Attics Of Pemberley - Beta Testing Guide!

As everything comes together for our Attics of Pemberley Mini-Mystery Beta Test, we are very excited to share some of the behind the scenes information, and also the types of feedback the Development Team will be looking for as part of the Beta Test!

This Developer Video Update highlights the new Miss Clue Engine, and covers the new User Experience and Navigational Elements that the Development Team is hoping to get feedback on during the Beta Testing period!

In particular, this video provides an overview of how to customize the visual aspects of the new Miss Clue Engine!

We will be creating a new Forum Section for Beta Testers to provide ideas and feedback during the Beta Testing!


-Miss Clue Development Team


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    Awesome thanks for the info mintie!  I'm totally Psyched!
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  • Oh. :o There's audio xD

    Can't wait for this to be released!

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Sounds so exciting! Can't wait! :D 
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  • This is so exciting! I can't wait!
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    Wow this is terrific!  I love all the new additions!  Thanks mintie!
  • Thanks so much for posting this.  I really love you guys staying in touch with us and letting us know how things are coming. 

    I'm so excited and I hope I have the chance to be among the testers and I really appreciate that a Miss Clue developer took time out to make this short walkthrough.  All the new features look fantastic and I can see myself using all 3 modes depending on what puzzle/clue I might be looking for.  I think I prefer the frame for my own personal use but having the frame-less option looks very main stream!

    Overall, I love this newest update and look forward to the Beta Test with high hopes!

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  • Hello!

    I truly appreciate this update! It looks like you guys are really proud of your work and it shows in all your most recent updates!  I enjoyed watching this and Brad was a great guide.  I want to try all the enhancements so I hope you guys start the beta testing as soon as you can!

    With that said, try not to feel too rushed because I'll be here waiting and will check back soon, 


    LOVE how you guys are always progressing and adding new things to the series I know of no other game that allows for different modes like these!

    Personally I get motion sick, so I can't play a lot of the first person games, so having the Cinematic and Glide Motion modes is soooooo awesome!

    I can't wait to be a BETA TESTER!

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  • EKK!! This is AWESOME!! Thanks mintie :D!!!!  I love brad!!

    GOLDENPUPPYgoldenpuppypicturetacocatTHANKS TACOCAT!!

  • The new game play is so cool!  I can't wait for the beta test!
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  • So exciting!  Thanks for the update mintie I can't wait to beta test!!  I hope I make it in!
  • These additions are amazing! I can't tell you how important it is to have OPTIONS.

    Being a Nancy Drew game fan for years, I have heard complaints about numerous features that they've introduced and whatnot - the most recent being the possible introduction of full motion in their new games (lol once/if theyre released) A lot of fans complained about not being able to play full motion games due to motion sickness. Having OPTIONS, just like the ones being introduced here, would solve these problems completely. They should take some notes from the Miss Clue developers ;)

    I can't wait for beta testing to begin! I hope I'll be able to play!!

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  • I can't wait to beta test this!!  Thanks for the update @VFK_Mintie
    Thank you TACOCAT for my awesome signature pic!
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    I absolutely agree @DonutLuverr It's genius!  I don't get motion sick myself but I prefer the point and click, because I have no sense for navigation with full motion games.  Although having the same game have various modes will definitely help me get a hang of it I think!

  • Mintie, is the Beta going to be on the website so we can play it?? 
  • Hi @tessygrl,  The Beta testing will be on Miss Clue!  More detailed information about how to sign up and how the Beta testing will work, is coming soon! :)
  • This is SUPER!!!  Awesome video, I don't know if someone has already mentioned this yet BUT....I LOVE the options book! with the little red book mark it's so pretty!
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  • Mintie you can call me Tessy :) 
  • Cool update!  Thanks
    Cool just got cooler!
  • I was so excited to see the update and now can't wait to check it out!! The new engine looks extremely impressive!! 

  • Very professional, it really looks like you guys are proud of what your doing!
  • this looks so exciting!! i cant wait for beta testing to begin!


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  • I am looking forward to testing out the new motions.  I do get motion sick from some first person games, but I'm excited to try the new modes.  So far I have never suffered motion sickness playing Miss Clue.  Yay!  How to you become a Beta tester?
  • Hey @Patticakes,

    There will be a place to sign up for Beta Testing very soon on the Miss Clue homepage!  so keep an eye out!


  • @VFK_Mintie is there going to be a limit of how many beta testers you need to test out the game? 
  • Well done on the beta testing guide! I'm so excited to see what is to come and it looks great! I also have to agree with everyone else that having choices are awesome! I can see myself switching back and forth between them whenever I feel like changing my perspective on the environment, and I know others will appreciate being able to choose so they don't get motion sickness.
  • I really love all of the pride and care that is going into this new beta test! All of the options look awesome ( and very friendly to my motion sickness ) and this video is so thoughtful and well done. 

    Every day I am more impressed with Miss Clue!

    I know it's a long shot, but how do you apply to be a beta tester? Have they all been chosen already?
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  • Hey @tessygrl,

    Yes, there will be a limit on Beta Testers, so stay tuned for more information on the Beta Testing!

  • Hi @Daphne_Drew,

    Actually the Beta Testing will start very soon so you're just in time to enter!

    There are a few more details we're working out to make sure everything is ready, then there will be an announcement on the Miss Clue Homepage with all the information about the Beta Testing including how to apply, if you'd like to be a Beta Tester!

    We're very excited to get things rolling so keep a look out!

  • What would be the limit do you know Minite??
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