I have some news for you all

Guys this isn't easy for me to say but starting in late august I won't be on VFK much because I will be heading back to college and my studies and my class assignments will of course take up most of my time. However, I am not leaving VFK for good I just won't be on as much I will try to come on as much as I can but it may be just to see how things are and whenever I can find some free time. I will try to come on during the Halloween season and Thanksgiving from time to time and over the weekends whenever I am not busy writing papers or cramming for tests. The most you will be able to see me would be over the holidays because off of school during Christmas and I am going to check on the message boards for news from time to time, however my studies come first and I need to focus on them because I want to have a career and be able to move out of my parents house once I graduate. I'm sorry I won't be on as much when school comes back into session but that is how life works and I need to pass my classes but I do have a lot of free time during Christmas and the summer. This isn't a good-bye it is just a break from games on VFK in order to focus on my education and I will be coming back.


  • It's hard to do everything at once.  I'm sure you'll make the best decision and It will be awesome to see you when ever you get on!
  • Yeah school time is Crrraazzzzyy!  If there is anything you want me to get for you just shoot me a message!  Hope to see you soon!  I'm super glad you're not leaving and that you have a plan all worked out.  I wish I was that organized! 
  • Good luck with School!
  • wow good luck with your plans!!!  i hope it isn't too maddening and you still have some time to take care of yourself! :)
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