Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 5, Part 14 (Part 2 of 3)

Scene: The next day, Julia arrives at the Darcy home...

Julia: -Walking up to the front door- Ugh, I can't believe this is happening!

Martha: -Inside the house-  I cannot believe this is actually happening!

Lucy: It's not like she'll be here forever, Martha.

Alice: Yeah! Besides, John needs our help, so it'll all be worth it.

Martha: I guess that's true, but if she starts ANY trouble, then I'll---

Julia: Hmph, then you'll do what, Martha? -Crosses her arms-

Martha: You know Julia, there's something called "knocking".

Julia: There's also something called "leaving the door un-locked".

Alice: That's a good point actually.

Julia: Ha, see?

Lucy: Guys, focus! John, remember?

Martha: Right right, sorry Lucy. Come on, let's go.

Julia: Ahem, go where, exactly?

Alice: Your father's lab, duh!

Julia: Do you know how far that is from here?? My shoes will get ruined!

Alice: -Sighs and drags Julia out the door-

Julia: Release me this instant! Ugh!

Scene: Meanwhile at the lab...

John: I do hope that you know that you won't get away with this! Oh no, I'm starting to sound like Martha...

Harry Pierce: -Smirks- I will not be defeated by a bunch of children, no, not again!

John: Don't under-estimate us, we're stronger than you think!

Harry Pierce: Ha, I doubt it. 

John: ...Can you at least let me go? Please?

Harry Pierce: No! You know my plan, why would I let you go? All you will do is tell everyone.

John: Well! How is that MY fault?

Harry Pierce: You're the one who sneaked in here! 

John: Oh, good point... Uh, well, you're the one who actually did this in the first place!

Harry Pierce: I don't have time to play your games... If you excuse me, I have things to do. -Walks out the door-

John: We'll stop you! We will!

Scene: The girls have arrived outside of the lab

Lucy: Here we are...

Julia: Oh, really, we're here? I couldn't tell.

Lucy: We have no time for your sarcasm! Now... How to get inside...

Alice: The same way as before, maybe?

Martha: No, both of the doors seem to be locked this time, same for the windows.

Alice: Great! How are we going to get inside now?

Julia: Julia PIERCE, that is my name, you know.

Martha: Yeah, we know that... Your point being?

Julia: I'm a Pierce! So they'll let me in! Am I the only smart one here?

Martha: -Crosses her arms- Tell me what a carbohydrate is.

Julia: A carbo what!?

Martha: That's what I thought.

Lucy: Well, what are you waiting for? Get us inside the lab!

Julia: Okay! Fine, geez...

Scene: Inside the laboratory...

Julia: -Opens the door to a hidden room- Well, here's your friend.

Martha: John! We found you!

John: Guys! Oh, it's so great to see you! 

Alice: Let's get you out of here, asap!

Lucy: And then you can explain what on earth happened!

John: Before you free me, there's something I must tell you.

Alice: Alright, but make it quick. What is it?

John: The virus! Harry Pierce caused it!

Martha: What?? How is that even possible?

John: He created some sort of toxic formula.. And contaminated the food in stores with it!

Lucy: That would explain why Andrew got ill AFTER he ate food from the store...

Martha: Ugh! I've had enough of Harry Pierce and all of his schemes!

Julia: Hey, that's my father you're talking about!

Alice: You're father is the most wicked person I've ever met!

John: Which is why we're going to stop him, immediately. 

Alice: -Pulls out her phone- It's time for the police to get involved in this.

Julia: This wasn't part of the deal!

Lucy: That was before we learned that your dad caused this dangerous disease, all for money!

Harry Pierce: -Rushing into the room- No, I won't let you!

Stay tuned for Season 5, Part 15! (Part 3 of 3)

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    Why waste time trying to fix things that are broken when we need to spend more time fixing things that aren't broken.
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    when i saw that you posted part 2 of 3 i was like yayyyy!!!! i even jumped out of my seat i was sooooo excited lol this is the best part ever i hope you post part 3 of 3 soon! :) :)


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