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OK...I get the reasoning for the number 14...but really...the heirloom is last year's seed given by game and the vases for the other two can't we go to all the expense of buying 14 seeds and plots to get 14 useless harvest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......LIKE REALLY!!!!!!! IT'S EITHER THAT OR LET THE PLOTS DIE RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING...waste of time and energy...for what....I know I don't have the seed.. Cardinal De Richelieu Rose


    The rose bushes do not need to be harvested in order to complete the "Valentine Challenge II - Love Of Gardening" also you may plant 14 of one kind of rose bush, or a mix of any of the three:

    - Valentine's Bouquet Seeds - Roses
    - Valentine's Bouquet Seeds - Pink Roses
    - Heirloom Seeds - Cardinal De Richelieu Rose

    The Valentine's Challenges are tasks you can accomplish counting down to Valentine's day while winning exciting prizes along the way!  They are meant to be fun things to do around VFK, however, they are not required to be played and there will be many other activities in VFK as part of our Valentine's celebration!

    I hope this helps!


  • Yes i get that..but,  it really would be helpful if a person could sell the vases that the roses generate from planting...that would be a bonus that all could enjoy. After all who would't want an extra chance at acquiring more "free" credit like with some of the other vases..make all a choice to be sold back to the system....that 's all...and yes I'd like to acquire the  Cardinal De Richelieu Rose
    seed, if anybody has an extra...hint..hint..
  • Howdy @NotherPearl

    Selling the vases you get from harvesting rose bushes is a great idea!  We will definitely look into that!

    Thank you for your suggestions! :)

  • @NotherPearl You don't need the Heirloom seed, others will work fine. At least that is what @Tomorrow said. ;) -Thanks @Tomorrw!

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
  • This is CRAZY to have to get 14 word search. NO WAY can I even get 1 done. It takes me 3 hours to do one. Forget doing 14 of them.
  • @NotherPearl

    You can save the vases for the one of the furni exchanges!
  • Kitten...not all the vases can be exchanged...and those that can't be exchanged, not all can be still get stuck with vases...mind you they are nice..but after a while get's to be to much...I just think a lot of people would enjoy the extra credits with the option of selling for all added feature for the vases would also encourage gardening...we need more from that department...
  • edited February 12

    Perhaps Staff will add the vases to the exchange list.

    [Post edited, question answered in game)
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