VFK Weekly News - Second Edition

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VFK Weekly News
 Welcome to VFK Weekly News!
Where you get minute to minute updates
on events happening right now on VFK and Miss Clue!

I would like to start out with saying Thank you so much to everyone that has been reading the first edition and giving me positive feedback! It means a lot!

Today's TOP headline
Easter went off without a hitch!
I must say, I LOVED doing the Easter Egg Hunt and the Melodies. The Prizes were adorable
 the Easter Baskets this Year, OH MY GOSH is all I can say. They were packed with a Cute Egg Necklace, Bunny and Cheep Plush, little Cheeps, Chocolate Bunny, Bunny Ears and Eggs.
To answer a question I had last week, They did hide eggs at the Zoo.
Which was exciting because, I know a lot of VFKer's like the Zoo as well as myself!
You can earn you're Golden Bunny Ears by collecting eggs from the Egg hunt.
It takes roughly 325 eggs to unlock the Golden Egg at The Round Table.
Another Wonderful Easter in the Books.
Good job Staff!

Don't forget, All the Easter stuff goes away on May 1st.

In other News
VFK's 9th Anniversary Is NEXT MONTH!!!
It is always exciting around VFK's Anniversary. There's something Magical about this time on here.
I wonder if Colonial Age will finally Open. or at least, The Start of construction this year?! I wonder if we will get another new Animal to adopt?!
I guess only time will tell on this part.

Host Events
The Hosts will be having their Host Spring Events this week. Check the Event Calendar for details.
Also on the Event Calendar, More Space Age Enhancements, New Alien Guestroom, Angora Bunnies arrive and a New Quest from Faye.
Wow, so much going on this week!

Don't forget, You can send Jokes And Special Announcements that you would like featured in VFK Weekly News to me here on the Message Boards.
I will add one joke per edition. So if you think of more, Keep sending them in.

Miss Clue News
I finally got Peril In Pemberley and I must say, It is pretty fun to play!
I Hope that VFK Releases another one to buy!
If you haven't Purchased it, I would recommend doing so!

In Today's funnies
I was doing the Easter Egg hunt at the zoo when I found an Egg INSIDE the Bear enclosure. After much thinking, I decided to distract the bear with honey which worked. However, The honey bee's weren't so happy and I ended up running out o
f there with a swarm of bee's following close behind me.

That is all for this weeks edition of VFK Weekly News.

VFK Weekly News Poll - Anniversary Edition
  1. Should Colonial Age Open this Year?!
    1. Yes!!
    2. No, There are other things I'd rather have done first.


  • Awesome article! Can't wait for more! I liked the bunny ears this year and I got the pink ears in a trade for the first time in 3 years! I ended up getting light purple in my basket but there was someone who had extra pink ears and they traded them to me! There are much more eggs this year than previous years because of eggs being hidden in the Zoo because the Zoo is huge! Also I can't wait for VFK's Anniversary! I also wonder if VFK will open Colonial Age this year but if they do construction before it opens I hope it won't take a full year like the Zoo did however if it does hopefully Colonial Age will look amazing and be worth the wait like the Zoo was! 
    "May the stars shine down on you."
    -Rosalina ♥
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    @Super_Princess_Rosalina That is great that you found pink bunny ears. I actually got yellow in my basket. which happens to be one of my favorite colours. Even if colonial was to go under construction, I would totally wait... I so loved how the zoo turned out. so it would probably be worth the wait. I just want it to open after so long of waiting!!

    Just a thought; if they started construction on it and opened it next year, that would be pretty cool, because that would be their 10 year anniversary! A big mile stone!!
  • Yay! Another article! Loved it, by the way. (And I suggest apologizing to the bees..)

    I actually heard from a friend that Colonial Age is coming around the anniversary. :O I hope that it actually happens!

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • I heard from another player that staff had mentioned something about Colonial age this year. Which is why I wrote that article. I sure do hope that it is true..
  • @EleanorRose Hopefully it is true! I also heard a couple months ago about staff mentioning it. There are a ton of people who want Colonial to open and some will probably suggest it and VFK has been taking suggestions lately so maybe it might happen! Also if it does go under construction I think I would be okay waiting even if its a year wait because that will mean the age will look super amazing when its done and its better than nothing being done to it! We waited a year for the Zoo and it looked amazing when it opened!
    "May the stars shine down on you."
    -Rosalina ♥
  • Great article @EleanorRose I think this will be helpful and awesome for a lot of people to come.  Also if someone has been away and want to catch up it's useful for that too.  Over all I would give this 10  stars!
    ColourZRNice...Always, Only, You!

    You are worth everything and more
  • @SamKam Wow Thank you so much!! :) I know that some people come on here more than they do VFK. So, It would give them an idea as to what is new on VFK..
  • If we do get a new pet to adopt I just hope it won't cost us too many gold stamps.
  • I actually asked them to make another special VIP membership with bundle's like what they did with the Dragons. except, this one would have a bear or giraffe mount included for the Anniversary.
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    I love these little news posts… totally informative and fun to read.  For the poll, I put I'd rather have other content for the anniversary because I have my own ideas Id rather see first, and I feel Colonial age, at this point, shouldn't be rushed, and with the dev's working on the Zoo, and a brand new look to Space age, I'd rather suggest other projects for them to work on this anniversary instead of Colonial Age (although everyone wants it open).  I see people requesting colonial age so much, yet with how long we have already played VFK without it, I'd rather save it for the big 10 year anniversary, and work on other projects this anniversary, only because it makes most sense to give VFK a break regarding new public rooms.  The Zoo was maybe almost 40 new public rooms all together, and they even have other areas in the zoo they still want to expand on, and other items they wanted to put in the shops.  

    Personally, I wouldn't be mad if it came out this anniversary, but there are still tons of other big/small updates I wouldn't mind seeing first.  Nonetheless, VFK goes all out with their celebrations, so there will be something fun for everyone.  Thanks for typing these little newsletters!
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    I know they have been pretty busy with other projects. The zoo is HUGE and it turned out amazing. Though, I still think it would be pretty cool to open Colonial for their 10 year Anniversary. With other people hearing stuff about it lately as well, it makes me wonder if they are actually planning on doing that..
  • It would be cool to have colonial open! But I would think that with everything else going on at the moment, it would probably be put off for a while. Like Mills said, they have released alot of new rooms and there's still stuff at the zoo they were planning on doing. But I will say again, it would be nice.

    I like your news discussions! They are always fun to read!! :D


    HUGS buddy! :'D

  • I'm actually unsure now if it will be likely or not they plan to mention Colonial Age! I guess we will have to wait and see. I think this year they should put it under construction then open it when their 10th Anniversary comes! The problem with that is a lot of people might get upset about it since it is a bit of a very long wait but I wouldn't mind waiting! 
    "May the stars shine down on you."
    -Rosalina ♥
  • I love your news articles!! so cool!
  • Wow @EleanorRose That was so awesome!  Really great!
  • Thank you so much everyone for all the awesome feedback!!! It means so much to me that you all love reading VFK Weekly!! :)
  • Fantastic! Wow you're already on the second edition of this!  I wish you the best of luck @EleanorRose it's really well done!
  • @dazzlerdream Thank you! :)

    There will be a brand new edition out tomorrow!
    So check back! :)
  • @EleanorRose your weekly updates are incredible!! Love reading them. Keep up the good work!
  • Ooo i totally dig these news editions!! keep it up  :(|)
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