Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 6, Part 1

SEASON 6 IS HERE!!! -Confetti falls-

Hope you guys enjoy! :)


Scene: Martha and Lucy are at Anne's house, helping her tend to the garden

Lucy: Ah, AH! It's on me, it's on me!

Martha: What's on you??

Lucy: A bug! Ew, ew! Take it away!

Anne: -Laughs- Oh Lucy, it's just a little bug. It won't harm you.

Lucy: I don't care! I hate bugs!

Anne: Haha, well alright then. -She bends down and flicks the bug off of Lucy's arm-

Martha: -Snickers- You're still scared of bugs Lucy?

Lucy: Don't judge me...

Martha: Oh, I'm judging!

Anne: Now now Martha, we all have our fears. It's nothing for anyone to be afraid of.

Andrew: -Throws an ant on Lucy's shoulder-

Lucy: I'm out of here!

Andrew: Okay! I'm sorry! -Mumbles- Girls...

Martha: I think just about everything is ready for harvest, Anne.

Anne: Good! I'll head inside to grab some more tools, wait here.

Andrew: So. -Walking over to Martha and Lucy- Did you hear the news?

Lucy: -Checking the ground for any insects- What news?

Andrew: What?? How do you NOT know? Everyone's talking about it, even at school.

Martha: Well, spit it out already! What is it?

Andrew: A super rich family and renowned family is moving into Birch Island, and right next door to your house!

Lucy: Whoa! Really? That's awesome!

Martha: Well, who are these people exactly?

Andrew: Have you ever heard of the Revere Family?

Martha: The Revere Family? No way, they're actually coming here!?

Andrew: That is what I just said, isn't it?

Martha: This is so cool! I've been a fan of them ever since I was nine! My favorites are Whitney and Jeremy Revere, they're such great role models!

Lucy: And we'll be neighbors with them, Martha! Neighbors!

Andrew: Do you think that they'll like me?

Martha: Uh, do you want an honest opinion on that...?

Andrew: Haha, very funny.

Lucy: That doesn't really sound like you, Andrew. Why do you care if they like you or not?

Andrew: Because if I become friends with some of the younger Reveres, they might give me money... Loads of it! Plus, it'll give me plenty of reputation at school.

Lucy: Okay, now you're acting like yourself.

Martha: You want to know the Reveres because of those reasons? The Reveres are great people, and they don't deserve to be used!

Lucy: Um, you know Martha... You've never met the Reveres before, or even have seen them.

Andrew: Your sister has a point.

Martha: First of all, I've read tons of their blogs and magazine articles, so I know a good deal of them. Second, I've seen their pictures, so technically, I have seen them before.

Anne: Alright! I'm back, now let's harvest these crops!

Scene: The next day, at Birch Island Middle School

John: You've got to be kidding! They're moving next to YOUR house?

Martha: Yeah! Isn't that great?

John: You're so lucky, I wish that I was able to meet them.

Martha: You're a fan too?

John: Yes! Who wouldn't be? Jeremy is an absolute legend!

Martha: Hey, Jeremy is one of my favorites too!

-Martha gets tripped as she is walking to her locker-

Martha: Hey! What was that for--- Oh, hi Alice.

Alice: Hi Martha! Sorry, it was an accident.

Martha: No problem. -Stands up-

Alice: I heard you talking about the Reveres, well, almost everyone is. But... Who are they?

Martha: What! You've never heard of the Reveres before?

Alice: Nope, never even heard of them.

John: Do you live under a rock or something??

Alice: No, I live next to Martha and Lucy, thank you very much.

-Bell rings-

Martha: I'll tell you about the Reveres after class. Come on, let's go!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • reading now! :)
  • Wow pinky you're on a roll!  It's hard to keep up with all that you're writing but I LOVE IT!  :-bd

  • Haha, thanks @MistyMew :D

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Ooooo A new family!  Are they as wealthy as the darcy's or did I miss that?
  • @ColourzRnice (Sorry, didn't notice this!) They're actually even more wealthy than the Darcy family. :o

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • this is so awesome!!! LOVE SEASON 6!!!
  • EEK How could anyone be more wealthy than the darcy's?!?!  I'm so sorry to be posting to late pinky!  I just saw this now, please don't feel like we don't care!

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