search bar for gold stamp store

It would be awesome if we had a search bar for the gold stamp store, so we could look up things instead of going to each and every catalog and page of catalog 7... just a suggestion hugs


  • I totally agree, that or a table of contents, where each item is a link to that specific page, in each book!

  • I really wish they would add something like this. It would be really helpful especially during contest. 
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    I think the main problem is Catalog 7. The other catalogs say what's inside by their covers which makes it somewhat easier. The main catalog is convoluted and I think it needs to be segregated into more catalogs - 8th to onwards. Or maybe categorized seasonally (Winter/Hockey, Football, Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Summer/Baseball, Halloween & so on. With seasonal categories, they can keep it up to date endlessly.

    While I would like a search bar, I also think a table of contents makes much more sense since it is designed as a book/brochure/magazine you can flip through.

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  • Good idea!
  • omg! i'm sooo happy about this post!

    I have asked vfk to create an interactive table of contents for the gold stamp catalog (especially for 7 which was already pretty full when I joined vfk) for the past 5 years on the devblog!  i know other people have also made the same request.I it's not a difficult thing to do, but it is time consuming.

    hopefully they will give this idea some serious thought and come through. it might already be present in the new 3d version we are changing to fairly soon. either way, something needs to be done about these catalogs.

    oh, btw, meanwhile, there is a post that contains the items and the catalog they are in and the page it's on so we can at least have an idea of where to find what. it was posted by Honeybee in September 2017 so it is not fully updated but that's not all that long ago really.

    here is the link to the post: ;

    hope it helps! hugs all around!! ♥



  • I would totally love a search bar!
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  • not sure why it wont let me like the post on here? any idea?

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