VFK Weekly News - First Edition!

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VFK Weekly News - First Edition!
Hello and Welcome to VFK Weekly News! Where you get minute to minute updates on events happening right now on VFK and Miss Clue!

Today's TOP headline
 Guinea pigs, Bunny Shop, Melodies, Easter calendar, Easter egg collecting, & Cheep hats. It's pure Easter Mayham;
With Easter Vastly approaching, Everyone is scrambling to get everything needed and gathered for Easter Sunday. What do you think the ole' Easter Bunny will leave us this year?! Will there be eggs to be hidden at the Zoo this year?! Will it all get done in time?! Only time will tell.
Check back Next week!

In other News
Space Month in April!
 If you ask me, I say they have done a wonderful job blending Space Month with Easter.
With Space Age Area Enhancements coming later today And a New Galaxy Space Pin Tomorrow Followed by another Space Renovation on Saturday, The Excitement is sure to build up.

Host Events
Don't forget, Host_Firefly will be having her Easter Host Events.

Easter Ball
Who else is excited for the Easter Ball?!
This Year's Easter Ball Attire comes out Friday followed by The Easter Ball Friday Evening and Saturday!
What do you think the Party Favor will look like this Year?!

In Today's funnies
I had gathered some friends and we were headed off to the Beautiful Bondi Beach. When we got there, we all got ready and jumped in the water for a swim. when, out of no where I heard a scream. One of the Swimmers had spotted something odd in the water. After investigating, I found it was only VFK_Tazz and his friends looking for mid-day Zombies! 

That is all for this Weeks Edition of VFK Weekly News.

VFK Weekly News
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    1. Yes I'm so totally in love with this. keep posting!
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