honestly how am i still playing this game


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  • honestly how am i still playing this game
    November 5
  • spooky scary skeletons.
    October 19
  • hello darkness my old friend. i am back.
    October 19
  • I hear the computers are tradable now! Of all the times I ask! :)
    April 9
  • Taking a break after 8 April - the day my membership expires. I will be on for the memberships, other than that I'm done with VFK. I will miss all of you guys! <3
    April 3
    • iStella
      Will you be back for the anniversary?
    • Purplellama
      Yeah, if the memberships are good :)
  • Chips and Dip <3
    March 25
  • Question of the Day: Why do I procrastinate on everything? 
    I should really do my homework but Sims, VFK and The Office are all calling my name.
    March 21
    • iStella
      You're not alone in this respect o.o
    • HBforever
      Sorry about the late comment, but I must say... RELATABLE! lol
  • Arg, got this closing statement to work on, but VFK is very distracting. >:U
    March 18
  • I really love the last Phoenix Bundle - I'm sad my membership has ended though. But on the other hand, the items are really, really cool!
    March 17
  • Michael Scott is life, and I am Toby Flenderson.
    March 11
  • My school is planning to do a walkout March 14th. Guess I won't be learning that day. :/
    March 9
  • I have been so sick lately, haven't even dealt with VFK in depth for the past two days. Blech. :/
    February 26
  • I love the new purple hair VFK! I've been asking for a metallic purple for weeks - and I finally got it!!! :D
    February 25
  • I forgot I had Monday [tomorrow] off! Mid-winter break!
    February 18
  • SkyLamb
    OMG  Llama you have your title back!!  You just were the same when you were dahlia!  Welcome back!!
    February 17
    • Purplellama
      Thank you :D I had my title changed back because everyone kept calling me Llama! I have branded this title well, I suppose lol.
  • Half day tomorrow! :D
    February 15
  • Ooh, I forgot what today was. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! 
    February 14
  • I forgot my Economics test was Thursday, the same day as all my other tests. D:
    February 13
  • Should I watch Criminal Minds or play VFK? :/
    February 11
  • The Office series finale is making me wanna cry :(((
    February 10
  • No school! :D
    February 8
  • winter storm warning from friday in the morning to friday at night. I want a snow day >:U
    February 7
  • andy should have punched nellie and robert >:U
    February 7
  • wow the super bowl was intense. all the tide ads LOL
    February 5
  • tis not a conspiracy theory anymore: kylie jenner had a baby girl and im so proud cause I was waiting for this moment. I don't follow the family but it's cool to see most of them have a baby. :DDDD
    February 4
  • Selling 1* Emerald Q
    Looking for:

    $4,000,000 credits
    Angel Shoes
    February 4
  • Because of the Olympics, my shows won't be on until March. :))))) lovely.
    February 3
  • Why is there no trade room open? I'm flabbergasted.
    February 2
    • iStella
      Because everyone is waiting for you to open one XD
  • sims 4 sale oh my god time to spend all my money!!!
    February 1
  • i love vfk memes
    January 30