Hearing from mom

I can't get the 2nd letter from Mom to appear. I've been to the telescope building and found the note that is keeping the floor from squeaking. I took it to the astrolabe in the hunting lodge and heard her say about how it was tomorrow. I've put the note back. I got the horseshoe from the mill and compared it to the hoof marks in the forest and near the lodge. I've done the art lesson. I've gone to sleep a couple nights.  Still no response from mother. Nothing appears on my desk.

What am I missing?


  • Hi @MusicloverLCH,

    It sounds like you are doing fantastic on the mystery!

    Here is what you need to do:


    Take Clements poem you found, and compare it with the torn bandit message you have.

    To do this, click on torn message to bring it up, then click on the Poem and use it on the message.

    After that check for the letter!

    Additional Spoilers:


    After you read the letter, try going to the Library and looking around.   

    Also you might be missing something important to pick up, which can be found when looking at the paintings in the gallery.

    Good luck, and let us know if you need any other hints!


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