Peril in Pemberly RATINGS and REVIEWS!!!

What did you all think of Peril in Pemberly?? Personally, I LOVED it! I thought the story was intriguing and the graphics were absolutely stunning! I think it's definitely going to be a Miss Clue classic! THANK YOU FOR THIS LOVELY GAME!!!

Post your thoughts or reviews on the game here!! I LOVE READING THEM!!

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so many questions and NO DONUTS




  • My review:


    First off I loved the way it began, leading you into regency through a journal that Jane (who we know and love) found! The coach scene gave me goose bumps, it was so sudden and I didn't know what would happen!  It also gave me a reason to stop those evil highway men!!    I loved waking every morning in my bed with Martha knocking on the door!  The graphics were amazing and Pemberley felt so homey!  I want to live there lol.   Archery I think is my favorite and I love talking to everyone and seeing the people in the tavern!  Over all it was totally awesome and I can't wait for the next one!
  • Review by fowzy!

    It was a really cool challenging game!  I think the thing I noticed most was how everything was integrated into the story.  Most the time everything was pretty easy to figure out and the more difficult puzzles were always welcome (but I like a challenge). I have to say I really enjoyed it and all the characters were great, along with the graphics, music, and navigation.  The menu was really cool to interact with, and seeing the books drop down in the back ground as you picked them up was impressive!

    I rate it over 10!
  • Love it love it love it love it love it LOVE IT!!!!!  REALLY awesome!! I havent completely finished it yet but so far it's been soooo cool!!! I love how Radcliffe and Miss Allen move around and I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking to the frenchman and KITTY!!!!!!! the puzzles are great and right now i vote it a 10++++++ ill write another one as soon as ive finished!!  WISH ME LUCK
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  • This is one, or may be the BEST game I have ever played, The story was very complete and well thought out!  Actually I think that is what is so amazing about it, how thoughtful everything is.  The house, the plot, the people, the music, it seems as if time and love was put in to everything!  Okay, now for my actual review:

    I am amazed at Peril in Pemberley!  I really do love it, the graphics are wonderful, the characters are so unique and entertaining, the setting is perfect, nothing is over done, and the puzzles were perfect!  Most games are just one mini game after another but with PIP you can hardly see the puzzles they fit so well!  I look forward to playing over and over, and I noticed that some of the puzzles are different depending on how many times you go to bed!  I agree with @DonutLuverr 100% This will be a Miss clue Classic!

    Thanks so much Miss Clue Team I love it and can't wait for more!
  • I had sooooooo much fun!!  I loved it!! now I know what Jane's home looks like!!!  The story was so great I really like the way we found out who did it, and that we got help!!

    Hmm, I am not sure what to write as a review except that I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I really have come to like the Miss Clue games and think there's a ton of potential, however, I wasn't a fan of this one! :/ It took me forever to play because I just got so bored and felt it sort of dragged. There was a lot of back and forth, some tedious daily tasks that I didn't really enjoy (archery, flowers, etc), and it didn't feel like there was much to do before having to go to bed to trigger something else to happen the next day. I really enjoyed Formula for Danger and Cruise Most Deadly, but this one fell short, in my opinion. I just kept getting bored when I was trying to figure out what to do next, but I do appreciate how responsive the message board is for help!:)

    Also, I think this was fixed in the most recent game, if I'm remembering right, but navigation was a bit inconsistent in PIP while playing, which became frustrating. Sometimes clicking the red magnifying glass would be to select and object or get off the horse, and sometimes it'd be to move forward. Seems like arrows and the glass should be consistently designated for one or the other to make game play as easy as possible while moving around. All in all, an ok game, but hoping for future ones to be a bit more grabbing with more content to keep us busy while playing! :)
  • Hi @Steph, Thanks so much for your feedback!  We will definitely take your comments into consideration for future releases!

    If you haven't seen the homepage updates for our latest Mini-Mystery we are currently working on "Attics of Pemberley", you should definitely check them out!

    We will be opening the beta registration soon for Attics of Pemberley and be making changes based on feedback from the beta testers!

    Also we should be releasing an update for Peril In Pemberley soon that will make the navigation more intuitive in the areas you mentioned!

    One other thing to note, the flowers are not a required task to finish Peril in Pemberley, though hopefully the archery practice came in handy for the later portions of the mystery!

    Thanks again for for sharing your thoughts!

    - Mintie

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