VFK Secret Santa 2020 - Interests/Wishlist



  • my favorite color(s) is red, and black. i love halloween.
    i really really really want a red hippo hat :c but i am also looking for:
    -blood candle pins
    2019 halloween favors
    2020 sock hop favors
    pink potion fx
    new christmas lamps
    half moon hat
  • What's your favorite color? Teal/blue/purple
    What's your favorite holiday? christmas/halloween
    Your favorite VFK items? Anything I can use for building 
    dazzlej signature02
  • Any item gifted will be wonderful.   I am so easy to please   LOL
  • Posting for Flake:

    My favorite color is blue!
    I like:
    Anything turtle or frog related
    Antiques (even the cheap ones)
    Costume I don't have
    Open to anything tho!
  • Tom,

    I still need to give the person I have as a Secret Santa their gift, how are we doing that if they are not on my friends list?

    Thanks in advance,

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