Miss Clue: Setting The Scene!

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All of the Miss Clue Mysteries are set in a particular era, with you stepping into the shoes of Jane Darcy for that time period!

So far in the Miss Clue series, you have been able to play Jane from the 1930's in Formula For Danger, Secret of the Haunted Garden and Cruise Most Deadly!
As well as her great aunt from the 1690's in Trials of Salem and her more recent great aunt in Peril in Pemberley from the early 1800's!  

The next Miss Clue Mystery is set again in the 1930's, some time after the events of Cruise Most Deadly!

Whenever we go to create the environment for Jane Darcy, we look at the technology and styles prevalent at the time, 
and attempt to craft the world as accurately as possible around the limitations of the era, while still making it timeless!  

You wouldn't expect to see a cellphone or computers in the 1930's!

So when we create an object, in this case a wall lamp, we look for reference from the past.


Here is a photograph of a Wall Mounted Lamp featured by the Potomac Electric Power Co. circa 1920.

At that time you can see that the construction of the lamp is still quite reminiscent of wall mounted candle holders!

One of our artists takes this lamp and draws inspiration from the design to make a lamp that is uniquely Miss Clue!


The resulting concept art has all the details that are necessary to recreate our new light fixture in 3D! 


After the lamp is fully crafted it can be used in the final scenes by the environment artists!

Now that you know a bit of history behind this particular wall lamp, you might be able to spot it in the next Installment of Miss Clue!

Miss Clue Team


  • This is incredible! I love the thought & research behind every little detail such as this lamp! Thanks for the quick history lesson! I'm gonna look out for this lamp when the game comes.

    Also I just noticed the lamp cord disappeared but I guess its for the aesthetic of the game. :)

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    Thank you purrrfect for the awesome surprise drawing! 
  • OMG! ive never been so excited for a lamp! THANKS FOR THE UPDATES STAFF!! i cant wait for the next game!

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  • Woot thank you for all the learning!!!! I love Miss Clue and cant wait for it to come out!!! I will be looking at each room and looking at all the research put into each room .. omg it will be fun!!! 
    Mega mega mega hugs
    tatiana silverheart

  • That's pretty neat!
    Also I love little behind the scenes type things like this!
    Looking forward to the new Miss Clue :)
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