Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 4, Part 7

Scene: The children have just encountered Vanessa, who happens to be a ghost...

Vanessa: -Grins, then stands and looks at the children- No reason to be afraid, young ones. Why don't you come and sit?

John: I can think of plenty of reasons to be afraid!

Martha: Yeah! Why should we even trust you, you spirit!

Vanessa: Because I know everything about you, it's my ability.

Alice: What do you mean? -Gulps-

Vanessa: All ghosts have one special ability. Mine is to know everything about someone just by looking at them.

Lucy: -Shivers and stammers- P-prove it.

Vanessa: Alright then. Your name is Lucy, 10 years old, afraid of the dark, and collects hats.

Lucy: Martha! How did she know that? I wanna go home!

Martha: That's exactly where we're going Lucy!

Alice: Please, tell us the way out of here, if you even know. Please!

Vanessa: Well, I do know, but you can't leave just yet. Not before joining us for dinner, of course.

John: What do you mean by "us"?

Vanessa: The rest of the ghosts, obviously.

(All of the sudden, the rest of the ghosts appear in the chairs. Leaving four chairs empty for the kids.)

Susan: You have brought them to us! Well done Vanessa!

Vanessa: Thank you Mother. I told you I could do it.

Lucy: Leave us alone! -Hides behind the group-

Susan: Don't worry, we don't wish to do any harm.

Martha: I find that very unlikely.

Edward: I have ordered them not to hurt you, you will be perfectly fine.

John: Oh yeah? What gives you the authority?

Edward: I am Edward, prince of the ghosts here in this castle. And, very soon I will become King. -Looks over at Lucy, in a suspicious way-

Lucy: -Steps back-

Vanessa: -Mumbles- I would be a much better leader...

Edward: Enough of that, Vanessa. Now, why don't the four of you come and dine with us?

Alice: We're not hungry...

Susan: Of course you are. -Using her ability to make people feel things (including emotions), she makes them feel very hungry-

John: Are you sure about that Alice? -Stomach growls-

Edward: We certainly can't let you travel before being fed a proper meal.

Martha: We rather strave then risk ourselves being here. Come on guys, let's get out of here!

(John is at the table.)

Alice: John!

John: They have roasted turkey!

Alice: I don't care! ...Ooh, cranberry sauce!

Lucy: Corn bread! -Joins Alice and John at table-

Martha: ...Sometimes I feel I am the only mature one around here.

Scene: The children are eating the food with the ghosts

Alice: This food is really good!'

John: Who knew ghosts could cook so well!

Ghost cook: -Floating by- Thank you!

Edward: Now, when do you plan on leaving?

Martha: As soon as we finish this food. -Crosses arms-

Susan: Oh? Why so soon?

Lucy: W-we need to get back home, we can't stay here.

Vanessa: Why not? -Grins-

Susan: -Makes them feel very tired, and they fall on the ground, asleep-

Stay tuned for Season 4, Part 8!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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