Has anyone gotten the Pegasus bundle for this week yet?


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  • Has anyone gotten the Pegasus bundle for this week yet?
    June 4
    • Holly
      You probably need to refresh. I have my bundles.
  • Ok who hear agrees that the new wings that we got from Faye needs a matching outfit?
    May 21
  • I wonder what the themes for the anniversary memberships will be this year? Also we are getting a new shop in Colonial age and its a shoe store which means shopping.
    May 16
  • I wonder what the surprise we are getting next Saturday is?
    May 11
  • Just a few more days then I'll be done with finals and I'll be able to go home for a well deserved rest.
    May 9
    • Doodlepufflove
      good luck rhodopis!!!!
    • yellowsummerdaisy
      Enjoy your rest in a few days! Definitely indulge in some brownies and desserts that you like :D
  • I still need Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. So if anyone has any extra please let me know by tomorrow.
    April 27
    • Rhodopis
      Actually make that Saturn and Uranus.
    • Rhodopis
      Got all the planets.
  • If anyone gets an extra Saturn do let me know and also tell me what you want for it and I'll see what I can do.
    April 23
    • Trinityy
      Rhodopis I have a saturn planet I could trade you, would you like to meet up now?
    • Rhodopis
      Hi sorry I couldn't respond earlier we can meet up at six tonight if that is okay.
  • I need Neptune, Saturn, and Mars if anyone has any extras just let me know.
    April 17
  • SkyLamb
    HI!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)
    March 13
  • SportyChic
    Happy Birthday!!! <3
    March 13
  • echo_panda
    Is it really your birthday?!?!  Happy Birthday Rhodopis!!!!
    March 12
    • Rhodopis
      Yes it is and Thank you
  • iStella
    March 12
  • Two more days until my birthday.
    March 11
    • iStella
    • EleanorRose
      We must be birthday twins haha! Happy early Birthday! :)
  • As for next week's halloween bundle I will be thinking it as an early birthday present. BTW I love the new land/fairy outfit I needed a new crown.
    March 4
    • iStella
      Happy early Birthday!!!
  • Ten more days until my birthday I can't wait.
    March 3
  • It is now officially two weeks until my birthday.
    February 27
  • Has anyone gotten this week's halloween bundle yet?
    February 18
    • iStella
      I got mine! Have you asked staff about it?
  • As of next week I will only have one more month to go until my twenty-fourth birthday.
    February 6
    • SparkleDream
      have fun! happy early birthday!
    • EleanorRose
      oh nice but be careful.. I think saying ages and stuff is against game rules :)
  • I'm back at college for the spring semester.
    January 20
  • Guys I think I might be a little late to the ball but I promise I will get there as soon as I can.
    December 2017
  • Guess who just got a new shih-tzu puppy today?
    December 2017
  • Did anyone receive this week's halloween bundle yet?
    December 2017
    • Holly
      They were just released! :Da
    • Purplellama
      VFK was so late LOL.
  • Has anyone gotten this week's christmas bundle yet?
    December 2017
  • The new christmas record player and the new christmas records are late.
    December 2017
  • One more day then I can trade a cold dorm room for my nice warm bedroom at home, at least there I know that the heat always works because dad knows what happens when it doesn't mom and I start to complain until he gets it fixed.
    December 2017
  • Been writing papers non-stop for days. I really need a vacation.
    November 2017
  • Loved the costumes from earlier. But the gold stamp costume to me is like seriously I wouldn't wear it even if anyone offered to pay me.
    October 2017
  • I saw the new costumes in the Halloween shop and I LOVE them.
    October 2017
    • Tegdirb
      And there are even more coming out tonight...including a VIP one!:)
  • Now its here
    October 2017
  • This week's bundle was suppose to be in half an hour ago.
    October 2017
    • Holly
      Just have to be patient with it from week to week. Staff are always VERY busy this time of year and do the best they can to keep everything on track. Slight delays are expected but we will get the bundles at some point in the day. :D