Piglet's Host Hunt! 1PM-3PM EST - MUST SIGN UP!

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Hi Everyone!
I know we have all been missing out on doing host hunts so I thought why not do one just.. minus the hosts!
Each round will have random prizes from scavenger, host, quest, fx, pin, clothing.  Please read below carefully - there are rules and I want this to go as smooth as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. 

This will be happening tomorrow 6/11/2020 at 1PM till 3PM eastern. 

I'll be giving away the following items pictured down below RANDOMLY.  You won't be able to pick your prize.
I also wanted to let everyone know - I personally will not be choosing the prize for each person. I'll be numbering the prizes 1-through however many I do. Spinning a generator whenever someone wins and giving them the prize it lands on. 
1) NO CLONES! - I want this to be as fair as possible and fun for everyone to enjoy! 
2) Do NOT add my clone "Princess.Megs" - I will be deleting everyone off of this account.
3) If you add my clone you will be DISQUALIFIED from playing - I obviously don't have staff controls so I can't control you adding me, cannot control where I teleport without being seen. 
3) Be nice and have fun! This is a time to relax and get your mind off of everything going on in the world. 
4) YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP ON THIS THREAD/  - comment "I'm playing and read the rules" and I'll add your name to this thread. If your name IS NOT ON THIS THREAD you will NOT be qualified to play. 
5) There will be an event tab, but you do not have to go to that room unless you wanna rate me 5*... :)
6) You can win more than once

My clone "Princess.Megs" will be flying around everywhere( all maps, fairy, mermaid, space, toy rooms - pyramid, yacht, castle, you name it - I'll most likely pop in)

I will be doing signature rounds, trivia, riddle, and repeat after me. I will be announcing when I do trivia/repeat after me/riddles but still keep an eye out for signature rounds. If it's in my signature - whoever types it first wins!


UPDATED PRIZES!! 6/11/ Had to make sure all items were trade able and not member only.  Thank u!

newww prizes


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