Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 5, Part 10

Scene: Martha and Lucy arrive at Harry Pierce's lab

Lucy: Finally! We're here!

Martha: It feels like we've been walking forever...

Lucy: For two months or something!

Martha: Enough talk, let's find the back door that John was talking about.

(They walk around the outside of the building.)

Martha: Found it! Come on, inside.

Lucy: Wait Martha, what if John was wrong? What if we get caught?

Martha: Well, A: They could kick us out. Or B: They could take us to Harry Pierce, and that's exactly where we need to go.

Lucy: -Sighs- I hope you're right...

Martha: I am. -She slowly opens the door, and then takes a peek inside- The coast is clear, let's go.

Scene: Inside the lab, the sisters are surrounded by several employees

Lucy: Martha, they're everywhere! What are we going to do?

Martha: We sneak past them, that's what. 

Lucy: How could we possibly sneak past--- One of them is walking towards us! Hide!

(They both hide behind a garbage bin in the corner)

Martha: That was a close one... I say we just take a run for it.

Lucy: I agree! -She runs toward the door-

Martha: No, I don't mean that we leave the lab! We should just run to Pierce's office!

Lucy: That's a crazy idea! They'll be sure to catch us!

Martha: It's worth a try. Remember, we're doing this for our cousin. Now, on the count of three.... Three. Run!

(They quickly run past a few workers and up some stairs, heading towards the office)

Employee #1: What! Who are they?

Employee #2: It's... Children! In the lab!

Employee #3: Well, don't just stand there, go after them!

(The employees begin to start chasing Martha and Lucy)

Lucy: I knew this would happen, they're after us!

Martha: Don't slow down, we're almost there! Just. Keep. Running.

Scene: Back at the Darcy house...

Mrs. Churchill: My goodness! Those children are nowhere in the house!

(She walks towards the phone)

Mrs. Churchill: Hmph, reminds me of my teenage daughter Mia... Always starting trouble. -Dials Jane's number-

Jane: -Answers the phone- Hello, Mrs. Churchill?

Mrs. Churchill: Jane, hello. Um, I really hate to tell you this... But I can't find Lucy or Martha, they aren't in the house, or in the yard.

Jane: What!? Are you sure you've looked everywhere?

Mrs. Churchill: Yes, everywhere! I just can't find them!

Jane: They must be heading to the hospital!

Mrs. Churchill: The hospital? Why would they need to go there?

Jane: Oh, never mind. Thank you for calling Mrs. Churchill, we're going to find them now! -Hangs up the phone-

Josh: -Stopping at a red light- What was that all about?

Jane: We have to go back to the hospital, quickly!

Stay tuned for Season 5, Part 11!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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