Tips for Angora Bunnies

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I had a nice tip back on Insider before it closed so I guess it's time to start fresh!

You will need either weekend wear or clothes that can make you sit on the ground
Press shift+click to sit

Ground "rules"
1. When you enter, you only get two(2) bunnies. See all those bunnies? Not yours. ONLY two(2).
2. Bunny events do not end. It may have a ending time but it does not disappear when the event ends, unlike sheep or reedies; please do not leave.
3. Don't worry that you DC! You can still collect bunnies if you do not press "connect". *
4. If you leave after event, you cannot get those bunnies back, at all.*
5. Please don't come in after the event ends and expect to get bunnies; i've seen people do this and it sucks watching them wait and they get nothing for a long time*

*You can DC yourself purposefully if you cut off the wifi on your laptop a bit until the "connect" windows pop up, then turn it back on (this helps with lag with multiple clones on).

*This honestly varies, usually I cannot get my bunnies back after I accidentally get booted but a friend got her bunnies back after 30 mins of it "ending"

Busting these myths:
-There are no bunny paths
-I don't believe sitting in the same spot every event will produce more bunnies, until then prove me wrong
-You can sit next to someone and get angora still
-There is NO "resetting", whatever that means.

Bunnies take a while to come, please be patient and try moving spots if that spot is not working out for you.


Edit:  Actual steps if you want to DC for events:
1. stay in your login
2. turn off your wifi on your computer
3. wait for the "connect" to come up and DO NOT PRESS IT
4. turn wifi back off and exit the "connect" popup
5. go your designated area and enjoy!

Alternate way to DC:
Duplicate the tab till the original screen says "connect"

You will literally have no one around and can use all the clones you want.


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