Captain Warlock - Chapter 5!

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Good luck everyone!


  • This is a spoiler to those who are deactivating the bomb!
    Move the Resistors on the right side, to the left side in this pattern:

    Good luck!!
  • Hi Mintie, I can't leave the alien apartments. I found tool box, put gun on wall and got the things out of the drawer and read the health book. Did I miss something?
  • Never mind, phone wasn't working at first left and tried again and it worked
  • HELP -
    the alien never took the snacks before I beat him senseless now when I try to search him its stuck saying "Let me get those snack back he won't be needing them" over and over in a loop the game will no progress

  • HELP -
    Clone froze on Alien Body as well after doing everything right it maybe a windows 10 touchscreen issue

  • I cant wait to start playing this, i haven't gotten that far haha

    @VFK_Mintie you guys are doing an awesome job with everything in VFK! hope you have a good day! and say hi to the rest of the staff for me!!
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  • i loved chapter 5!!!! thanks for the pic @VFK_Mintie it really helped :)
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  • Hi @VFK_Mintie :) I was wondering if you could help me open the bomb in captain warlock chapter 5? I'm stuck where you see the wires.
  • I'm stuck on captain warlock #5. What all do you have to do/get in the ailen's room?
  • Hi Mintie, hugs!  i got into the alien's room and found the tool to deactivate the bomb.  I also put his gun back on the wall and the drawer opened showing an item on the right which I took and the little books that I couldn't take.  I noticed that there was red showing on the room across the hall, but I couldn't get in there.  I don't know what to do next, can't get on the elevator to leave and go back to my room.  I looked at the book on the kitchen counter about their health.  Don't know what to do next to be able to continue, please help :)  Merry
  • Hi @KikiMerryheart! :)
    When you next go into Captain Warlock, return to the Alien's Quarters and pick up the Alien Radio!
    This is what it looks like in your inventory, click on it to bring it to the forefront!

    Next, click on the card you found from the secret compartment!


    Then, click on it again to hold it!


    And insert it into the bottom of the Alien Radio!

    I hope this helps!  Good luck! :)
  • Hi @princessmadiro! :)
    The next time you play Captain Warlock, you should be able to continue!

    Great job solving the Alien Radio puzzle!!  Good luck! :)
  • Hi @DazzleElegantQueen! :)
    When you next go into Captain Warlock, approach the bomb and open up your Toolbox!


    Click on your Toolbox to open it!

    Then pick up the phillips screwdriver, to the right!


    And unscrew both sides, beneath the red tabs!



    Then, pick up your Toolbox again...


    And pick up the flat screwdriver, to the left!


    And unscrew each of the black tabs!



    And click on the center of all the wires to view the compartment beneath them!


    This next part is a little tricky!  There is advice on how to solve this puzzle in a book inside the Toolbox, and you can also follow the picture below on how it's supposed to look once it's completed!


    Move the resistors from the Right Side, to the Left Side in this formation:


    I hope this helps!  Good luck! :)
  • great tips! I was confused about the alien radio too  <:-P

  • Hi Mintie, ty again for the help.  But I need to completely open the bomb and don't know what to do.  I clicked on the red tabs but it didn't open further.  He made the comment that he was glad that she knew how to take care of alien bombs, but she didn't do anything lol.  Oh well, maybe if I go back in I can do it different.
      Hugs Merry
  • I heard a click when I hovered over red tabs on bomb, took out a tool but it didn't turn red.  Can't get the case to open further.
  • Hii Mintie, the bomb keeps going off before the time goes out. :o It seems to go off every time I put in the one with the colors green, green, red. Is this a glitch?

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • hey i am driving in a car the blue one and i dont know what to do know can someone help
  • i'm having big trouble with this chapter :(

    i got up to the car port and clicked on my car, and it loaded the instructions and the race. it was lagging really bad so i closed vfk and reopened it, but when i opened the chapter again, it was stuck on the last view of the car before the race starts, and i can't click on anything or back away!

    i've tried:
    1) playing chapter 4 again and then going to chapter 5 (it just brings me back to the car again)
    2) refreshing the page
    3) closing and reopening the tab
    4) closing and reopening my browser
    5) clearing my history

    and nothing is helping!! i think i might need to have my game reset or something...i've even tried to use items in my inventory on the car. at this point i think it's definitely a glitch :(
    yours truly cervelli
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    Hi @CERVELLI! :)
    The next time you go into Captain Warlock, you should be able to continue!

    Let me know if everything works out for you!  If you have any questions, just let me know! :)

    Good luck!
  • JUST completed Chapter 5!  Thanks everyone for the tips, and thanks @VFK_Mintie for posting the pics of the bomb!
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  • Mintie, I know what VFK Needs, clouds you can place in your room, and when you rotate them, they start to rain. Would be awesome!  :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd
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    Thank you @Purrfect
  • Help me! I don't know how to diffuse the bomb, I tried the solution but it won't work!
  • Hi

    Would you like us to push you past @lolilol?

  • Move the resistors from the Right Side, to the Left Side in this formation:


    After you've moved them in this order, you need to use your Alien snacks as the last resister because it has copper in it!

    Let me know if you need any other help! :)

  • Hi, Mintie

    Yes, please

  • Ok,I'll try
  • Thanksyou so much, Mintie! It worked!
  • Excellent!  I'm so glad it did!  

    Great job and good luck @lolilol!
  • @Vfk_Mintie any news on the new miss clue game yet?
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