Just got done eating dinner, it was really good. We had pork chops and asparagus!


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  • Just got done eating dinner, it was really good. We had pork chops and asparagus!
    March 2017
    • rain_shadow
      thats cool midnight!
      my dad grilled some salmon and my uncle came over for dinner, i even got to pass around the pudding i made earlier :)
    • SportyChic
      we had mac and cheese, BBQ chicken, and then some fudge chocolate treats ( the treats are from save-a-lot because my family rarely bakes treats LOL )
    • Holly
      Ah that sounds so yummy! I made a seafood pasta dish tonight, It was so good! :D
    • SportyChic
      Hmmm that sounds delicious sahara! Usually when My mom tries to make cool, delicious different food... it doesn't turn out good LOL
    • HalloweenKitty
      your meals are all so fancy i wish i ate at your houses for dinner instead of mine
      my parents were tired tonight so we had sandwiches and some chips that expired 2 months ago...
    • Renesmee
      oo yum I just had spaghetti lol
    • SportyChic
      LOL trust me Kitty, when my mom was pregnat it was basically #7 from McDonalds, chinese food, KRAFT Mac and Cheese, Microwavable pizzas, lunchables, anything you could order from the phone for me LOL
    • Ashstorm
      We had beans and rice with corn bread. (:
    • Holly
      Oh my lol. I love to cook so I'm always trying new things. sometimes they turn out good other times not so much lol.
  • Hi! Its going good! Hows it going for you?
    September 2016
    • MidnightMystery
      Great thanks! I can't sleep lol!
    • Super_Princess_Rosalina
      Lol I'm just waiting for servers on VFK to come back so I can catch up on Cruise Most Deadly!
    • rain_shadow
      LOL is this like a night owl party? and same here, Rose, I'm waiting to log back in and finish my solitaire game at the tiki treehouse. :D
  • iMinute
    hi mystery! your profile pic is too cute! 
    July 2016
  • ShiningTheLight


    July 2016
  • Just finished Captain Warlock Chapter 3! :D
    April 2016
    • SportyChic
      :o I am still stuck on Chapter || trying to beat the Alien guy >:(
    • iStella
      Just keep clicking on his head, that is what I did
  • Nacho Chips rule!
    March 2016
  • Doodlepufflove
    hi Mystery :)
    March 2016
  • Welcome to Miss Clue! :'D
    March 2016