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probably did this out of sequence but here is what i did 

ride chandelier elevator down to library

go outside and to area at back of house  to the large tree with key on peg  and where u found the tunnels in previous chapters
take key from tree and open the door to tunnels go down stairs to room where someone was living in hiding , (picture A)

 look around the sleeping bag till u see trunk , need code *MONGOOSE to open it  the riki tiki book is inside , take it out store in inventory put key back on tree  (picture B)

find your way back to cabin ( use back door through secret passage with red lever if it does not open right away use your oil can to open as previous chapter ) go through main lab and downstairs to library where cousin usually sits

set mantel clock to 10:15 ; chandelier elevator will drop take it upstairs to attic lab ( pull down long lever)

open up circular cabinet with chemicals inside TAKE out all bottles as previously ( click on each different type it will only let u take what u need) ( Picture C)

go over to big silver mixer where u mixed the two chemicals before set it up as previously (with the levers in big brown wall panel (Picture D) , speed at 9 ,spin at 3  and mix the chemicals take the empty bottle from inventory as previous chapter and click on purple mixture will go in inventory  

once mixed take the chandelier elevator back down ( setting code to 4275 and pulling down lever) (Pic E)

once downstairs in library go to lab on second floor use silver key to enter as before in previous chapters  , go to lab table where there is a bigger vaporizer click on top of vaporizer open lid and put in rikki tikki book , open drawer (small silver knob on front) and put in all chemicals that will go in (picture F)

push the red button will say vaporizing open top flip page to page 42 if no writing shows on page ,close lid and click on red button again ( continue checking book for writing to appear)

after writing appears , she is knocked out by Harry Pierce  and book is stolen
immediately get to chalkboard in lab go through secret passage behind chalkboard down the back steps  and outside to the back dock area(where u saw that a boat was drug through the dirt in previous chapter)   see a boat there , take the hammer ( easiest to put hammer on character as you heading to dock ) and click on boat to take cork out , ( if u take too long it will give u a second chance but will put you back in lab as Pierce knocks you out)  

end of chapter after u see note its read to you  and get the musical treat LET IT RUN ALL THE WAY THROUGH TILL YOU ARE SENT BACK TO BALTA STREET

chapter 15


  • AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU @disfaniam! This was so helpful!  ^:)^
  • OMG , once again you are a life saver, now we can all take a rest till October , until then hats off to you for all your wonderful help on these , so glad you are so organized!!!!!
  • Great work Dis! This really helped. Thank you! :)

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Woo. Interesting. <3
  • I cannot believe Harry Pierce did it all!

    But, he got his payback, as shown in my picture below.

  • The ending was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for all your help, Dis!

    Shine bright like a ruby!

  • Thank you so much @disfaniam!  This was really helpful.  I absolutely loved the ending, it was so sweet with the pictures of Noah and Anne!   :x

    Ask before taking.
  • J-Ruby said:

    The ending was absolutely beautiful! Thanks for all your help, Dis!

  • OMG I'm back!!!! I can't believe I am still behind!! AND MISSED the end with everyone!!!  okay, i'm going to work until I get all the way to the end!! wish me luck!!!
  • why won't, when I try to mix the chemicals in the big silver thing won't it let me?

  • Hi @CarolineRose!  I have some pictures for mixing chemicals with the triton!  I hope they help!

    Okay after you get all the bottles you need to do this!

    Then go to this orange thing and set it like this:

    Then take your chemicals over to here:

    and press start:

    And then once it is done pick up the mixture with a bottle:

    And then you should have mixed M 16!  Good luck!
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    I can't get it to let me put the chemicals in. I've check the levers and the psi but when I open the cup and pick up the chemicals, it won't pour them in when I click on the cup.

    [EDIT] All I had to do was exit and come back, all the checmicals were at the end of my inventory and it let me put them in.
  • Good luck Aqua! GO Team MAIN STREET!
    BTW, is your pic one of your polymer dragons? @AquaBlueishTime
    Thank you TACOCAT for my awesome signature pic!
  • nice work dis and others, i can't wait until I get to this chapter, it looks really fun
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • I've vaporized the book like 10 times already and nothing is happening?
  • @FlowerCrowns You need to turn the page, click on the book so that you can see it big, then flip the page to the next to the last one you can turn, then vaporize that!  Good luck I hope this helped!
  • OMG @FlowerCrowns did it work? YAY!! Good luck on the ending!!
  • Hey @FlowerCrowns did you make it to the end?
  • echo_panda love your panda!!!!
  • @disfaniam thx for the hints really helped! I finally finished! :)
  • Helpp me please!!!! It won't let me push the little red button on the vaporizer in the lab!! Does anybody know why??????? Please helppppppp!
  • @CarolineRose, is this the attic lab or the lab on the second floor?
  • The book only fits in the big vaporizer in the lab on the second floor, all you have to do to make it work is place the book in it, and add the chemicals.  After you puff it, you need to check the book and see if anything shows up, if it doesn't then you need to turn the page and try again

    try the next to the last page
  • @dazzlerdream
    everytime i try to push it says its not working. 
  • @CarolineRose  Hmm its possible you haven't put in all the chemicals, have you put in the four chemicals including the one you mix in the Triton?
  • help! i cant vaporize the paper!!! what am i doing wrong?? i already mixed the m16 chemical and put it in the vaporizer, but Jane says its not working!!!!!1
  • @Gemma is it possible you don't have the pressure turned on to the vaporizer?

    first you set the pipes to this:

    then you need to set the PSI next to the table to this:


  • Also make sure the valve is set to the on position


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