Relaxing in the sun today... it's warm enough outside to take my things and enjoy the outdoors.


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  • Relaxing in the sun today... it's warm enough outside to take my things and enjoy the outdoors.
    February 2022
  • I just love the conservatory in CDP... I'd love to see it as a room in VFK :)
    February 2022
  • Just sitting here walking down memory lane and listening to old music
    July 2021
  • Happy Valentine's Day everybody!
    February 2019
  • I love this time of year, January is always so peaceful... (:
    January 2019
  • GL to all the contest participants!
    June 2018
  • WOW it's already October 9th!?! Autumn is passing by as fast as it arrived!
    October 2017
  • Good afternoon everyone. :D
    April 2017
    • PinkyB
      Good afternoon!
    • iStella
      Gooooood Afternoon to you too!
    • MissWitch
  • Just finished Chapter 14! Waiting for the finale now! :D
    September 2016
  • hi
    August 2016
  • What did everyone have for dinner? I had meatballs, mashed potatoes and green beans with a sauce over the top!
    April 2016
  • Right now I'm procrastinating and reading my favorite book.
    January 2016
    • LilacsDaisies
      Heh.. procrastination is a bad habit of mine
    • Trinityy
      Lol! Tell me about it.
    • Trinityy
      Are you procrastinating right now too?
    • Trinityy
      We can be procrastination buddies. Lol
    • Doodlepufflove
      lol your so silly
  • PinkyB
    Thanks for posting Trinityy! Merry Christmas to you too! ^_^
    December 2015
  • What did everyone have for breakfast? This morning I had cereal, Lol
    December 2015
    • showjumpingbird
      i had eggs toast and orange juice
    • PinkyB
      I had cereal, toast, eggs, and milk!
    • SportyChic
      I had a Eggo

      Don't take my Eggo sandwich xD
  • Do we still talk about what we had for dinner? Because I had left over pizza.
    November 2015
  • CandyCars
    Hey! :D I still need to give you your prize from last week. Let me know what time you are usually on VFK and where so I can look for you. Thanks! :-)
    October 2015
  • CandyCars
    Hey! Let me know when is a good time to meet for the giveaway! :D
    October 2015
  • iMinute
    ***********CONGRATULATIONS TRINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***************
    On winning the giveaway!! :D 
    You totally deserve it!! :)

    - Minute!!!
    October 2015
  • Is it time to talk about dinner? Lol. I had scalloped potatoes and ham.
    October 2015
    • Awesome_Piper
      That sounds yummy!
      I had mei fun with chicken.
    • iMinute
      Chicken with butter sauce, potato salad and parsnips and carrots, chopped up.
  • Anyone else up late?! Official night owl here!
    September 2015
    • Doodlepufflove
      hi hi @trinityy!! yeah im a night owl too and im eating toast with jelly lol
    • chubbysnowman
      i love jelly!!
  • Who's a night owl here?
    August 2015
  • Hi guys!
    Can we post what we had for dinner? I had spaghetti and meatballs.
    lol I love sharing what we had to eat.
    July 2015
  • That's a great idea, Mew. I'll post my lunch tomorrow, too.
    July 2015
  • Cool activity section! Anyone know where the Morse Code book is? I hear you have to find it to finish Chapter 4.
    July 2015
    • MistyMew
      Trinityy I made a post on the "Chapter four" thread under "Formula For Danger" I hope it helps!