hi peoples!


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  • hi peoples!
    November 10
  • anyone starting watching stranger things?
    October 28
  • hi :)
    October 6
  • check out my poll :)
    September 6
  • how is ur skl year goin so far?
    August 30
  • everyone come to mi's party its rn
    August 27
  • last day of summer // not ready to go back :(
    August 22
  • check out my new video :)
    August 20
  • gonna make a memories video soon of the screenshots I took so far of this year
    August 20
    • SportyChic
      I would definitely enjoy watching that :) Can't believe we are only a couple months away from 2018. Time flies by so quick when you're happy :)
    • Holly
      This year went by soooo fast xD
    • iMinute
      ahh cant wait for that !!
    • PinkyB
      Ditto, can't wait!
    • Renesmee
      ikr n imma try to upload it today
  • gonna do re's fashions since I got nothing else to do
    August 19
    • SportyChic
      Woot! Can't wait :D
    • iMinute
      yes!! these r the best fashions on message boards tbh XD
  • not sure wot can I post on here anymore anyone got ideas?
    August 15
  • I love how the boards r very active now
    July 27
  • so wot have y'all done so far in the summer?
    July 24
    • Marzipan
      What have I done this summer?! I've felt HOT!! REALLY HOT!!!! And the air conditioner keeps breaking.
      I hope you've been able to keep cool; this summer is a real killer where I am! EGAD!!
    • Renesmee
      omg yes its been so hot here too and ya our ac works
  • Perpetual_Fighter
    July 24
  • woah summer is going by fast I cant believe its already july
    July 10
  • omg cant believe its july lol
    July 1
  • looking for dark blonde mermaid hair
    June 29
    • EleanorRose
      I have 1. what are you trading?!
    • Renesmee
      wat ru looking for? u can PM me ur wants :)
  • exited for this summer
    June 22
  • going back to posting videos cuz lots of y'all want me 2 so ya
    June 14
    • iMinute
      omg I cant wait for them!! theyre gonna be amazing
    • Renesmee
      ♥awe thx bestfriend♥
  • check out my fashions
    June 5
  • looking for blonde and brown dragon hair
    June 4
  • Pray for Manchester<3
    May 24
  • check out my new fashions
    May 2
  • check out my new vid
    April 27
  • anyone have crystal mermaid jacket,shorts, or cap?
    April 23
  • LOOKING GOT BLUE KOALA HAT ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    April 21
  • if y'all miss club penguin they have made club penguin rewritten it came out before the game closed and its very fun u can wear anything u want and say anything u want
    April 19
  • looking for pink valentines hat and indian headdress(original) lmk if u have them
    April 16
  • check out my fashions :)
    April 15
  • I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had sooooooo much fun!
    April 13