VFK Secret Santa 2020 - Interests/Wishlist

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By popular demand, here is the general interests / wishlist thread for the VFK 2020 secret santa -- help your secret santa get to know a little bit more about yourself so they can gift you something personalized to your interests :)

What's your favorite color? What's your favorite holiday? Your favorite VFK items?


  • Hi friends <3 Im so excited to be someone's secret santa! 
    My favorite color is pink, my favorite holidays are Valentine's Day and Easter, and I love anything cute, garden-ish, stuff with animals, bumblebee and ladybug stuff, any cute clothing such as north pole outfits, and the teacup items!
    Merry Christmas everyone! 
  • hiiii! Im going to be honest,I don't play vfk as much as I would like to now a days. I  joined to be able to give! But here's a little about me, my favourite colour is blue, my favourite holiday is christmas! My favourite vfk items are the word search lamps, squirrels and anything with a black cat. As I have said I dont play vfk as much so my list of wants are all over the place. Id be happy with a carrot as a gift! Merry Christmas!!!
  • Hello to my secret santa! 

    I love the darker & rich tones on VFK, I'm always building with the Haunted Hotel Lobby walls so take that as you will. I love Halloween time in VFK, though Christmas IRL is def my favorite holiday. My favorite kinds of items are anything halloween! Whether that be the haunted melody prizes or 13 ghosts to limited collectibles. Anything in the realm of Halloween themed items is always something I collect! 

    Good luck! and dont worry about it too much skskjdksjd Merry Christmas :) 
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    Hiya VFK world!

    So excited for this secret Santa! Where do I start....well.. my favorite color is teal, I also like red, black and blue. My favorite holiday on VFK is Halloween, then Christmas, favorite holiday IRL is Thanksgiving, love me some food. I love anything that I can use for building, im not picky in any way.

    Mega hugs and lots of love!!
  • Hey!! Looking forward to the secret santa this year! Little bit about me, my favorite color is yellow, Christmas is my favorite, and I don't have any specific favorite VFK item. I do have a want list on my signature, it is something I made up quickly of items I do not own. By no means does it mean that I have to have those items, it's just a simple guide for my secret santa if they do not know me and want a little guide. I'll be happy with anything given truly :)

    Thank you Tom for organizing this! Merry Christmas!

  • About me:  I love Autumn IRL and all the fall colors that that season brings.  Halloween is my favorite holiday in and out of VFK.  I like anything that has to do with gardening, e.g. - plants, flowers, trees, statuary, topiaries, etc.  I also enjoy working on the WORD puzzles because of the challenge AND the cool lamps!  (I'm just sorry that I missed out doing the puzzles in the early years of VFK, but better late than never!!).  

  • Hey! 

    My favorite color is teal.  My favorite holiday is Christmas because it just means a ton of family time!  

    Some of my favorite things to collect on VFK are PINS, more particularly, membership pins!  The dragon castle dragon pin has proven to be the biggest thorn in my side to date.  

    Some other things that I love to receive are crafted things.  I haven't been on or crafted anything new that has come out since the summer.  

    Some other stuff that i'm always looking for is in my signature on vfk! 
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    Hey everyone! Happy Holiidaysssssssssssssss

    I literally like anything cute and spooky. Ya'll know me lmao
    My favorite color is orange or purple, or orange and purple together.
    And ofc my favorite holiday is halloween!
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  • Hi everyone <3
    So happy to be included in this Secret Santa & super happy with the person I was given! I'm just gonna say a little bit about myself  to make it easier for who ever received me! 

    - I'm a clothes & hair collector on VFK lol! One of my favorite things to do is play COB, so receiving a costume, outfit, or hair would be the greatest thing for me! Their are certain costumes I'd LOVE like the Dark Raven (Teen titans) costume, Harley Quinn Costume or Midnight Antique hair in Black! But I'd be happy with what ever comes my way!

    - When it comes to furniture I love, love, love anything dark themed! I'm obsessed with Skull items, dragon furnishing from past memberships, rare pirate furniture, unique creepy furniture, and not to mention my love for rugs!!  

    - Aside from loving dark things, my favorite holiday is without a doubt Christmas!!! So any cute and unique furniture would be a great surprise!! 

    Pins are not my favorite though, so please try to avoid this as a gift option  :(

    All in all though, I'd truly be happy & super appreciative of what ever I get! Remember it's the thought that counts! 
    Thanks guys! I'm super excited and can't wait to see what awaits me lol! Have a Merry Christmas <3 

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  • Hi,
    My favourite colour is blue. My favourite holiday is Halloween and Christmas. My favourite vfk items are Antiques, Halloween exchange furniture ( any year minus 2020 ) Valentine exchange furniture, ( minus 2020 ) crossword furniture, movie posters, membership furniture, autumn furniture, and Christmas furniture. I also have a list of speififc wants on my sign. 
  • join this group last year and again this year ......thank you Tom.......i will be happy with my gift,,,,,,,,
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    Hi! Here's some things about me:

    - I love Christmas! Favorite time of the year :}
    - My favorite color is purple - yet I literally wear the entire rainbow. I just really like our clothing on here, lol.
    - My favorite VFK items are any objects Christmas related/membership furniture. I also really like costumes/clothes in general! Also: crafting items. More specifically, angora fluff or thread :)

    [Also: if you know me, I love credits! I will gladly take any amount of credits!!]

    Merry Christmas!
  • Hi all and Merry Christmas.

    My favourite colour is lavender. I like all things purple. I am an avid pin collector on VFK with most lanyards complete, so I really love pins. Things I am looking for most at the moment include Galactic Pin III - Moon Walkers, the Zombie Hand pin from zombie seeds, and Enchantment: Nothern Lights, but I am not picky by any means. 

    Have fun gift giving!
  • Posting for Northuldra:

    Hi everyone (:

    I'm really excited to take part in Secret Santa again this year! Here are some things that I enjoy:

    - ANYTHING penguin related
    - Icy/winter items
    - I really love HOST rugs!
    - Antiques (who doesn't love those?)
    - Any scavenger hunt items from any year/season (I love scavenger hunts!)
    - One thing specific that I am looking for and have been looking around for it for quite some time is the 2012 New Years HOST Tee!

    Thank you to whoever has me as their Secret Santa! Merry Christmas

  • Hellllloooo!!

    My favorite color is blue.
    I love Halloween and everything bloody or spooky.
    I like miniatures and anything tea related.
    I like magic and having five star magic is my goal. So if you have any extra game magic or extra magic from 2015-2016, I would love that gift.

    Hope your Holidays are bright!!
  • Hello, my favorite colors are sky blue and oink.
    I like all holidays on vfk, and a variety of items such as clothing, room decor items, fountains.
  • Sorry, the "oink" is PINK,lol
  • Ciao!  :D

    My favorite colors are black and red! I appreciate all holidays and the history behind them. 
    As for items on vfk, i'm not picky. My favorite furniture is the tiki tiki tree house animal chairs. :)

    However, I do not have a specific want! Anything that is gifted to me i'll be super appreciative of, whether it's buyable or not! I'm just happy to be included in something like secret santa. 

    Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo <3

    A big thank you to @purrfect for drawing my wonderful signature!
  • Hi and Hugs Everybody!

    My favorite colors are Orange, Green and Yellow.
    I love Plants and anything to do with Gardening and Fall.
    I love Squirrels, Fireflies and Ladybugs.
    I love anything Antique.
    I'm looking for Plush Antlers, Christmas Polar Light Bear, Terracotta Mushroom Chairs, Jungle Fern Chair, Crazy Plushy Purple Bat.

    But I would love any gift, because I just love Presents!

    Merry Christmas!

    PS  Thank you for this gift idea list, it is so helpeful!
  • Posting for Raven_Wildspirit:

    I would love any thing you give me... have a blessed holiday!!! ty
  • Hi friends,

    Anything will be fine but some things I like to collect are football/hockey Jerseys(Red, Orange and Gray/ Lightning), Framed Jerseys, and Mini houses from Christmas antiques. Other then that anything will do! Merry Christmas!
  • Hi everyone (:

    I'm really excited to take part in Secret Santa again this year! Here are some things that I enjoy:

    - ANYTHING penguin related
    - Icy/winter items
    - I really love HOST rugs!
    - Antiques (who doesn't love those?)
    - Any scavenger hunt items from any year/season (I love scavenger hunts!)
    - One thing specific that I am looking for and have been looking around for it for quite some time is the 2020 New Years HOST Tee!

    Thank you to whoever has me as their Secret Santa! Merry Christmas <3
  • hiiiii!! <3 
    a little about me; fav colors are pink and light blue, fav holidays are Halloween and valentines day! I collect a bunch of different stuff on vfk like hats, carriable items, hairs, membership magics, and all kinds of pins! I do have a lf list on my signature if interested!
  • hi im queen-kyla i like pink i love hairs and costumes i love too cause drama 
    i want for christmas is some hairs and costumes and cute non member clothes 
  • my favorite holiday valentine days
  • Howdy All,

    My favorite VFK items are Antiques, but to be honest, I'm good with anything.  I love Teleporters!!!

    But as my secret Santa...please don't stress.  I'm just honored to have so many friends in my life.

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    Hiya! Thank you Tom for coordinating all of this!

    Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I like all shades of blue. 
    Some of my favorite VFK items are animals like deer/original squirrels/penguins and puzzle lamps.
    I'm always on the lookout for elementals from the full moon events and I've been looking for the Ice Mouse & Swan Globe Christmas Ornament from last year's Christmas competition. 
    But really I'm happy with anything and love being able to participate again this year. <3
  • <3 Hi there to the Secret Santa that has me. Here is my want list. Tbh, most of what I have been looking for now a days is actually really expensive or super difficult to get items. I really do not expect any of those as gifts due to to their nature. I completely understand on that. However, I will go ahead and list them though just in case but don't feel pressured to gift any of them to me. Just give what you heart feels led to and what you are able to. With that being said here is my want list below:

    Christmas 2010 Ballgown - Headband (white, green, black, purple)
    Dancing Antique Cat Burger
    Antique Book Case (the kind with curtains)
    2013 Haunted Ballroom Gown - Purple (FULL ballgown/outfit)
    Teddy Bear wearing pajamas and sleep cap (I do not know official nay.me)
    Pineapple Hat
    Carry Beach Be.all
    Antique travel suitcases from past Halloween Antique (They open up and show clothes inside)
    Yellow Lava Lamp (Easter)
    Pink Lava Lamp (Valentine's)
    Sixth Anniversary Pin
    Seventh Anniversary Pin
    2015 Christmas Pin
    2019 Christmas Pin
    2015 Thanksgiving Pin
    2016 Thanksgiving Pin
    2015 fourth of July Pin
    2017 fourth of July Pin
    2018 fourth of July Pin

    Side Notes:
    My favorite color is a toss up between pink and blue and my favorite season is summer! So further gift idea items for me would be beach/ocean themed. I also am really into mermaids, so mermaid related items would be cool. Keep in mind, I bought the Bubbletasic (mermaid) membership back in the day as well as the more recent Beach (dolphin) membership. So I would not need anything gifted to me from those memberships.

    waterfallglow signature

    my signature was drawn by waterfallglow (me)! I did this completely myself using Paint program. :) ^_^

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