In honor of Poohdent

Please, if you can, can we have a Winnie the Pooh costume in her honor?


  • I agree she should be honored.  I'm not sure what her favorite public rooms is - but perhaps a statue in her honor.  Sleepfancywatch has a park bench in the victorian park.  It is always nice to see that.  I pray for poohden'ts family, it is a bummer to hear... we love you @Poohdent
  • I am so sorry to hear that I pray and ask God  to help her family during this difficult time and I ask God help the family heal and get though this together know that they are not alone  I agreed that Poohdent  should honored  with statue  
    They need each other now to have that good cry and grieve  be there for each other comfort each other too.

  • I heard the news of her passing last night.  I'm deeply saddened to lose her, but hoping she's better off now.  Sending prayers up for her family and friends during this time. 

    I'd also like to see VFK choose something to honor Pooh with.  She was a good friend and liked by everyone.  I leave it up to VFK to choose a method for us to remember her by, if they agree to do so.  (group hug).  Flame

    You'd be surprised what you can do with the short end of the stick
  • I’m so saddened to hear this! :(
    I joined VFK on September 22nd 2013 <3 
  • I'm not gonna cry! 
  • Oh no! So sorry to hear about Poohdent :(  

  • Aww so sad to hear this. She was so sweet . Angels are with her now ..
  • I'm so sorry to hear that she passed.  Prayers to her loved ones to help them through this sad time.
  • @VFK_staff , it was so kind of you to make this. Adorable too!
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