It's my birthday!


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  • PrincessGirly
    Happy Birthday Rhodopis !!!!!! ()> 
    November 2021
    • Rhodopis
      My birthday was eight months ago!
  • It's my birthday!
    March 2021
  • Does anyone know where Mary and Joseph are? I can't find them anywhere!
    December 2020
  • I hope everyone remembers my birthday on Thursday!
    March 2020
  • How do you win a game of solitaire?
    February 2020
  • Does anyone know when our constellations will become ride-able?
    July 2019
  • Will we be getting a new pony this year?
    June 2019
  • Guys I most likely won't be online next friday and saturday because I will be busy moving everything out of my dorm room and next saturday is the day I will be graduating from college.
    April 2019
    • SparkleDream
      CONGRATULATIONS!! what did you major in?!
    • Rhodopis
      I majored in History with a minor in Anthropology.
    • SparkleDream
      COOLIO!!!!!! are you proud of YOURSELF?!?!! :D
  • Did everyone forget my birthday today?
    March 2019
    • Trinityy
      Omg HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rhodopis!!
    • Caffe
      Happy Birthday hun!!
  • I LOVE my new castle foyer!
    February 2019
  • Mintie where are the bundles for this week?
    January 2019
  • Merry Christmas!
    December 2018
  • Where is this week's christmas bundle?
    December 2018
  • Where are this week's bundles?
    December 2018
  • where is the new membership?
    December 2018
  • Where are the bundles for this week?
    November 2018
  • As usual I will not be buying any of the halloween bundles until they are all released. Then I will make my decision.
    October 2018
  • OMG The Midsummer Masquerade Ball is next week. I can't wait to see what masks and outfits they have in store for us this year. And the best part is I won't be moving into my dorm room until the weekend after the Ball.
    August 2018
  • Has anyone gotten the Pegasus bundle for this week yet?
    June 2018
    • Holly
      You probably need to refresh. I have my bundles.
  • Ok who hear agrees that the new wings that we got from Faye needs a matching outfit?
    May 2018
  • I wonder what the themes for the anniversary memberships will be this year? Also we are getting a new shop in Colonial age and its a shoe store which means shopping.
    May 2018
  • I wonder what the surprise we are getting next Saturday is?
    May 2018
  • Just a few more days then I'll be done with finals and I'll be able to go home for a well deserved rest.
    May 2018
    • Doodlepufflove
      good luck rhodopis!!!!
    • yellowsummerdaisy
      Enjoy your rest in a few days! Definitely indulge in some brownies and desserts that you like :D
  • I still need Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. So if anyone has any extra please let me know by tomorrow.
    April 2018
    • Rhodopis
      Actually make that Saturn and Uranus.
    • Rhodopis
      Got all the planets.
  • If anyone gets an extra Saturn do let me know and also tell me what you want for it and I'll see what I can do.
    April 2018
    • Trinityy
      Rhodopis I have a saturn planet I could trade you, would you like to meet up now?
    • Rhodopis
      Hi sorry I couldn't respond earlier we can meet up at six tonight if that is okay.
  • I need Neptune, Saturn, and Mars if anyone has any extras just let me know.
    April 2018
  • SkyLamb
    HI!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)
    March 2018
  • Happy Birthday!!! <3
    March 2018
  • echo_panda
    Is it really your birthday?!?!  Happy Birthday Rhodopis!!!!
    March 2018
    • Rhodopis
      Yes it is and Thank you
  • iStella
    March 2018