coming together, NPCs, scenes and game logic are all in place, and it seems that November/December is the most appropriate release date at this moment! (fingers crossed)

    That will give us a couple months to finish with our testing and final voice recording, as well as working out any unexpected bugs on the new Apple M1 hardware.

    We want to post another development update, with more behind the scenes elements, and hopefully we will find time to do that very soon!

    Our current goal is to have an announcement and trailer out for Christmas at Donner Pass in late October! BOO! 

    We know waiting can be boring!  So our story writer has been giving everyone a weekly chapter based Jane Darcy Mini Novel Mystery, each chapter is posted every Sunday on MissClue.com!

    We hope you are following along with Jane on her Mini Novel Mystery in Pinecrest and we would love to hear what you think!

  • @VFK_Mintie THanks so much for the big update! Looking forward (and waiting patiently) for the game :) 

    I really appreciate how open and honest you are with letting fans know what's going on and also for the added things like the weekly chapters.
  • Howdy Everyone!

    We hope you all had a marvelous Halloween!  Just wanted to give a quick update for Christmas at Donner Pass, things are still moving forward at a quick pace, and we are extremely happy with how everything is!

    We hope to release a final date soon for December with our Jane Darcy Mini Novel coming to a close!

    Happy Halloween!

  • @VFK_Mintie thanks so much mintie! im SO excited!! keep us updated!!

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



  • Howdy to all!

    December 1st is here!  It's hard to believe how fast time flies!

    We're not quite ready to announce the final day for Christmas at Donner Pass to release, but in the next week or so we hope to, and with a teaser as well!

    Thank you so much for all your support!


  • Any updates?
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