Glitch - can't move or save game!

Hi all,

I seem to have a glitch in the game where I can't move or save my game. It was working fine until I went onto the main menu for a second, then when I clicked continue I couldn't move anywhere! I'm stuck in the bedroom at the door, I can click on items in my inventory but can't do anything else...and it says it can't allow me to save the game at this point in the adventure either! I've played quite a lot tonight so I don't want to lose my progress but I have no idea how to fix it.

Any ideas?


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    Hi @Nancy,

    If you haven't closed the game there will be an active save of your game, which you can get so you don't lose any progress.

    We are getting the information now!

  • Hi @VFK_Mintie,

    Ah, amazing! I still have it open, I was too afraid to do anything so just as well haha! Thank you so much :)
  • Here is the information:

    As with Formula for Danger, you can find your saved game, by holding the Windows Key, and pressing R, to bring up the "Run Box".

    Then, paste the path below into the Run field, and press enter, or click OK:

    %APPDATA%\com.missclue.perilinpemberley\Local Store\saves

    The folder that opens, will have one file per game-save you have created.

    It will also have a file called something like this: activeSave_2022-04-21 12-22-43-257.gsv and you will want the newest one.

    If you send that to us in e-mail the save can be repaired and sent back so no progress is lost!

    email address:

    Also thank you again for bringing the double book issue in FFD to our attention so it could be fixed!

  • Amazing, thank you so much Mintie. I've sent the email now :)
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